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The Victory Vegas has a name that certainly backs up its overall capabilities. More than just being able to turn heads wherever it goes, the Victory Vegas also has performance numbers that can reap some serious power.

Packed with Victory’s noted 106cc Freedom V-Twin engine, the Victory Vegas is more than capable of producing 97 horsepower and 113 lb/ft of torque. In addition to its outstanding engine prowess, the Vegas also has a low 25.2" seat height and a split-tail fuel tank, allowing for great performance credentials that very few bikes on the market can compete with.

Aiding in the bike’s powertrain is the best performing transmission on the street capable of collecting the power generated by the massive V-twin and allowing the Vegas cruiser to roll fluidly between the curbs. The Vegas also features helical-cut gears that ensure smooth and clean shifting wherever you go. Press the starter of the Vegas, and immediately, the deep, powerful engine erupts to life, making it primed and ready for action whenever and wherever.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned low 25.2” seat height works in tandem with the pulled-back handlebars to ensure a firm and comfortable ride that provides a precise, automotive-style cruise control so the rider can enjoy the road without having to worry about losing control of the bike.

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If at some point you decide to fashion a nice classic cruise bike in your garage, why don’t you try heading over to Victory and give the Cross Roads a look. As an extremely smooth, powerful, and comfortable touring model, the Cross Roads offers plenty of options that allow the rider to tailor this motorcycle for any type of touring.

As a customized maven, Victory offers over 48 custom combinations for the Cross Roads, which you can use to put your own stamp of originality on it. You can choose color, saddlebags, windshield, and specific tip-over protection that says ‘Here is a bike like no other, fitting its rider’s every want and need."

For the 2012 model, the Cross Roads looks just how you want it with the performance credentials to back it up. Powering the bike is the popular Freedom 106 V-Twin engine that produces a mighty impressive 109 lb/ft of torque. Mated to this engine is a high-performing six-speed overdrive transmission that receives the power generated by the massive V-twin and seamlessly turns it into something you can use.

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The 2010 Victory Jackpot is all about delivering the ultimate custom riding experience by relying on the consecrated 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine and on a host of unique features such as the 250mm rear tire, a color-matched frame, billet wheels and a chrome front end just to mention a few. Also for 2010, Cory Ness got his hands dirty and came up with the Victory Cory Ness Jackpot limited edition motorcycle. Watch for the Ness custom-designed paint and diamond-cut cylinder heads in order to identify this absolutely beautiful creation in Victory’s lineup.

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Being a Polaris brand in full growth, Victory needs to revise their models as thorough and as often as possible in order to maintain their ascendant trend, but the thing is that their models are pretty good already and so we often end up talking about some new color schemes and that’s pretty much it. But this is not the case because Victory’s modern American muscle bike, the Hammer, is in for redefining its class. With three models available (the Hammer, Hammer S and Hammer 8-Ball) and 97 horsepower, 113 foot-pounds of torque, no bad boy will want to stay away from any of these models for too long.

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Although Victory doesn’t have a classic cruiser in their lineup as a result of their sustained efforts of building modern bikes from all points of view and despite the fact that the Kingpin is sold as a custom, we dare saying that this is their closest thing to a classic cruiser. A modern classic motorcycle, if you will, the Victory Kingpin addresses to the fans of seamless lines and a big V-Twin engine, while the Kingpin 8-Ball stands out as a blacked-out version, but in fact there’s plenty more to it than just that.

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We don’t know if people are gonna ride this bike around the bright Vegas streets or not, but we do know they’ll be accommodated in a much comfier riding position as a result of Victory’s efforts to make it a little more forgiving on the back and legs and so allow riders to take it down the open road more often. In fact, three Vegas models are available: the simple model, the 8-Ball and a Limited Edition claimed to be their baddest motorcycle yet.

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Writing about the 2009 Victory Vision , I didn’t had enough fingers on one hand to count the number of models available, but their 2010 lineup simplifies things at least from that point of view. Instead of having the Victory Vision Street/Premium/Tour/Tour Comfort/Tour Premium and a very beautiful 10th Anniversary Vision Tour, they’ve simply kept the Victory Vision Tour and created an all-new Vision 8-Ball model for 2010.

That’s rather interesting because we expected the Vision family to grow even bigger, but at least it makes it easier for customers to pick a bike.

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Victory has been designing and engineering the Cross Roads and Cross Country motorcycles for their touring range for the past three years. That got our attention and while we’ve recently talked a bit about the Cross Roads model, it is now time to see what makes the Cross Country model even better. The competition isn’t out of our equation, so we’ll start by getting to know the bike better before starting being impressed (because there’s plenty to be impressed about).

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The Victory lineup is now even more attractive for long haul thrill seekers also thanks to the Cross Roads model, which is all-new for 2010 and which brings the most horsepower and cargo capacity in its class.

Powered by a 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin Engine, being able to carry as much as 21 gallons of cargo and being designed in strict accordance with the Victory style, this motorcycle goes against Harley’s notorious Road King and stands all the chances to prove a much better choice for the buck.

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It is hard to believe that a 2009 Victory Jackpot Cory Ness is still sitting on the showroom floor, but at seeing these pictures we immediately understood there’s a good reason for that: very good company. 20-year-old Petra declares itself in love with its set colleague and although we have serious doubts about her actually being aware of the 1731ccs behind the American motorcycle, we can definitely understand why.

These two beauties make one another shine even brighter, so it is a shame the two don’t come as a package because they would make a very lucky customer extremely happy.

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