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The Suzuki DR200SE is designed to help you discover both trail and street riding. It has a sturdy diamond frame, long-travel suspension and high traction tires, so it soaks up rough terrain and handles well on tight trails, but it also has all the needed features to make it street legal, along with a wide powerband and smooth acceleration.

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Famous in the dual-sport category thanks to its unbeatable combination of street and off-road excitement, the Suzuki DR650SE stands for both adventure and practicability and still ads a distinctive touch in 2010 thanks to the white color scheme. Also, with great price and fuel economy, you’re in for one great bang for the buck.

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Suzuki’s solution for those who are just starting to ride and look for something in between the standard and cruiser style is the GZ250 Marauder model, a versatile and easy to handle small motorcycle that is able to introduce a large category of riders to the continuously growing world of motorcycles.

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For those who plan to start riding, Suzuki keeps providing the ideal sport bike on which experience can be easily gained without the muscle to be ripped. Known as the GS500F, this is one of the best user-friendly fully-faired motorcycles out there and the long history behind it shows this fact.

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Since we’ve seen the Predator Hayabusa last week, we got more interested about Pitstop Motorsport’s past projects and came to see that the shop has made a tradition from creating scary as hell Hayabusa bikes. This here for instance is the King Kong Hayabusa, a standard bike underneath and a monster outside.

The King Kong paintjob with New York in the background is simply more than we can take, but when this bike is moving, it has New York with it on the tail unit, which is a nice touch as well. The only problem is that we can’t spot the beauty anywhere near, but we can only guess it is a matter of time until we do.

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Predator, the famous alien with a taste for people, has inspired New Jersey custom builder Pitstop Motorsport to create a corresponsive two-wheeled version, which will surely frighten anyone seeing it in the rear view mirror.

Essentially a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa, the bike is technically unchanged while the bodywork modifications are more than obvious and always gather a crowd around the Predator Hayabusa. Now this is something that owner Roderick “Slick Rick” McCullough found out from the very first ride as it got two tickets because onlookers held up traffic.

We can’t imagine how scary this visually modified Suzuki Hayabusa looks at over 190 mph, but can’t really confess we’re that eager to find out, so it is better the video attached after the jump shows the scariest Predator bike standing still. See it after the break.

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Suzuki Italia has teamed up with “GP Design” to create a limited edition version of the B-King. Called Hyaku B-King, the bike arrives to celebrate 100 years of existence and the name itself is suggestive as Hyaku stands for “hundred” in Japanese.

The idea was to actually create a special kit for the Hamamatsu model, composed from: silencer, matte black fairings, redesigned headlight and taillight. This means that current owners of the specified model can buy the Hyaku kit separately and enhance the already aggressive look of their bikes.

The Hamamatsu Hyaku B-King costs €14,500 ($21,882), but the manufacturer says it’s worth every cent. And who are we to disagree?

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Last week we helped spread out the word that Suzuki was going to unveil a 25th anniversary GSX-R1000 limited edition model at the NEC Show in Birmingham to celebrate a quarter of a century since the first GSX-R model of the series was produced back in 1985. Meanwhile, Suzuki did more than keeping their promise. They have also revealed a limited edition version of the extremely popular GSX-R750 model with the same excuse in the back of their minds.

While the liter bike will sell in a number of 1000 units, its smaller sibling, the GSX-R750 (which is available only in Great Britain), will be even more exclusive as only 25 such motorcycles will be produced. But what will those who miss the chance to buy one lose? Technically nothing apart from the awesome-looking Yoshimura exhaust, but those who like the special color scheme replicating the 1996 blue/white one most likely don’t care about that. Each of the very special 25 Suzukis comes with a commemorative number on the top yoke and certificate.

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It is enough to take one look at this 1980s Suzuki Katana 1100 to see that the bike is hours and hours of work away from its original state and all the credit goes to UK-based Steve Adams, owner and customizer of what turned out to be one of the most beautifully reinvented legends among Japanese motorcycles.

Among the modifications brought to our Brit’s Katana we would have to name the 1,170cc Wiseco piston kit, gas flowed head, EFE 1100 cams with adjustable cam sprockets, Keihin 37mm carbs, titanium bolts and custom-made exhaust system as being the most important and this is only in the engine department.

The frame was reinforced and a Suzuki Bandit 1200 swingarm was bolted on it. This Suzuki now rolls on 17-inch Dymag magnesium alloy wheels supported by a GSX-R750 K4 front fork and Ohlins rear shock units. The high performance brakes feature Yamaha R1 and Suzuki TL1000 parts such as the Brembo radial master cylinder up front, while the rear brake is thumb-operated.

How’s that for a way to make an old motorcycle new again?

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In 2010, Suzuki will celebrate 25 years of producing the GSX-R series and have created a limited edition GSX-R1000 for the occasion. Called the Suzuki GSX-R1000Z, the anniversary edition will only feature cosmetic differences compared to a standard GSX-R1000 K9 or K10 model (there’s no mechanical difference between the two model years anyway).

Only 1000 such bikes will be made and feature a gold or beige frame, swingarm and parts of the fairing combined with the dominant pearl white color on the fairing. Also, the Gixxer will feature 25th anniversary graphics on the fairing, mufflers, wheel rims and ignition key, as well as a serial number plate.

Suzuki plans to take the wraps off the GSX-R1000Z 25th anniversary edition this week at the NEC Show in Birmingham.

Update: Video is attached after the break.

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