2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

2006 Boulevard M109R

Call it the best of all worlds. Introducing the all-new Suzuki Boulevard M109R - an incredible combination of cruiser styling and renowned Suzuki power and handling. By injecting the Boulevard M109R with a potent shot of race-proven technology developed for the championship-winning GSX-R sport bikes, Suzuki has literally redefined the concept of a cruiser.

The Boulevard M109R’s ....

...exhilarating performance begins with its all-new 109-cubic-inch, fuel injected V-twin engine. It’s tuned to produce massive torque all the way from idle to redline, which translates into acceleration that you have to feel to believe - and makes this the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced. To reward every one of your senses, the big V-twin also produces a throaty, aggressive exhaust note designed to let the world know they’re looking at - and listing to - the hottest cruiser on the road.

Like Suzuki’s sport bikes, the Boulevard M109R balances extraordinary performance with crisp handling, thanks to a technically advanced chassis and suspension, matched by world-class brakes. And when it comes to wrapping that performance package in cruiser styling, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out its sleek, flowing lines and GSX-R inspired styling touches, and you’ll realize that the Boulevard M109R is in a class of its own.

The all-new Suzuki Boulevard M109R - chrome-plated proof that cruising can be incredibly exciting.

Suzuki Boulevard M109R


New Engine

  • New 1783cc, 4-valve DOHC, 54 degree, liquid-cooled, fuel injected V-twin engine designed for strong throttle response and quick acceleration
  • Massive 112mm bore and 90.5mm stroke utilizing huge 112mm forged aluminum alloy pistons with short skirts, and cut away sides riding on chrome moly steel connecting rods
  • Unique new two-stage cam drive system creates a compact cylinder head design and reduces overall engine height and creates a lower center of gravity
  • Each bore is lined with Suzuki’s race proven SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) for optimum heat transfer, tighter piston-to-cylinder clearances and reduced weight
  • A compact dry sump lubrication system SASS (Suzuki Advanced Sump System) provides reduced engine height, a lower crankshaft position and lower center of gravity
  • Five speed transmission features carefully selected gear ratios for comfortable cruising in a variety of riding situations
  • Three piece airbox uses dual intakes with 9.5 liters of internal volume working through a pleated fabric air cleaner element
  • The 2-into1-into2 stainless steel chromed exhaust system features Suzuki’s digitally controlled SET (Suzuki Exhaust Tuning) system for optimum engine performance and powerful v-twin sound
  • Electronic fuel injection system features the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve system (SDTV) with 56mm throttle bodies - maintains optium air velocity for smooth low-to-mid range throttle response
  • A new Idle Speed Control (ISC) system improves cold starting and stabilizes engine idle speed in various conditions
  • Dual spark plug per cylinder ignition system is controlled by the powerful 32 bit ECM for improved combustion effeciency and reduced exhaust emissions
  • Race proven front brake system includes radial mounted four piston front calipers and 310mm front brake rotors. Rear brake system includes a dual piston caliper and 275mm rear disc

New Chassis

  • High-tensile double cradle steel frame is built to comfortably handle all the power and torque while delivering agile handling and a plush smooth ride
  • Spiral spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels measure a 3.50 x 18 inch up front and a massive 8.50 x 18 inch rear tire wearing a huge 240mm rear Dunlop radial tire
  • The M109R features a muscular, innovative and stylish new look of high performance with long sleek flowing lines and a powerful V-twin engine
  • A sleek wide fuel tank with 5.1 gallon fuel capacity that flows into integrated side covers, a comfortable low seat and stylish radiator cowl.
  • A streamlined headlight cover carrying a unique trapezoidal shaped multi reflector H4 halogen headlight and a maintanance free LED tail light built into the tailsection
  • A handlebar mounted digital tachometer and LED indicator lights flow nicely with the tank mounted analog speedometer and LCD odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel gauge and clock
    Inverted cartridge forks with 46mm stanchion tubes proved an aggressive front end look with 5.12 inches of wheel travel
  • A cast aluminum alloy swingarm works with a progressive shock linkage and a preload adjustable single rear shock delivering 4.66 inches of wheel travel working through a shaft drive system

Suzuki Boulevard M109R


  • Engine: 1783cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, V-twin, DOHC, 4-valves
  • Bore Stroke: 112.0mm x 90.5mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
  • Fuel System: Fuel injection
  • Lubrication: Semi-Dry Sump
  • Ignition: Digital/transistorized
  • Transmission: 5-speed
  • Final Drive: Shaft
  • Overall Length: 2450mm (96.5 in.)
  • Overall Width: 875mm (34.4 in.)
  • Overall Height: 1,185mm (46.7 in.)
  • Seat Height: 705mm (27.8 in.)
  • Ground Clearance: 130mm (5.1 in.)
  • Wheelbase: 1710mm (67.3 in.)
  • Dry Weight: 315kg* (694 lbs.)
  • Suspension Front: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
  • Suspension Rear: Link type, coil spring, oil damped, 7 way adjustable spring pre-load
  • Brakes Front: Dual hydraulic disc
  • Brakes Rear: Single hydraulic disc
  • Tires Front: 130/70R18 M/C 63V
  • Tires Rear: 240/40R18 M/C 79V
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.5 liter (4.9 gal.)
  • Color: Black, Silver, Violet Blue

Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Boulevard M109R: First impression

The R suffix in the biggest Boulevard’s designation, that little headlight fairing, and the seat cowl all hint at sportbike thinking, but the engine is where the advanced sportbike technology actually shows up.

