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Not long ago, Suzuki inspired from the DR-Z400S to create their first dual sport model, a very punchy and versatile one called the DR-Z-400SM. The bike successfully addresses to youngsters in search of a light and easy to ride motorcycle that would stand both for a commuter and an adrenaline source depending on the rider’s demands.

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Following the evolution of its bigger sibling (the Suzuki DR650SE ), the Suzuki DR-Z400S remains visually unchanged for 2010, but ads a few distinctive touches in order to stand out by its own. Mechanically, the new DR doesn’t feature any late additions worth to brag about, so it remains the same bulletproof built machine on the trails and a docile commuter when not on them.

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A couple of months ago we posted an official Suzuki video showing how their 1993 GSX-R750 came to life. While that was very interesting despite the age, imagine how exciting it is to see how today’s Suzuki GSX-R1000 superbike is born at the Japanese plant in Hamamatsu. The attached video takes us through the most important fabrication processes, allowing riders to understand just how brilliantly their bikes are being put together.

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For the NaSty concept, GPDesign has taken Suzuki’s entry-level naked bike, the Gladius, and made their best in turning it into a supermoto version. Focusing on technology and innovation to enhance the design and emphasize safety, the NaSty concept also has the purpose of keeping riders interested in the bike as it is claimed to be very versatile.

Among its most important features we find the 2.75-inch taller seat. The sporty looking unit is actually made of alcantara leather and it is water resistant, so quality was definitely taken into consideration. Also, they’ve added supermoto handlebars with handguards and everything. These lasts together with the tall front fender and front plastic body parts do make the Gladius in its NaSty form even easier to love.

Suzuki Gladius NaSty concept brings a supermoto feel

At the back, an aftermarket exhaust and a new plate holder do the trick. What’s best about this concept is that it features fluorescent paint on the rims, tank and handguards, which makes the thing more visible at night and implicit much safer to ride. Good idea!

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Suzuki doesn’t miss a year from impressing its consumers with the middleweight V-Strom model, so the bike is not only present in the 2010 lineup, but comes in three different versions: the V-Strom 650, V-Strom 650 ABS and V-Strom 650 SEA ABS Touring all get their general characteristics from their bigger siblings, the V-Strom 1000 models so there’s plenty to expect in all possible matters.

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Suzuki plays an important role in the dual-sport category, like always before, with the V-Strom 1000 model. A bike designed for all kinds of roads and all kinds of riders, this is without a doubt a benchmark in matters of versatility and comfort with many secrets yet to be unveiled by every rider individually. Furthermore, Suzuki also offers the V-Strom 1000SE Touring, which raises the bike’s long haul credentials.

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When people say Suzuki sportbikes, they usually think at the famous GSX-R series and no matter what, they usually end up talking about the Hayabusa model. But the SV650SA ABS is one very good example that there are also other sportsbikes made by the Japanese manufacturer and we can say they’re quite good. This precise model carries on as a 2010 model with color scheme changes and standard ABS, but the interesting part about it is that, although being powered by a midsized V-twin, it competes with four-cylinder bikes. Let’s see what more.

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Suzuki has presented the 2010 GSX650F ABS, a sporty and now safer road bike addressed to those just turning to motorcycling and in search of a versatile middleweight machine that will prove both economical and practical. The bike is nothing more than a Bandit 650 wrapped in a fairing, but its GSX-R looks combined with the implicit user-friendliness turn it into an almost unbeatable do-it-all sportbike.

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Suzuki carries on producing the GSX-R600 with little design tweaks and presents a new color range aimed at upgrading the bike’s exterior. This is the main 2010 strategy for the middleweight class (and not only) as manufacturers reunite with their drawing boards for future generation models.

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By presenting the 2010 GSX-R 750, Suzuki gives a big slap on the necks of those who expected them to stop making this superbike. A motorcycle that was successfully produced for decades and has even inspired the introduction of the GSX-R 600 back in the early 1990s carries on as a unique presence on a continuously growing market, but, apparently, one in which competitors can’t see the effectiveness of the 750cc sport bike.

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