2008 Yamaha Raptor 700R

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Best-selling Sport ATV!

Versatile! The Best all-round Sport ATV!

Class leader in performance!

Real simple: It’s the most potent, fastest, best-handling, most comfortable Raptor ever built. All the competition can do now is sit back and suffer the consequences.

Test Ride

This is the most awesome piece of machinery I’ve had the pleasure of riding. The torque through each of the gears just blows me away. It’s probably going to go down as the greatest ATV all time behind the 250R (that’s saying something). The 450’s don’t stand a chance through the band. The only negative I can see with the 700R is that it doesn’t come with a full Alum skid from the factory. I honestly believe that this is the greatest quad of all time. It has everything...power, ride comfort, reliability...and did I mention power? Not to mention earth-sucking speed! I have had it up to 80mph with some throttle to go. VERY comfortable to ride as well. IF YOU’RE NOT EXPERIENCED, BE CAREFULL CAUSE IT WILL BITE YOU.

Yamaha Raptor 700R


This quad is ready for anything right off the show room floor! It is just perfect for experienced riders. Good for wheelies, jumping and lots of zip and zap on the trails. This machine is a monster and I was ahead of the pack as soon I hit the trails and tracks! As fun as this machine is on trails, you don’t know what you’re riding until you fly around sand dunes. This is an absolute beast in the dunes, no one will touch you.

Yamaha Raptor 700R

No doubt this is the baddest machine on the market. With the 686cc and the fuel injection (which is the most convenient, slick thing that can ever be put on a quad ), every gear sends tingles down your spine. This wheeler will go anywhere, any time. This machine is virtually unstoppable. There is absolutely no other ATV on the planet that can take the Raptor 700.

Yamaha Raptor 700R


Yamaha Raptor 700R


Key Features:

  • New piggyback front shocks with high- and low-speed compression adjustment, just like the mighty YFZ450, for greater tunability.
  • Raptor 700R is designed to dominate in the widest range of riding environments, from tight woods to desert to dunes.
  • A 686cc Yamaha fuel-injected engine makes this the most powerful Yamaha sport ATV ever, with big torque right off idle transitioning into a fat midrange and monstrous top end.
  • Yamaha fuel injection means consistently excellent engine performance in a wide range of conditions, elevations and temperatures.
  • Hybrid steel and aluminum frame with a Controlled Fill aluminum subframe and cast swingarm pivot combine to produce a super-strong structure and the lightest ATV in its class.
  • Aggressive styling reflects Raptor 700R’s intent, and YFZ-inspired handling means it walks the walk, too.
  • Long-travel suspension—9.1 inches front, 10.1 rear—a cush seat and excellent ergonomics make the Raptor 700R comfortable to ride hard all day long.


Yamaha Raptor 700R


  • Forged lightweight piston, connecting rod and crankshaft in the 686cc engine are light and strong, for a hard-hitting, quick-revving powerplant that revs all the way to 9000 rpm. Dual counterbalancers keep it smooth.
  • Yamaha fuel injection means consistently excellent engine performance in a wide range of conditions, elevations and temperatures.
  • Competition-spec dry sump lubrication system boosts usable horsepower and keeps overall engine size more compact.
  • Digital TCI w/16-bit electronic control unit controls fuel injection and ignition systems for consistent performance and fantastic throttle response.
  • Reliable, pushbutton electric start in any gear adds extra convenience.
  • Race-bred five-speed transmission with reverse, along with Raptor 700R’s monstrous powerband, mean there’s a choice of gears in just about all situations.
  • YZ-spec ratchet shifter ensures smooth, resistance-free shifting under power. Heavy-duty clutch features extra-sturdy basket and plates designed to harness the Raptor 700R’s power.
  • Easy-to-reach oil filter and tool-free air filter.