Most impressive is the power on tap with the slightest twist of the right wrist ... Perhaps the next most impressive feature of the 109 is the absence of vibration.
The injection system has an idle speed control feature that allows it to warm up smoothly and idle smoothly under varying conditions.

The pistons are a 4.4 inches (112mm) across, which, according to Suzuki, makes them "the largest reciprocating engine pistons being used in any production passenger car or motorcycle on earth."

The Boulevard M109R’s chassis reflects a sportbike’s influence as well and what sets the M109R apart, though, is its headlight nacelle, a feature of the bike since early design sketches.

Suzuki has definitely target the performance big-twin segment and its claims are true, it should have no trouble laying claim to that title.


I bought mine last week . I am having the same problem in shifting .I took it back to dealer they said it is normal shifting for this bike enjoy the bike .

well ,I had an vtx1300 until i seen the M109 And after ride one , Ihad to get one ,and i did. By vtx.

I have 2300 miles on my M109R. As far as shifting, I find the shifts to be very smooth when cruising and pulling out at a normal pace. That said, I find when accelerating quickly (enjoying the cubes and large pistons), that shifting between 2nd & 3rd to be difficult. This is the only bike where I have to completely release the gear shifter before shifting. This only happens 2nd to 3rd. If you miss hitting 3rd gear and release and find yourself still in 2nd, it can be interesting (and a pain).

I have 1 problem that my Suzuki dealer is going to try and find. Every once in awhile when I try to start my bike (when cold) the FI light flashes. It takes a few tries before the bike will start.

Great bike I traded my VStar in when I first laid eyes on this bike.

In Belgium the bike calls himself M 1800 R Intruder and I bought the black...it’s great to drive ...you can see some picures on:

Greetz from Belgium

how can top speed be 138 miles per hour when rev limiter cuts out at 6800 rpm in 5th gear? my m109r will only run about 125 miles per hour befour rev limiter kicks in? has anyone ran faster on there m109r?

I ride an 1800 X model C. A beautiful bike itself. But I was just overwhelmed when I came up on the 109 from behind at a light. Just an absolute beauty. The rear end set up was awesome looking,and when the owner told me it came like that stock Man O Man. The nicest looking stock bike to hit the streets Since the X came out in 01

got mine 5/5/06 sending wheel off to the chrone shop
already cant wait to get back on the bike wait for the picture

Had my m109r since third week in april already have 3000 miles. Love this bike.I have a 86 gsxr1100 and a Busa have not ridin either since the new one.Hard shifting and jumping out of gear any one got that.

I notice a hard shift from 1st to 2nd and then a slight bogging at low speed , how can I adjust this problem on this fantastic (purple rain) machine. By the way USA Cycle of Aspen Hill MD. even made this best buy of a high powered cycle even better. Check them out!...CF

I was wondering if anyone was experiencing any vibration or hard shifting in second and third gears?

I’ve had my 109 for a week. Traded my HD XL1200C in for it. It turned cooler here this week (50 degrees) but I have noticed that the wind doesn’t feel as cold on this bike. Must be the design. I feel like I’ve gone from a Chevy Nova to Porsche 911.

I am buying a silver one this week but i am leaning toward the violet blue, but the dealer said he cant find one and if i wanted to wait until july or august he could not promise me anything. can qanybody help???

Was leaning towards the Honda VTX1800F when I layed eyes on the Suzuki M109 and I was ruined. What an awesome bike. This is the best looking cruiser out there. Similar to the VTX this Suzuki M109 has the style, power, size and look that I love in a bike. It is kind of a hybrid cruiser crotch rocket. Simply bad to the bone. Best buy I’ve seen under 13 G’s.

You can have a v-twin cruiser and a sportbike. I’ve had mine 2 months, violet blue. Need more info,

Searched a three-state area best price found in a country town. M109 violet and chrome yes, my XX wont see much action this summer.

Just got my M109R at 6:30pm today at Palmetto Motorsports in Miami and it is awesome, traded up from a Honda 750which I loved, but the M109R simply blew me away so I brought it. a great by for the price

Just bought the black m109r!!! Great bike,now if they would make some add-ons for it.Like the other manufactures do....

I picked up my Black- M109R the end of March and I have 700 miles on the bike. I have been waiting a long time for someone to do it right. The power band is very impressive and the styling is without question the best on the market. Everyone needs to see this bike in person to realize the time and effort Suzuki put into this bike.

I just picked my M109r . Looking for saddlebags? Anyone who have saddlebags to this Suzuki.

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