2006 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300

As they say, it ain’t bragging if it’s true. So when we claim that the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R is the fastest production bike on the planet, we’re merely stating the facts. It is, pure and simple, an engineering masterpiece that turns advanced technology and aerodynamic design into unmatched performance. But that’s not all, in addition to the incredible performance you get from the Hayabusa, you also get an extra large serving of style. The sleek, long, low look of the Hayabusa is unique in the motorcycling world and is sure to turn heads wherever you choose to ride.

The Hayabusa’s engine performance is incredible, offering awesome acceleration the instant you twist the throttle, providing performance you have to experience to truly appreciate. Its secret? Nothing short of Suzuki’s most sophisticated technology. Including digital electronic fuel injection for crisp, instantaneous throttle response. And a unique version of Suzuki Ram Air DirectTM (SRAD) induction, with pressurized air ducted into a large-capacity airbox and forced into the engine through straight, downdraft intake tracts.
That kind of performance demands world-class handling, and the Hayabusa delivers. Its solid chassis was developed using the latest lessons learned on the race track. And with fully adjustable, titanium-nitride/coated 43mm inverted front forks and a state-of-the-art rear suspension system, it offers precise responsiveness in tight corners and solid performance in sweeping turns - matched by a plush ride on the highway.

The 2006 Hayabusa GSX1300R. Experience its performance and you’ll know why it’s known as the ultimate sport machine.

Engine Features

  • Compact 4-stroke, four-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with DOHC, 16-valves, Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers, plus gear-driven counterbalancer for smooth operation
  • Electronic fuel injection system, fed by 46mm throttle bodies and ram air intake with large volume airbox
  • Lightweight shim-under-bucket valve train with narrow 14 degree valve angle for high combustion chamber efficiency
  • High efficiency liquid cooling system for optimum engine operating temperature, including compact air-cooled oil cooler and oil-jet piston cooling
  • SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electro-chemical Material) plated cylinders minimize cylinder size and improve heat dissipation
  • 6-speed transmission with high-capacity clutch featuring back-torque limiter system for smooth downshifts and scissors-type primary gear for reduced gear noise
  • Large volume 4-into-2 exhaust system with stainless steel head pipes and lightweight aluminum silencers
  • Digital direct-ignition system combines an ignition coil with each spark plug cap for reduced weight and stronger spark

Chassis Features

  • Turn signal lens color are white for a modern appearance
  • Aerodynamic fairing design with low drag coefficient - all fairing components have been designed for reduced drag and turbulence
  • Full instrumentation with ultra-thin step-motor construction. Includes fuel gauge, clock, temperature gauge, LCD odometer and twin tripmeters with fuel mileage indicator
  • Unique, vertically mounted dual headlight provides a bright, wide beam with a 60W projector-type high-beam and a 55W low-beam halogen bulb
  • Rigid twin-spar aluminum frame minimizes weight while maintaining high torsional strength
  • Large diameter (43mm) inverted front forks with titanium-nitride-coated inner fork tubes and fully adjustable compression & rebound damping and spring preload, plus steering damper
  • Proven link-type rear suspension with remote reservoir shock absorber - rear suspension features fully adjustable rebound damping and compression damping and spring preload
  • Bridge-type swingarm with large diameter swingarm pivot shaft provides high swingarm rigidity
  • Powerful front disc brakes with large 320mm discs and gold-colored 6-piston calipers
  • Rear disc brake with 240mm disc and 2-piston caliper
  • Radial tires mounted on lightweight 3-spoke aluminum wheels - wide 190-size rear tire is mounted on 6" wide rim
  • Hinged fuel tank simplifies maintenance and provides easy access to the airbox and air filter

Utility/Convenience Features

  • Headlight switches off during startup to reduce load on battery


  • Engine: 1299cc, 4-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, TSCC
  • Bore Stroke: 81.0 x 63.0mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.0:1
  • Fuel System: Keihin/Denso Fuel Injection
  • Lubrication: Wet sump
  • Ignition: Digital/Transistorized
  • Transmission: 6-speed, constant mesh
  • Final Drive: #530 chain
  • Overall Length: 2140mm (84.3 in.)
  • Overall Width: 740mm (29.1 in.)
  • Overall Height: 1155mm (45.5 in.)
  • Seat Height: 805mm (31.7 in.)
    Ground Clearance: 120mm (4.7 in.)
  • Wheelbase: 1485mm (58.5 in.)
  • Dry Weight: 217kg (478 lbs.) 218kg (480 lbs.) CA. model
  • Suspension Front: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, fully adjustable spring preload, 14-way adjustable rebound damping and 13-way adjustable compression damping
  • Suspension Rear: Link-type, gas/oil damped, fully adjustable spring preload, 22-way adjustable compression & rebound damping
  • Brakes Front: Dual hydraulic disc
    Brakes Rear: Single hydraulic disc
  • Tires Front: 120/70-ZR-17
  • Tires Rear: 190/50-ZR-17
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 21 liter (5.5 gal.) 19.0 liter (5.0 gal.) CA. model
  • Color: Black/Gray, Black/Red, Gray/Blue


2006 suzuki gsxr1000 has better acceleration than the busa

After riding a 1991 Anniversary Edition Interstate GolgWing (1520cc) for 8 years in a row and being allowed (of course) to finally make a lifetime dream come true by my beloved wife Maria...to have my very own brand New Limited Edition 2006 Pear & Silver Hayabusa 1300 (GSX1300RZ6K) with no miles on it; I would like to share with you my friends; a few of my very own thoughts:

1. The factory (Japan) transfer documents to the dealership; reveals it has 172.5 HP / (does not indicate the RPM reading - Sorry Folks!); the speedometer only displays 185 mph maximum speedometer reading.

