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  Triumph Motorcycles is an iconic British motorcycle manufacturer that started production in 1902. Triumph made its mark and gained recognition by winning races.

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Triumph and TAG Heuer have joined forces to create a unique motorcycle named “Bonneville Heuer”. The bike is inspired by Steve McQueen and the Porsche 917 K that he raced in the movie “Le Mans” while wearing the famous Gulf Oil Blue and Orange colors.

Enthusiasts waiting for us to mention the limited number of units scheduled for production and the very special price will most likely be disappointed to hear that there will be a single such motorcycle built and it will be used for promotional purposes.

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This picture shows Hollywood celeb and motorcycle enthusiast Angelina Jolie starring as Evelyn Salt and riding this beautiful Triumph Street Triple R . The character in cause is a CIA officer accused of being a Russian spy and who goes on the run to clear her name. We hope that the stylish British motorcycle helps and we won’t see it crashed in the movie.

Brad Pitt must be proud of having such a courageous wife, but I don’t believe she attended the “lose the paparazzi” test that her life partner recently failed .

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The Triumph Daytona 675 was always a lonely wolf, but German company Six Monkeys did their best in coming up with a big brother for the only supersport model of the British motorcycle manufacturer. They brought in a 1050cc engine and then tuned the fuel injection system and the airbox so that they can talk big numbers such as 139bhp at 9,100rpm and 116Nm of torque at 7,600rpm.

While we’re talking about the same powerplant as found on the Triumph Tiger and Speed Triple models, this bike’s carbon fiber bodywork is entirely new and the overall shape and style does remind us of the middleweight production Daytona. Also, this custom motorcycle features Wilbers suspension components and steering damper, while the exhaust system was supplied by BOS and the tires are Dunlop Qualifier RR.

Does this look like a Triumph Daytona 675 on steroids or what? I’m not sure about the color though.

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Triumph’s middleweight supersport model, the Daytona 675, has had a very successful year and it all started when the British engineers tweaked the engine for 3bhp more, reduced weight with as much as 3kg and added Nissin calipers, while also giving it a sportier look. With all these improvements, it won the Supertest and Masterbike awards, while MCN called it ‘Sportsbike of the Year’.

So this is clearly a very successful model that Triumph keeps virtually unchanged for 2010 and hopes for at least the same results while preparing their next move. Meanwhile, fans will have to declare themselves satisfied by the new Caspian Blue paint with gold wheels or even turn to the Red and Black 2009 color schemes, which are still available for next year’s model.

Apart from the rather cool new color scheme, the 2010 Triumph Daytona 675 also comes with new clocks, which do look better, but could have brought in more functions apart from average fuel economy and lap timer-equipped setup, which also characterize the 2009 model year.

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What originally started as a Triumph Bonneville TR6 ended up in the hands of the WrenchMonkees crew in Copenhagen, Denmark and was completely transformed to suit the style of one lucky customer, who ordered it.

Although this custom bike builder seems to follow no pattern when trying to get the best out of each specific bike, we did notice that – like on most of their creations – this Triumph’s engine has been completely rebuilt and it now has a Morgo 750 cc kit installed. Fed through Amal 930 carburetors, it develops a claimed 50 hp, which is enough considering that the thing has been stripped down to its bare minimum.

Also, they use their very own hardtail rear frame, fender and light, while in this case the seat, steel battery box and wiring harness add on to the exclusive look. In fact, you’ll find people saying that such motorcycles projects never get finished because they represent the ideas and work of a proud rider, but little will they know that for the right amount of money WrenchMonkees makes any rider look like a skilled motorcycle builder.

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Motorcycles are often referred to as being metal horses, but we never actually thought that someone would actually think at hooking a calash to a brand new Triumph Speed Triple for a very sexy (if personal opinions count) photo shoot.

These babes are apparently into some kind of perverted royalty game, which – as long as it involves motorcycles too and nobody gets injured – we love.

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The Triumph Speed Triple Brown Racer is a special edition model made in France and which distinguishes thanks to the unique bronze color scheme and gold rims. It also features other gold parts such as the exhaust pipes, clutch and brake levers as well as handlebar ends and these do contribute at the overall customized appearance, although you don’t need to be an expert to spot that there’s nothing standard about the way that this Triumph motorcycle looks.

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Triumph ads an all new motorcycle to their 2010 cruiser lineup. Called the Thunderbird, this is one of those bikes that nobody saw coming and yet everyone knew about. While we heard more and more questions about Triumph planning to build a V-Twin engine, the UK-based motorcycle manufacturer went along and developed the largest production parallel-Twin motor to power their latest jewel.

Heritage isn’t something that bike manufacturers ever forget about and Triumph’s cruiser genes are found all over the new Thunderbird, a motorcycle that represents the very essence of modern British bike engineering and design.

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The first thing that you want to do when buying a motorcycle is brag about it to your friends. But when you have a 17,000 square foot garage filled with all kinds of motorized vehicles, bragging feels a bit out of sense. So in this case you go ahead and invite the motorcycle brand’s marketing manager and make a proper review on the model you just bought. This is precisely what talk show host and motorcyclist Jay Leno does every time he brings a new bike next to his precious Ducati Desmosedici RR, Vincent Black Shadow, Y2K Turbine Superbike and classic 1953 Triumph Thunderbird.

Hit the jump to see the walk-through and test ride performed by Jay Leno itself.

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As hard to believe as it might be, this is actually a Triumph Daytona 1200 motorcycle built from lego. We do not know the number of pieces involved, but this sure looks like a whole lot of work for a bunch of kids. They all receive an A+ from the TopSpeed team!

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