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When we first heard about the stretch-limo Vespa, which is a very original idea of Vespa South Africa Managing Director Andy Reid, we thought at a luxurious piece of Italy’s greatest ever scooter, but looking at it now, we’re beginning to think this is a rather interesting mean of transportation for those interested in saving gas money. Sure, it can be both (personally, I wouldn’t take the kids to school on it), but the fact is that it was built for promotional activities only, so a picture on it with a glass of champagne in your hand should do the trick just fine. For more, build one yourself and ride home from high school with a trio of chicks at the back. And don’t forget the white gloves!

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This video created by Patrick Boivin shows Michael Jackson visibly disturbed by the fact that a certain Mr. Bean, who rides a classic Vespa scooter, is messing around while the King of Pop is practicing his dance routines. They end up getting into a fight like we would have seen in old episodes of “Dexter” and the whole thing is quite funny to watch, especially if you’re a fan of the two celebrities and the Italian scooter that replaces Mr. Bean’s Mini once in a while.

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Starting from the idea that everyone loves Vespas – including Harley-Davidson riders – this commercial shows such a rider getting up close and personal with the gorgeous ET4 model, which makes the subject of the video ad.

This is the kind of humor that we like to see in motorcycle/scooter commercials and the fact that this one shows both does the trick big time.

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Some people never forget their childhood toys or ways to have fun and by judging from this kid’s face, he will never ever forget about his very own, one-off Vespa rocking horse made of metal, fiberglass and imitation leather. The thing even gets the Vespa and Piaggio logos as well as the boy’s name – Diego – at the back of the seat. I don’t believe they could have done a better job with this one. Suddenly, even the memory of my first bicycle fades away.

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Vespa, the famous scooter manufacturer from Italy, has found a very funny way of promoting their 125cc four-stroke model using the King Kong theme. Of course, this is a distorted version in which the beast fells in love with the machine rather than with the beautiful girl, leaving us wondering how will the gorilla commute on that thing through the urban jungle. Or is the beast only going to polish the Vespa and then stare at it for hours and hours?

See the video after the break.

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How’s this for a superhero vehicle?

Considering that Superman has a reputation to maintain, we simply can’t help wondering how the idea of a custom painted Vespa scooter came to him when searching for a motorized two-wheeled vehicle. Unless this thing is strongly upgraded to match the performance of a let’s say 2009 Yamaha R1 (which I seriously doubt and still wouldn’t be worthy of the rider), this thing is just a silly joke.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s just Superman on his classic Italian scooter.

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The Vespa and the Volkswagen Type 2 (Transporter, for most of us) were contemporaries in the fructuous period that followed the Second World War, two machines bringing a major contribution at motorizing the world and which remain pure icons for the industries they stand for.

Hippies often used to carry a Vespa inside or even on top their Volkswagen busses just to have fun on two wheels once they reached their destination, but I bet they never really thought at it this way.

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A Portuguese carpenter named Carlos Alberto was thinking about popularizing his skills when he remembered about the old Vespa scooter forgotten in the garage. Hmmm, what would be the result of that? I guess the images speak for themselves.

All that is left for us to mention is that the engine, suspensions and wheels are still made out of metal. The rest is just poetry to our eyes.

Much better than any commercial, the scooter even got a new name – Vespa Daniela – as it is most likely dedicated to Carlos’s daughter.

Apparently, this isn’t our man’s first wooden two-wheeled creation as we also found a full-size motorcycle called Mota on its website.

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People shifting in metal cans never saw the best solution for them to get home fast so Vespa decided to crayon them a possibility. But, still, they waited to be strongly affected on the financial side until opening their eyes (gas price subject and the famous translation to motorcycles that we’re witnessing in this period).

Still, I don’t understand how that is because, as we all know, time is money and those in the ad look like loosing a lot of time. The solution was there all the time, but the eyes were either closed or affixed on the watch.

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Proof of the fact that an innovative mind can never fall asleep is held in the content of the video below. A Vespa on the dyno? I should have washed my face for a second time this morning! But yes, this video shows nothing more or less than a classic Vespa on which there has been placed a turbo. You read well, don’t look strange! And even stranger is the fact that this isn’t even the latest in what concerns the evolution of the Vespa.

Tested on the dyno, it sounds like it has nothing to do with the average two-stroke engine and at 42 HP and 36 Nm it really hasn’t. You would think that this kind of power can’t be properly valued on a scooter, but your opinion will change as soon as you see and hear it run at the end of the video. I hope that guy is wearing a helmet!

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