2. Definitivelly; NOT the first bike you want to own, nor want to learn to ride on; much less to allow any of your "buddies" to go on a test ride around the block...

3. It will definitivelly knock you off the saddle if you do not show the up most respect for it with that "EXTRA CRISPY" throttle that comes with it!!!

4. It is like ridding a wild ragging rodeo bull; as oppose to ( the GoldWing) your old-timer favorite noble ranch horse.

5. Friends; Take it easy and remember; it is all about the ride; Stay Alive... Ride Carefully!!!


Luis R.M. Toro-Sevillano;
Mather AFB, California

Hey Does anybody know the actual horsepower of the 1300R? I can’t find specs. anywhere.

Maybe the chip did help you go 234 mph, Steve. I think the top speed, for the Hayabusa, COMPLETELY stock, no chip, no NOS, no nothing, is about 200+ mph. So, I’m sure the chip, could help you gain 20-30 mph. Anyways, how did it feel going that fast? I bet it feels way better than if you’re in a car. Kind of like being on a rollercoaster that could make you your pants, huh?

I don’t think that the MTT y2k qualifies as a production bike, but more as a special, limited edition bike. I know Jay Leno has one, and it has a jet engine engine, and voice recognition. I think the acceleration for the bike, is like 0-60 in a second, I may be wrong. Oh, and for the guy who got caught going 234 with a Hayabusa, hard to believe you were really going that fast, but you can’t argue with a cop’s radar gun.

I found that the GSXR 1000 R 06 suzuki had the fasted acceleration of any superbike on another site is this correct? I mean 0 60?

I thought that the MTT Y2K bike was the fastest production bike in the world at 227 mph.

hey does anyone have the qaurter mile time of a 2006 stock busa? id like to know before i get one cause i currently own a 1999 kawasaki zx9r and its bored to a 936 it does 9.53. let me know!

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dude wake up, 234 mph on a stock busa!!!!!
you must have the world’s fastest stock busa on the planet.

Previous post is correct - The clip is of a GSXR 1000.
To the guys who’s girlfriend bought him one:
As far as this being a suitable first bike for people who have never ridden before - not unless you have the kind of self control and attentiveness to be able to use the throttle judiciously and keep a constant watch on all of the traffic and road hazards around you. For a 1300cc sports-tourer it’s a forgiving bike, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or safe in the hands of a novice...
If you don’t know what you’re doing and you mix it in traffic you’ll probably end up in hospital or the morgue. Do some training ASAP.

Watching that video I think that was recorded on the Pellissippi Parkway in Knoxville TN. I drive that almost every day. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I have had my busa to 170 in 5th gear and the didn’t strain at all. I still had a lot more throttle.

do a search for motorcycle safety foundation to find a course near to you. I tried posting the link but it keeps truncating the URL.

I have a 2006 Hayabusa and I love it. As for it being your first bike you should take a Basic Rider Course (). This will at least get you used to how to ride a motorcycle if you have never been on one before. One of the things I stress to my students is to keep a low wrist on the throttle. This will stop you from giving it too much gas. I would take it out to a parking lot first then on some emply roads and then move to riding in light traffic. This will help build your confidence with the bike. I use my to commute to work everyday and I ride approximately 80 miles per day. This bike is really comfortable on rides that are even longer. Once you get used to this bike you will not want to ride anything else except maybe the 1500CC Hayabusa that Suzuki is rumored to come out with.

I just bought this bike (well in all honesty my girlfriend surprised me with it) I have never rode a bike before... With taking classes and everything should I be ok riding this bike? She got my name engraved in the gas tank so I really don’t have a choice but to take it... But am I going to die lol or should I be ok with some classes?? I don’t want to get crazy with it just kinda cruise no stunts or going 150 mph

bro, my busa will run 185 out of 4th gear

you are all wrong!!! ive had my 05 hayabusa clocked on radar at 234 mph bone stock!!! other than tre chip

One of my friends have a Busa,and the thing is he is so skinny and weighs 155. When he takes off and really gets on it. Its amazing. He was at the track and was killing every one. He might even weigh less then 155. The only bike that beat him,was a Turbo kaw 1200 . Dont know what he was
boosting but it was sick.I think he had a few mods also. But it was close. They both took off like a FLASH.---------------- ----------------@-@

thats not a hayabusa on the video clip,it’s a gixxer thou,a busa is a lot smoother.

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