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The Hayabusa-derived Suzuki B-King was never meant to be practical and the pillions always complained about back pain during longer journeys, so it is good to know that someone thought at somehow solving these two problems and creating more others. A French company called D.J. Construction has created the DJ Sport B-King sidecar, which is nothing more than a detuned B-King (106-horsepower) with a modified front end (that yellow shock is actually an expensive Öhlins part) and a rather aerodynamic and yet comfortable rig.

The friends at MotoMag in France actually got the chance to ride this strange combination and their impressions are not bad at all, although they do mention the DJ Sport Suzuki B-King sidecar enjoys turning right more than it does turning left. Now why would that be…?

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Apart from providing motorcycle gear for speed junkies, Icon also like to get their hands dirty from time to time while customizing, obviously, Japanese motorcycles. One of their latest creations is actually called the Kawazuki, originally a 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000 with an ordinary destiny, but which ended up with a modified frame (mounts for rearsets included), a Suzuki SV1000 monoshock and front end as well as with a ’92 GSX-R750 swingarm and rear wheel.

The original engine was fitted with a 1075cc Wiseco big bore kit so that this classic would keep up with modern bikes, but it is a pleasure just to look at it.

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In the autumn of 2008 in Paris, Suzuki unveiled their latest (for the time and for now) entry-level motorcycle entitled the SFV 650 Gladius. Basically a refined SV650, but for the European crowd a whole new kind of riding excitement, the new bike sit on the thin line between impressive performance and awesome styling.

As a 2009 model year, the middleweight Gladius caught on to the public and it is now a much safer ride as Suzuki fitted it with ABS assisted brakes.

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Having got things right with the Boulevard M109R and M90 models, Suzuki now concentrates on making their middleweight performance cruiser look like it’s ready to tear apart the tarmac and it is precisely the bike’s bigger siblings that stand as inspiration sources for designers. The first things that strike you are the all new headlight cowl and redesigned seat, but it is more about the 2010 Suzuki Boulevard M50 than what meets the eye. For instance, the riding position is now more comfortable as a result of improved ergonomics, while new engine tuning improves low rpm torque. Please read more after the jump.

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Suzuki carries on leading kids on their way to motocross success in 2010 with the RM85, a small and extremely versatile entry-level dirt bike with still plenty to prove in its segment, especially if we consider that the competition hasn’t upgraded their bikes either. Kids with a soft spot for dirt racing will find the Suzuki RM85 package truly manageable, meaning they’ll be sticking with the Japanese brand as long as this last is able to supply guaranteed performance and wins.

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The Suzuki DR200SE is designed to help you discover both trail and street riding. It has a sturdy diamond frame, long-travel suspension and high traction tires, so it soaks up rough terrain and handles well on tight trails, but it also has all the needed features to make it street legal, along with a wide powerband and smooth acceleration.

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Famous in the dual-sport category thanks to its unbeatable combination of street and off-road excitement, the Suzuki DR650SE stands for both adventure and practicability and still ads a distinctive touch in 2010 thanks to the white color scheme. Also, with great price and fuel economy, you’re in for one great bang for the buck.

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Suzuki’s solution for those who are just starting to ride and look for something in between the standard and cruiser style is the GZ250 Marauder model, a versatile and easy to handle small motorcycle that is able to introduce a large category of riders to the continuously growing world of motorcycles.

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For those who plan to start riding, Suzuki keeps providing the ideal sport bike on which experience can be easily gained without the muscle to be ripped. Known as the GS500F, this is one of the best user-friendly fully-faired motorcycles out there and the long history behind it shows this fact.

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Since we’ve seen the Predator Hayabusa last week, we got more interested about Pitstop Motorsport’s past projects and came to see that the shop has made a tradition from creating scary as hell Hayabusa bikes. This here for instance is the King Kong Hayabusa, a standard bike underneath and a monster outside.

The King Kong paintjob with New York in the background is simply more than we can take, but when this bike is moving, it has New York with it on the tail unit, which is a nice touch as well. The only problem is that we can’t spot the beauty anywhere near, but we can only guess it is a matter of time until we do.

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