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The Victory Jackpot feels similarly comfortable on both the city streets and on the highway. In its street adventures the motorcycle is helped by a capable 106 cubic-inch Feedom V-twin engine which puts out 110 lb-ft of torque. The engine’s power is kept in leash by a capable six speed overdrive transmission with helical cut gears.

The ride is kept in check by a conventional 43 mm Telescopic Fork and a rear single, mono-tube gas, cast aluminum suspension with rising rate linkage.

One of the most distinctive features of the 2013 Victory Jackpot is the 250mm rear tire mounted on a custom billet wheel. Apart from looking great, the 250 improves the motorcycle’s stability and assures a smooth ride. The 21 inch front wheel is similarly attractive and further enhances the custom look of the motorcycle. The finishing touch is given by the color-matched frame and swing arm which give the Jackpot the ultimate custom look.

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With its muscular design and sporty lines, the 2013 Victory Judge inspires confidence and power. The cruiser is also equipped with a series of modern features which make it practical, easy to ride and comfortable.

The 2013 model comes with convenient mid-mounted controls, a fresh body work, blacked-out details, new drag bars, a new headlight and racing-inspired side panels. All these features give it a unique character and help it get noticed every time it passes down the street.

We also need to send a shout at the cast 16 inch 5-spoke wheels which are shod in premium Dunlop Elite II tires with raised white lettering.

At the heart of the Victory Judge lies a 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-twin unit which delivers a peak torque of 110 ft-lbs of torque. The engine is combined with a 6 speed Overdrive transmission.

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If looks could engulf us in flames, the Victory Arlen Ness Signature Series, which made its debut in 2004, is a bonafide scorcher on two wheels. And for the 2012 model, Arlen decided that a splash of added attitude just may be what pushes this bike over the top.

If you like futuristic styling, the Victory Arlen Ness Vision is a bike that will definitely make heads turn, particularly the use of heavy black paint on the bike, as well as the abundance of chrome and accessories directly in contrast to the collection of Ness. The bike also comes with custom graphics such as this fiery and blazing graphic detail. On top of that, the bike also has comfortable seats that make long journeys a pleasure to make. Add that to the Ness radio display, Ness flamed engine covers, and a comfortable leather seat, and you have a bike that’s just itching to be taken out on joyrides.

Speaking of joyrides, that wouldn’t be possible if you have a bike that comes with a mediocre powertrain. Fortunately, there’s nothing mediocre about the Arlen Ness Vision, including its 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine that produces a stout and very capable 97 horsepower.

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Victory Motorcycles isn’t playing hard-ball with its customers; they just have a bike called Hard-Ball that they pulled the covers off recently in Long Beach, California.

In typical High-Ball fashion, the 2012 Victory Hard-Ball arrived in one no-nonsense color: Matte Black with tasteful red pin striping. For an old-school look, the bike received black spoke wheels - 18" on the front and 16" on the rear - shod with blackwall Dunlop Elite tires. The Hard-Ball’s triple-disc brakes with standard ABS are fully modern binders.

The 1731cc Freedom 106 provides a spirited ride with a wide spread of power on the High-Ball, and despite a little larger fender on the front end, steering is still light enough, even with the absence of a fairing most baggers or tourers sport. The Hard-Ball also features a single-overhead cam with four valves per cylinder and self-adjust cam chains with hydraulic lifters. The 106 Freedom V-Twin also breathes through a modern Electronic Fuel Injection with dual, 45mm throttle bodies, and split dual exhaust with a crossover pipe for enhanced performance. The powertrain is mated to a 6-Speed overdrive transmission with "Neutral Selection Assist and helical-cut gears to ensure every shift is as quiet and smooth as the one before."

As for handling, the chassis design of the bike comes with a longer wheelbase (65.7" worth), a higher seat (26.25"), and more ground clearance (5.8"). The Hard-Ball also adds some touring amenities, safety and comfort, including a larger air-deflecting battery cover, split dual exhaust, and a longer rear fender.

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You can pretty much put the nail in the proverbial coffin because Victory’s new Hammer 8-Ball cruiser is poised to take the next step in becoming one of the premier cruiser motorcycles in the world.

For the 2012 model, the Hammer 8-Ball returns with the ideal platform for the motorcyclist who wants a bike that he can customize to his heart’s content. As always, Victory offers many custom accessories to personalize the Hammer 8-Ball. As far as aesthetics go, the Hammer 8-ball comes dressed with a sporty bodywork, highlighted by a short front fender and a high-cut rear fender that shows off the 250mm rear tire. This bike also has inverted forks and a removable black cowl that covers the passenger seat during solo riding.

The Hammer 8-Ball’s powertrain system also allows you to travel far distances, thanks to the Freedom V-Twin power plant that delivers 97 horsepower and 113 ft lbs of green-light torque with ultimate authority. The dark heart of the Hammer 8-Ball lies in this system, informing the world of your arrival with every crack of the throttle. Mated to this engine is a 6-speed transmission that comes with true overdrive and neutral assist, making it easy to find neutral when stopped.

Victory is also offering a host of accessories for the Hammer 8-Ball, including windshields, backrests, saddlebags, Vegas passenger seat, grips, performance exhausts, and more.

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We all love limited edition pieces of anything, and in the case of a Victory motorcycle, we’d sign up for the Crossroads Classic Limited Edition. The 2012 Cross Roads LE is a numbered model which includes exclusive paint, graphics, pinstriping, a classic leather seat and saddlebags with custom stitching, wire wheels, a different windshield, cool chrome light bar, fender bumpers, and saddlebag rails with tip-over protection.

Plenty of new digs, right? Wait, it gets even better.

