2008 Yamaha YZF-R15

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In the winter of 2008, a new force strikes in the sports bike world, the Yamaha YZF-R15. A unique ’no compromise’ machine for road riders ready to accept the challenge of the racetrack. A machine, like all other Yamaha R series , that comes with racing DNA and the spirit of competition living in every component.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the debut of the new “YZF-R15,” a new supersport model mounting a newly designed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC single-cylinder, 4-valve fuel-injected engine on a Deltabox frame. It will be displayed for the first time at “9th Auto Expo – 2008” (Organizer: Confederation of Indian Industry; Venue: Pragati Maidan) in New Delhi from January 10 (Thursday.) to 17 (Thursday.).

Packed full of state-of-the-art technologies, the new YZF-R15 boasts performance worthy of a supersport model and a body design that evokes the image of the YZF-R series and gives visual expression to the quality of its ride. It is truly an embodiment of Yamaha’s desire to bring customers a model to help them “Enjoy riding”.

In Yamaha’s new medium term (3-year) management plan that begins this year and runs through 2010, rebuilding the Yamaha motorcycle business in India has been designated as one of top priorities.

The new YZF-R15 now being unveiled is an example of the objective of “introducing attractive new products” called for in Yamaha’s high value-added marketing strategy for India business, and plans call for it to be released on the market in the middle of this year.

Market background and product summary

Motorcycle demand in India has grown steadily about 8 million units. This makes it the second largest market in the world. Based on the country’s demographics and progress in development of the road system, it is expected that stable growth will continue from now on. Most of the demand (about 80%) is in the 100cc to 200cc motorcycle category, and a large part of the remainder is in the 125cc and under scooter category.

The motorcycle demand in India is driven mainly by young people in their 20s and there is an increasing trend toward European style tastes as seen in the preference for luxury products and stepping up to higher quality goods, which is reflected in growing demand in the trade-in market. Also, among the users in their 20s there is a group that say their dream bike is a 1000cc supersport model, indicating a growing interest in sport bikes.

The new YZF-R15 makes full use of the MotoGP race experience and YZF-R series supersport bike development technology and know-how acquired by Yamaha Motor over the years to create a 150cc supersport bike that offers users to truly “Enjoy riding” in a full range of situations, from around-town riding to touring on winding roads and even aggressive riding on the circuit.

A development concept was to build “a new 150cc supersport” that is the first model for the Indian market designed in the true supersport image and featuring a high-level balance of enjoyable running performance on winding roads, enjoyable performance and riding comfort with a tandem passenger and agile handling through crowded city traffic. The body has been designed to show at a glance that this is a “R series bike” and to give visual expression to technology feedback from the 10 years of YZF-R series development since the series debut in 1998. In this way, it is a direct expression of Yamaha Yamaha ’s motorcycle development ideal of “Exciting Performance & Stylish Design” in the 150cc class.

Main Features


  • A newly developed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder fuel-injected engine
  • An all-aluminum “DiASil Cylinder” produced by an exclusive Yamaha casting technology
  • Eco-friendly performance that clears the next-phase Bharat 4 emissions standard
  • The “Deltabox frame” known for excellent rigidity balance
  • Impressive “2-eye” multi-reflector headlight design in the YZF-R series image



cost and kmpl

does this R15 get permission to launched in kolkata or run on kolkata roads ?

when is it gonna reiease
please laounch it now

The commercial launch of YZF–R15 would be done in the middle of the year. And it is intended just for the Indian market. smiley

Here are some specs about this baby:

- Front: 80/90 -17 inches tubeless.
- Rear: 100/80 -17 inches tubeless.

- Front: Disc.
- Rear: Disc.

Fuel Tank: 12 liter.

Wheelbase: 1290 mm.

Overall Width: 670 mm.

Overall Length: 1995 mm.

Overall Height: 1070 mm.

Min Ground Clearance: 160 mm.

whats the mileage

is there an air induction system like the 125cc?? from philippines here when will it be selled out here??

whatz d economy(kmpl), cost, bhp, top speed & kreb weight,

what will be the cost of the bike........????

how fast does it go?

Whats the Economy?(Kmpl)

when is it gonna release?

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