2007 Victory Ness Signature Series

What happens when America’s most innovative motorcycle company gets together with America’s two greatest custom builders? Absolute insanity, that’s what. Check out the limited-edition Arlen and Cory Ness Vegas Jackpots. Killer custom paint schemes designed by Arlen and Cory themselves. Chromed-out forks and swingarms.

Ness billet wheels, engine covers, mirrors, foot controls and custom-stitched flame seats. And to make the Nesstisization complete, dazzling diamond-cut cylinders and heads. If you don’t lust after these bikes, we strongly recommend you check your pulse. Only a limited number will be built, so reserve yours early.

NEW FOR 2007

  • All-new, limited-edition paint and graphics designed by Arlen and Cory and available only for model year 2007
  • Cylinders and cylinder head cooling fins are diamond-cut using a patented process licensed by Victory (diamond-cut can enhance cooling by as much as 10%)


  • Custom, 1-piece seats featuring heat-repelling leather are from legendary LaPera Enterprises; “Fat Flame” stitching on the Arlen seat, edgy “Freestyle” stitching on Cory’s bike
  • Custom billet wheels: “Evil 7” wheels on the Arlen model, “Jagged” style on Cory’s bike
  • Headlight housing is chrome, top and bottom
  • 2” pull-back handlebars and Ness Teardrop mirrors
  • Stainless braided brake and clutch cables
  • Chrome muffler support bracket


  • Arlen signature model is black with bold, custom green flames
  • Cory signature model features silver paint with custom blue-based graphics
  • Graphic of Arlen’s or Cory’s signature appears on side cover
  • Case covers on the Arlen model have flame pattern that coordinates with flamed foot pegs and handgrips
  • Billet Band case covers on Cory’s bike complement the Grooved Twister foot pegs and handgrips


  • Long and low Vegas Jackpot features the custom styling cues of the award-winning Vegas, including the raised spine on the fenders and on the sculpted, split-tail fuel tank
  • Full rear fender draws eyes to the meaty, super-fat 250mm-wide rear tire
  • HID/halogen headlight adds style and offers better night visibility


  • Victory’s own 100-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin features clean styling and modern technology for consistently efficient and outstanding performance
  • Victory’s Freedom V-Twin has overhead cams, 4-valves per cylinder and EFI that optimizes fuel delivery in all riding conditions
  • Operating noise is minimized through the use of: a “silent” chain driving the cam and oil pump, helical-cut primary drive and hydraulic cam chain tensioner
  • Sixth gear is true overdrive: RPMs are reduced for a smooth, low-vibration ride without compromising performance or acceleration


  • Premium suspension delivers a smooth ride and easy, predictable handling
  • Outstanding braking from 300mm floating rotors with 4-piston front caliper and 2-piston rear caliper


Consistent issues with the 250mm rear. All the magazine test riders complain about the ability to provide confidence and good control at slow speeds and turning sharply or any turning other than a slow sweeper is overwhelmingly hard to get used to. Every machine has its own ergonomics and i think the more visceral this machine feels , the better, even if it takes someone that doesnt mind having to put a little grunt into it. Overall, my 2006 is a dream machine. I just havent driven it yet.

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