With the Crossroads Classic LE, you also get to pick your color, saddlebag style, windshield style, and over 48 different customization combinations for the touring motorcycles. A list of Pure Victory accessories can also be added to the program, taking it to another level of custom and added levels of protection and comfort. Windshields, touring seats, backrests, heated handgrips, and cruise control are but a few of the aftermarket upgrades already available for the 2012 Cross Roads LE.

More than just styling, the Crossroads Classic LE also comes with an air-adjust rear suspension makes it easy to optimize the bike for solo or two-up riding. ABS, cruise control, dual-disc front brakes, inverted forks, and a 5.8-gallon tank round out the package. The aforementioned engine type used in the Victory is a Freedom SOHC V-Twin engine that delivers an impressive 109 lb/ft of torque, making the bike a distinct cruiser that not only packs quite a punch, but can also be customized to your liking.

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As far as luxury cruisers are concerned, there are plenty of options to choose from in its segment. But if you’re looking for a bike that has a Victory badge on it, the Vision Tour will answer your call. Returning in full-luxury format and providing riders with comfort, protection, convenience, and much cargo space, the Vision Tour makes no bones about all the benefits that come with it as a luxury cruiser.

The distinctive body style of the Vision Tour incorporates a full fixed fairing with the set-up of the bike fixed for touring, thanks to the side-storage compartments, and a lockable trunk with 29 gallons serving as extra cargo space. At the trunk of the Vision Tour is a passenger backrest with additional audio speakers incorporated to pair with the ones integrated in the fairing. The bike also features a comfortable 2-up seating, a low driver seat height of just 26.5", an electric windshield height control, heated seats, and heated handlebar grips.

Handling is also a premium quality of the Vision Tour with the linked abs providing Victory Vision riders with confidence-inspiring braking. High resolution sensors on each wheel monitor the wheel’s speed, and should they sense anything out of the ordinary, the abs system provides instant, effective braking, slowing down the bike and allowing the rider to maintain control the whole way.

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When Victory introduced the Cross Country in late 2009, it didn’t take long for the bagger to become a market favorite. This bike provided a fresh face in the factory bagger segment with the edgy lines of its fork-mounted fairing, a beautifully crafted tank with a raised spine, sharp lines and strategic recesses, and handling that its competitors wished they could match.

Now that the Cross Country has its legs under it in the segment, 2012 offered the perfect opportunity to release its full touring credentials in the Cross Country Tour.

As a take on the Cross Country, the Cross Country Tour comes with plenty of new features, including a taller windshield, the addition of a big top-case that doubles as a passenger backrest, extra speakers for the stereo system, new lower fairings, and a slick new system of vents and deflectors which allow riders to channel air flow to their liking. The Tour’s tall, wide windshield helps pocket the rider in a cocoon in mostly still air while the new topcase provides a contoured, padded backrest. When passengers are kicking back in the improved accommodations of the bike, the extra speakers integrated into the top-case makes for a great listening experience as their hair is being blasted off by the wind.

The large fork-mounted fairing of the Cross Country Tour now wears new, clear wind deflectors located on the fairing’s lower edge. The deflectors, along with the airflow controls in the lowers, are what Victory calls the Comfort Control System.

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Cruiser bikes need not be all about looks and imposing presence; it’s also great if it can back up its stature with some great storage, unprecedented comfort, and unbeatable performance.

That’s what you get on the Victory Cross Roads Hard Bagger. Despite carrying a long name, the Cross Roads Hard Bagger is the ideal all-around cruiser that can take you out for a great ride on some weathered asphalt, breaking the wind to your heart’s content.

Packed with a 106 cc Freedom V-Twin engine, the Cross Roads Hard Bagger is the kind of stripped-down touring purist that takes its performance credentials very seriously, capable of delivering 97 horsepower and 109 lb/ft of torque. The bike’s expertly balanced credentials make for a controlled ride that feels like you’re being shot out of a cannon. Joining the powertrain is a transmission system that’s considered one of the best in the market.

Other standard features on the Cross Roads Hard Bagger is Victory’s very own Anti-Lock Brake System, a set-up that monitors what the wheel is doing and gives you consistent, smooth braking from the handlebar lever down to the rubber on the road. As far as the aforementioned storage space is concerned, the Cross Roads Hard Bagger can be set-up with a number of storage options, ranging from 17.4 gallons of soft bags storage capacity to 21 gallons of hard bag roominess.

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The name suggests a risky proposition, but when it comes to the Victory Vegas 8-Ball , there’s nothing risky about riding this classic cruiser on the road.

For the 2012 model, the Vegas 8-Ball gets refreshed styling, courtesy of a Blackline on the design and components, showing off a look that’s very classic in styling. The spherical-shaped accessory headlamp and the very small speedometer located above it exude even more of the classic look that Victory was going for.

More than just the classic styling, the Victory Vegas 8 Ball Cruiser is also powered by the Freedom 106/6 stage 2 V-twin, a fuel-injected, counter-balanced, air-cooled engine that produces 113 ft.-lb. of torque. This engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission that has true overdrive and neutral assist, making it easy to find neutral when stopped. The best performing transmission on the street collects the power generated by the massive V-twin and allows the Vegas 8-Ball to roll fluidly between the curbs. Likewise, helical-cut gears ensure that each shift will be as smooth and clean as the bike itself, while the starter lets you feel the deep, unbridled power of the bike like an eruption of low-end torque on your chest.

With each precision-tuned piston stroke, the Freedom V-Twin’s 4-valve overhead cams and perfectly matched 6-speed overdrive transmission promise to provide unmatched throttle response, acceleration, and passing power.

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