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Yes, it is hard to believe, but 10 years have passed since Polaris Industries introduced Victory Motorcycles. This proves that the levels of performance, finesse and attention to details of these bikes have position it next to the advanced in the business and there is no wonder as Polaris pumped up billions for this brand’s success. Its operation in UK has already announced their celebration at the forthcoming Americana International show at the Nottinghamshire County Showground in Newmark (...)
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Practically Victory’s most refined motorcycle ever, the all-new Vision is simply a design and engineering masterpiece, a machine that redefines the luxury-touring concept with its radical and yet refined look. No matter model (Street, Tour, Street Premium, Tour Premium or Tour Comfort), the bike is best characterized through a long and low chassis which gives it maneuverability and a new 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine which will keep any rider in its traveling schedule.

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Bike builders Arlen and Cory Ness both had the opportunity to leave their unique touch on the 2008 Victory Jackpot models which are now introduced under two fancy and slightly different names. The Arlen Ness Signature Series Vegas Jackpot and, you guessed it, Cory Ness Signature Series Vegas Jackpot are both stand-out custom models that feature the same mechanics as the simple Jackpot.

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An awesome trio offered by Victory that will surely get close to your hear and stay there for a long time. In all of its three versions (Classic, Tour and 8-Ball), the Kingpin stands for the classic and modern image of the American cruiser.

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By introducing the 2008 Hammer and Hammer S Victory clearly intends to define the American muscle cruiser class and impose these two models as leaders. There is simply nothing to compare with the stout, muscular frame, beefy 250mm rear-tire and aggressive lines so the success is practically guaranteed.

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Victory considered that the American cruiser doesn’t implement the much admired custom style so it created what everyone considers being the most attractive bike to ride when the night is young and the dices start rolling. Characterized best through its appealing style, but immediately recognized when the throttle is widely opened, the Victory Vegas sees its own way in this very competitive class.

A straight-up custom cruiser with the reliability and quality of a factory-production bike, the VegasJackpot makes absolutely no compromises. The first thing you’ll notice is the deep, rich paint and ultra-fat 250 mm rear tire. look a little closer, and you’ll see the color-matched frame, custom-inspired headlight and super-low 25.7"* seat height. Of course, the Vegas Jackpot’s beauty is not only skindeep. Underneath you’ll find Victory’s own fuel-injected, counterbalanced Freedom 100/6 V-Twin. You want torque? You’ve got it - from way down low all the way to redline. So the choice is yours. Stand out in the crowd or just leave it in the dust.

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Lehman Trikes USA, Inc. proudly announces the launch ceremony of a new three-wheeled motorcycle (trike). The official event unveiling the new trike is scheduled for March 24, 2007 at the Mineral Palace Hotel and Casino in Deadwood, South Dakota. The event will coincide with "Lehman Trikes Day" designated by the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce. Numerous guests and dignitaries will be attending the greatly anticipated introduction of the new trike and the trade name presentation. The (...)
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Victory Vision Street: Long and low with the performance to back it up.
Victory Vision Tour: The road to happiness is officially open.

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