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Suzuki has created a 400cc version of their versatile entry-level naked bike, the Gladius . The new model will even feature ABS, despite the much smaller newly designed V-twin engine.

Suzuki will have this exposed at the next Tokyo Motor Show and the bike will then start being sold in Japan. If it comes to the US, it will probably turn into a hot seller, but there’s no word on that yet.

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It’s official! None of the 2010 GSX-R models will be technically new, as revealed by these photos. Still, Suzuki has come up with a new blue/white color scheme for their notorious supersport lineup and this even includes dark blue coating for the frame and swingarm. Prices of the 2010-spec GSX-R1000, GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 are yet to be announced.

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Riding among all kinds of lunatics, a biker can never be too careful. That is why during motorcycle safety courses, instructors advise students to always check their mirrors, even when sitting at a traffic light, stop sign, or simply stopping along side of the road. But the thing is that nobody advises you about this sort of crap. I can’t imagine how that car ended up riding the Gixxer…I just hope the rider is ok.

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Suzuki’s 2010 sportbike lineup gets a new member – the GSX1250FA. The new addition will sell in Europe and compared to the Bandit 1250, it only has an extra full fairing to brag about. Everything else, the engine and tranny as well as the chassis are all shared with the Bandit 1250S, while the fairing didn’t required much work or imagination either as it was simply inspired from now this bike’s smaller brother, the GSX650F .

Suzuki GSX1250FA

The fact is that Suzuki plans to sell the all-new GSX1250FA as a cheap (price is yet to be announced though) and versatile sport-touring motorcycle. For that reason, they offer genuine accessories such as windshield, top case and side cases among others.

Colors available for the 2010 model year are Candy Indy Blue, Metallic Oort Gray and Pearl Nebular Black. We hope this bike makes it to the United States in a couple of years from now because we truly like it. Read the provisory specs and features after the break.

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Suzuki introduces the 2010 RM-Z250 as the first quarter-liter motocrosser to be powered by a fuel-injected engine and so makes sure that this model continues the tradition started by its bigger brother, the RM-Z450 , a model which was also the first in its class to feature fuel injection a couple of years back. Not only the engine is now fed through a revolutionary system, but it also revs higher and it is now more compact. With a redesigned frame, updated brakes and suspension, this bike qualifies as a championship-winning machine. We shall wait and see if things turn out as claimed by Suzuki.

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The request for entry-level naked motorcycles in Brazil and Europe will be satisfied starting 2010 also with the all-new Suzuki GSR250.

Expected to be presented later this year, the small, versatile and quite possibly fun bike draws inspiration from the B-King and GSR600, while power (30bhp, to be precise) comes from a quarter-liter, liquid-cooled, DOHC fuel-injected engine. The parallel-twin unit stands for user-friendliness, the spacious seat stands for comfort and the under-seat storage is meant to make the GSR250 a bit practical. Also, there’s a digital LCD screen to keep things modern and fancy.

There’s no word on price yet, but if the thing’s cheap, it will surely find its home in South America and Europe.

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Suzuki made sure to miss no aspect when improving their RM-Z450 motocrosser for 2010 due to the revolutionary stance that this dirt bike has in the collective mental ever since 2007, when it came out as the first fuel-injected production bike. Suzuki claims their new engine is now more powerful and offers better throttle response, while the also new chassis is supposed to sharpen steering and improve control. We have no reasons to doubt that so far, but we must say we expected the new model year to weigh less, not 1 kg more than the previous generation one. It seems that not all aspects have been covered after all.

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Those who have been saying that Suzuki is losing ground in the off-road field can start eating their words (at least partially) because the Japanese manufacturer has launched an all-new model for 2010 – the RMX450Z. Based on the RM-Z450 competition model, the new addition is a slightly more docile four-stroke dirt bike to take both on the track and on the trails. It retains the 450cc engine and brings the benefits of electric starting and those of a headlight out where Suzuki riders would have previously struggled with the DR-Z400S . Bikes such as the Honda CRF450X , Yamaha WR450F and Kawasaki KLR450R can already start worrying.

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Superbike Magazine got their hands on the leaked official shots of the future Suzuki GSX-R125 model that is supposed to compete with the Honda CBR125 and Yamaha Yamaha YZF-R125. The 125cc four-stroke motorcycle is far from the official unveiling and that’s what makes these photos so precious. They show how Suzuki Suzuki manages to perfectly mimic the styling of larger GSX-R models and make this the dream of every teenager with a soft spot for motorcycling.

Given the fact that the frame is most likely pressed steel and not cast or extruded aluminum, the bike will have a dry weight of around 125kg and will be powered by a 15bhp motor. Ok, so it won’t beat any power-to-weight ratio, but the multi-layered plastics and banana swingarm go straight to the rider’s heart. Also, expect for non-adjustable suspension.

The Suzuki GSX-R125 is a very late addition to a very attractive segment, but this also makes it interesting and tempting for those who always want to stay ahead of the competition. We will have to wait and see if this means that Suzuki will finally get their piece of the 125cc superbike pie.

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Suzuki never saw the Hayabusa as a trike, but this doesn’t stop others to customize it in the way they think it will suit them best. This Hayabusa reverse trike was spotted on eBay, where it is posted with a $34,999 asking price.

The biggest disadvantage that the TT-Busa, as it is called, has over the stock bike is the fact that it doesn’t appear to lean. The extra wheel does make it a little bit safer, but gets rid of the Hayabusa fun factor and that’s no advantage. This thing is meant to catch the attention of people as it rolls down the streets with its two custom built front wheels and extended swingarm with 300 rear tire.

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