2006 Suzuki Boulevard C90T

A Classic Cruiser with Bold Style and No Equal.

You may have seen the Suzuki Boulevard C90 around town, a classic cruiser that has been capturing the spotlight wherever it goes. Now you have the chance to experience its awesome V-twin performance - and enjoy the benefits of key features designed for the open road. Meet the Boulevard C90T. Like the C90, it boasts a fuel-injected 45-degree V-twin engine that cranks out a load of torque down low, matched by exciting top-end performance. It also has a spacious riding position and smooth suspension for comfortable cruising. With a multitude of features, the C90T establishes its own unique identity. The C90T has an aerodynamic windshield and a custom-designed backrest, encouraging you to take to the open highway for true long-range cruising in maximum comfort. The C90T also has a range of custom features, from whitewall tires to studded seats, for its own bold look. The Boulevard C90T. A Classic cruiser that is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Key Features

Touring model C90 - equipped with the most popular accessories as standard equipment

Custom-designed windshield provides classic styling and full wind protection - includes unique chrome garnish with Boulevard emblem

Attractive studded seats, plus matching touring-style backrest with unique pivoting backrest pad for increased passenger comfort

Large capacity, textured leather saddle bags with Boulevard emblems and convenient twist-lock fasteners
Large white-faced speedometer

Stylish white-wall tires - 150/80-16 front and 180/70-15 rear tire mounted on custom-styled machined aluminum wheels

Engine Features

Fuel-injected, 90 cubic inch, 6-valve, air/oil-cooled engine designed for maximum low/mid-range torque and acceleration

45 degree phase,dual-pin crankshaft minimizes vibration, plus added flywheel mass enhances low/mid-range power

GSX-R-derived electronic fuel injection system features the Suzuki Dual Throttle ValveTM System (SDTV) - maintains optimum air velocity in the intake tract for smooth low-to-mid rpm throttle response and high torque output - includes Auto Fast Idle System (AFIS)

32-bit ECM provides precise control of ignition timing and multi-hole-type injectors ensuring quick startup and excellent drivability under all conditions

Fuel injection system receives input from gear position sensor, water temp. sensor, air temp. sensor and intake port sensors for efficient power delivery and better fuel economy

SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electro-chemical Material) cylinder plating is durable, minimizes cylinder size & weight and improves heat dissipation

Efficient SACS air/oil cooling system with additional piston-jet cooling and engine oil cooler

Hydraulic valve lash adjusters eliminate valve adjustment maintenance and ensure quiet engine operation

Silent operation cam chains with automatic tensioners reduce engine noise and maintenance

Hydraulic clutch with back-torque limiter ensures smooth downshifts

Smooth-shifting 5-speed transmission with-low maintenance, low-torque-reactive shaft final drive - gear ratios set for low engine rpm at cruising speed

Right-side-mounted exhaust system with slash-cut-style mufflers tuned for low-rpm power and a throaty exhaust sound

Pulsed-secondary air-injection system introduces air into the exhaust ports to ignite unburned hydrocarbons and reduce emissions - CA. spec. model is equipped with a catalyst for further emission reduction

Chassis Features

Long 1700mm wheelbase chassis with 32° rake angle set-up for low seat height with comfortable seating and control positions

Wide handlebar and seat design, plus wide/low fuel tank shape add to C90’s low-slung look

Double-cradle steel frame is made of large diameter steel tubing for strength and rigidity - bolt-on sections use painted mounting bolts and caps for a detailed look

Dual-disc front brake system and single disc rear with 4-piston caliper for strong braking performance

Link-type rear suspension with preload adjustment combined with 41mm front forks provide a comfortable, compliant ride

Fuel filler located below a locking cover to maintain sleek appearance with fuel tank mounted below the seat for a low center-of-gravity

Electronic speedometer with LCD fuel gauge, odometer & twin tripmeters

Powerful multi-reflector headlight housed in an attractive case with stylish headlight rim - headlight switches off during startup to reduce load on battery

Standard 4-way emergency flasher and high beam passing switch

Bright, multi-reflector turn signals designed for high visibility and attractive appearance

Large floorboard-type footrests


That’s right, the tiny fuel capacity on this bike is a real bummer. The stock exhaust is a choker,too big and heavy and should be replaced with something more suitable.
I didn’t find the stock windshield aerodynamic at hwy speeds. Lots of wind banging. I replaced it with a Rifle fairing and windshield . That works well.

Just bought mine 300 miles ago, and I very pleased with the handling. Power curve is strong and smooth as stated, and handling is sure and light-footed.

Right now my only two complaints are the poor gas mileage coupled with a excessively small 3.7 gallon gas tank, A larger tank should have been built into this cruiser (which is just a puddle jumper with only 35 MPG), giving this bike a range of only 100-115 miles between stops. I live in the high desert of Southern California and I make several long trips a year to the Laughlin River Run, Lake Havasu, Yuma AZ and Las Vegas.

My second mild complaint is the whiny metallic engine noise from the top end. This may get masked over after I upgrade the exhaust to the Cobra 3" Drag Pipes. Right now the you can easily scare a pedestrian that may not hear you coming until you are only a few feet away.

I’ve had mine to 110 with a little more room also.

You list the top speed as 106. I have had mine to 110, with plenty left.

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