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Suzuki Thailand was keen on developing a scooter that would implement the most advanced technology features and the first result of their perseverance (actually two results) come up in the form of the SD 01 and the SD 02.

Recently presented at the Annual Bangkok International Auto Show, these two machineries have left everyone gauging and the truth is that they had big reasons. In my opinion they are the first ever Japanese scooters that managed to dethrone – in the public’s vision, of course – the Italian style and pure magic is the fact it beaten it with its own weapons.

Being very agile (probably electrically powered), comfortable (adjustable honeycomb styled seat) and aerodynamic, the two SD models also come up with advanced technologies, something that will be later unveiled to us.

LED lighting isn’t something to be often seen on scooters, but who says these two have anything in common with the usual?

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So you’ve watched a little bit of racing, “cried to mommy” and she made the mistake of buying you a super sport Suzuki? By now you probably believe that you are as appropriate as you can be to a Rizla Suzuki racing rider, but take a listen to Chris Vermeulen here and also do a quick search for riding gear if not willing to increase the numbers of deaths occurred while riding on the streets as if you are on a race track.

If any of you guys who just ask “how do you pop up wheelies?” before first riding a motorcycle would take the time and watch such videos, the streets would be a safer place for you and us.

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Here’s a lesson that all of us could take: it’s the rider not the bike that makes the difference and you can have a blast on a mid-size motorcycle too. To convince you, here’s a video where a Kawasaki ZX-R ...400 competes against three other bikes but the weird thing is that the 400cc is far from its place in this pile of cubic centimeters and watts.

Before you watch this video I must remind you that the 400cc has a maximum power output around 57HP while the other three at least three times more.

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Did you ever happen to break the flush when dreaming about your favorite motorcycle or scooter? Well, it seems that the guy in this funny Suzuki promo destined for the Asian market has missed some meetings with its psychologist as he loses control in the less appropriate places. Take the example below!

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When you talk about two wheels there are few chances you won’t be expressing your love for races, a fully opened throttle, the way it sounds, the smell of burned gasses and eventually rubber. But, in contrast with all this, big motorbike houses create increasingly restrictive rules concerning pollution and they invest big bucks in learning how to effectively exploit biological fuel.

A very interesting example is the work done by Team Alstare, which ever since 2007 has spend time developing small engines for bikes and quads which are planned to run on bio fuel.

The big objective of this practice is to improve the process in which the plant becomes fuel in order to obtain a stronger bang, optimizing this way the costs and properly exploiting the resources.

And if you were thinking that all this is only bla bla bla and nothing consistent, I must tell you that a remarkable result is an agricultural quad powered by a mixture of 85% bioethanol and 15% gasoline. Also, Alstare presented a GSX-R1000 Superstock prototype using the same recipe and keeping the proportions.

The culmination point was on the track of Monza where Alan Cathcart made a demonstration of power on the two revolutionary wheels. The machine, made in Belgium, is now a benchmark bio racing engines.

Let’s just hope that in a few years, respecting the EU regulations, there will be attempts of Superbike and MotoGP ecological races. The ice was broken and big results wait on the corner!

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Everybody is aware of the fact that tuning has made it around the world, Japan being the starting point. Now, each and every year, Japanese aftermarket tuners present their own improved creations with custom paint job and louder, more powerful exhausts.

Through the years, tuners such as Yoshimura, Active, Nojima and Active have individualized themselves from the crowd and get all the recognition as being the best tuning shops back in Japan.

We have such examples in our photo gallery and it is your job to find the intruder. Good Luck!

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Suzuki will produce the GSX-R1000 under yet another coloring and have it called a limited edition model. Color combination for this unique ride will be pearl white and metallic silver and all authorized dealers will sell it for the equivalent of $15,840. George Cheeseman, head of the marketing department at Suzuki GB comments: “Customer demand in the past has proven how popular the limited colour runs are, so we are pleased to be able to offer this addition to the already popular GSX-R (...)
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We’ve had the opportunity to see a couple of modified Hayabusa motorcycles and a longer swingarm or NOS system was nothing out of the ordinary, but when you get a glance of this chromed-up beauty, there’s nothing to take your eyes off it. This mirror of a motorcycle was spotted at the BMF Rally in Peterborough, UK.

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Is this the bike on which Chris Vermeulen plans on winning the 2009 MotoGP? We’ve come across this photo from the first tests of Chris Vermeulen on the evolution version of the GSV-R with which the Australian pilot will attempt to conquer the 2009 MotoGP title. Perfectly reflecting the team’s strategy, the bike, equipped with sidecar and car wheels as balance and the aerodynamic features do all the trick. I don’t know how a shoulder-to-shoulder final lap will look with this thing on the track, but the idea is daring, challenging and funny.

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When it comes to the number of horsepower on something that goes around powered by a Hayabusa engine the possibilities are hard to imagine and practically endless, but until now there is no naked bike to compare with this Suzuki B-King.

Its 430bhp set is apart from any other motorcycle and get it even closer to its cousin, the Hayabusa, a bike known for its affinity for tuning and especially turbochargers. And this is exactly what this B-King received: a turbo charger. Suddenly, the previously considered impressive 1340cc and 181 hp on the stock look weak and make you think on mounting such a thing on your new bike, but I would recommend you not to if fitted with wife and children. Turbochargers are not good for your marriage!

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