Yamaha Raptor 700R


  • State-of-the-art chassis combines a steel front section with an aluminum rear section and detachable subframe to create a super-strong structure as well as the lightest ATV in its class.
  • Compact, CAD-designed chassis creates the ideal wheelbase for light, quick, super-accurate steering.
  • Independent aluminum upper A-arm front suspension features new piggyback shocks with high- and low-speed compression adjustability, rebound and preload adjustability, and 9.1-inch travel for outstanding ride quality.
  • YZ-style piggyback rear shock gives 10.1-inch wheel travel with high- and low-speed compression adjustability, for maximum sport versatility, along with preload and rebound adjustment.
  • Front brake master cylinder features an adjustable lever for increased comfort and feel.
  • Drilled rear brake disc reduces unsprung weight for improved suspension action and excellent braking feel.
  • Cast aluminum swingarm carries a eccentric chain quick-adjust mechanism that takes most of the work out of that task.
  • Handlebar-mounted flip-type parking brake lever and rear brake caliper adjust automatically.
  • High-performance 21x7-10 front and 20x10-9 rear Dunlop radials with a specially designed tread pattern deliver superb, class-leading traction for razor-sharp handling in a variety of terrain and conditions.
  • Lightweight aluminum wheels help enhance suspension performance by reducing unsprung weight.
  • YFZ450 twin-aluminum-piston front disc brakes and rear disc deliver tremendous stopping power with less unsprung weight.
  • YFZ450 45mm serrated footpegs provide excellent boot traction.
  • Controlled Fill aluminum subframe is light and strong. So’s the composite front grab bar.


 Additional Features:


  • Long, YZ-style seat allows maximum rider comfort and movement with superb sport-riding ergonomics.
  • YFZ450 30-watt multi-reflector Krypton headlights set back in the front cowl add the perfect no-compromises sporting accent, and an LED taillight provides great visibility.
  • Large-capacity, 2.9-gallon fuel tank and Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) means more time on the trail between fill-ups.



Yamaha Raptor 700R

Type:  686cc liquid-cooled w/fan, 4-stroke; SOHC, 4 valves
Bore x Stroke:  102.0mm x 84.0mm
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Carburetion:  Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) , 44mm
Ignition: 16-Bit ECU
Starting System: Electric
Transmission:  5-speed w/reverse; wet multiplate clutch
Drive Train: 2WD; sealed O-ring chain, eccentric adjustment

Suspension/Front:  Independent double wishbone w/piggy back High-/Lo-speed compression, rebound and threaded preload adjustment, 9.1-in travel
Suspension/Rear:  Cast aluminum swing arm w/rebound, High-/Lo-speed compression and threaded preload adjustment, 10.1-in travel
Brakes/Front:  Dual ventilated hydraulic disc, twin piston
Brakes/Rear:  Ventilated hydraulic disc, self adjusting park brake function
Tires/Front:  AT21 x 7-10 radial
Tires/Rear:  AT20 x 10-9 radial

L x W x H:  72.6 x 46.1 x 44.5 in
Seat Height:  32.0 in
Wheelbase:  50.4 in
Ground Clearance:  4.4 in
Fuel Capacity:  2.9 gal
Dry Weight:  396 lb

Lighting:  Dual 30W Krypton multi-reflector headlights & 3.9/0.5W LED brakelight
Warranty:  6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty)


  • $7,399 (Team Yamaha Blue/White)
  • $7,399 (Gray/Red)

Yamaha Raptor 700R


I’m a 42 years old fart.This page was very helpful in the purchase of an atv,and YES the raptor 700 was my final choice.I don’t regret it for a minute.It’s stock and will be left that way for a couple of years i believe.It’s all the power i will ever need,confortable and after 4 months,reliable,gas and oil change only needed.My only complaint so far is the tickness of the a-arm...Don’t bump them on rocks like i did by accident,they dent easily.Big power(110kp/h - 68 mph with room for more),great handling,powerful brakes.
I like it a lot!!

and i am not talking about off the lot stock raptors.. nor am i saying 450s are better. they both have a place the raptors are amazing on sand. this is why its so easy when i meet people with raptors to make a bet with to race my 450r haha god stick to the sand and stay in a straight line 700’s thats all you got

hello. lol i do like raptors yes the 700 is better than the 660 raptor but I by far beg to differ on them being able to smoke 450s like nothing consider my honda 450r with pipe and stg 2 cam have never lost against a any raptor except its got a little higher top end on some depending whats done to it lol. and the 450 clutches react quicker so 700r loses the wholeshot everytime. 700cc don’t mean its faster you ladies might want to line up and race a forest trail or track. the only place a raptor 700 out performs a 450 anyday of the week is in the dunes period same with a banshee they both are mean dune runners thats it.

hey guys go on honda 400ex the guy thinks he can kill any yamaha with his big bore 440

the yamaha raptor is to fast for ys

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