2011 Triumph Speed Triple "Impoz Speed Racer"

Very often are we floored by a custom bike that takes the original model and turns it into something that’s better than what we expected. Yet that’s what 27-year-old Benjamin Blanchard was able to accomplish.

The French graphic designer took a Triumph Speed Triple bike and injected some straight up attitude into it. Already sporting a powerful 1,050cc DOHC three-cylinder, fuel injected engine, Blanchard went out of his way to re-model the bike to his liking. Carbon fiber was used on the bodywork of the bike, with incredible detail put on a lot of its parts.

The prevalent use of carbon fiber on the bike drastically reduced its weight, making it lighter and faster than any of the standard Speed Triple’s out there. The light weight of the bike, combined with its powerful engine, has turned an already impressive Speed Triple into the Impoz Speed Racer.

It takes a really impressive presence to catch our attention. Benjamin Blanchard managed to achieve that - and more.

Source: Bikeexif


I really like how he used the piping on this one. It really made the bike look more aggressive and certainly looks great with the black color that they have used here.

Good thing that he used a triumph for this one, that motorcycle is really a good choice in here, since it is quite open when it comes to modifications like this.

This one definitely looks sleek, and I love the whole black paint job that they did here. But what I am really surprised of is that I took only one guy to work on this.

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