2012 Yamaha EC-03

Don’t be fooled by its rather spindly looks; the Yamaha EC-03 is, for all intents and purposes, a really powerful bike that coms with plenty of superb features. Just enjoy your riding experience with this bike, and you won’t feel disappointed.

For times when an extra boost is needed from the EC-03’s AC synchronous motor, riders can switch from Standard to Power mode, all with the press of a button. Despite its impressive - relative to its build, of course - performance capabilities, the EC-03 is also as economical as they come. The bike brings silent operation and due to its dependence on electricity rather than petrol, it also makes for an efficient running machine.

Designed for users of all experience levels, including those who’ve not previously ridden a scooter or motorcycle, the EC-03 also features silent operation and amazingly low running costs.

It’s fun and emissions-free, the kind of bike that you wouldn’t worry about getting Mother Nature mad at you. The pure electric EC-03 gives city-dwellers an absolutely new way to commute in and around town.

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Yamaha EC-03

Yamaha EC-03

Fun and emissions-free, the pure electric EC-03 gives city-dwellers a totally new way to commute. With its comfortable upright seating, user-friendly design and digital LCD display, it’s remarkably easy to use.

Charging from common wall sockets, it’s slim and light enough to wheel into the office - but on the road, punchy enough to take you round town fast. For times when an extra boost is required, switch from Standard to Power mode at the touch of a button.

As well as its low environmental impact, the EC-03 offers silent operation, and - thanks to its reliance on electricity rather than petrol - exceptionally low running costs. This is urban travel for a new generation.

For some time, Yamaha has been perfecting designs for vehicles that use electric power as a viable, low-emission alternative to petrol.

The EC-03 is the result of that continuous effort. This pure electric commuter draws on knowledge and technologies developed over three decades. Slim and compact enough to wheel inside, but punchy enough to cut through rush-hour traffic - the EC-03 defines a new kind of convenient, low-impact urban travel.

Designed for users of all experience levels - including those who’ve not previously ridden a scooter or motorcycle - the EC-03 also features silent operation and incredibly low running costs.

Convenient and economical

Yamaha EC-03

Thanks to a built-in charger unit, the EC-03 charges from any common wall socket using a single cable. It’s simplicity itself - and with a full charge costing a fraction of a tank of petrol, the EC-03 is exceptionally economical to run.

Quiet and green

Yamaha EC-03

As a pure electric vehicle, the EC-03 is kinder to the environment, with zero emissions resulting from usage. Electric power also means no noise during your journeys. A special YIPU power unit combines efficiency with a slim, light design; and for an extra boost, you can switch from Standard to Power mode at the touch of a button.

Easy controls

Yamaha EC-03

Controlling the EC-03 is effortless, thanks to an electronic throttle built into the handlebar grip. This works with the high-spec motor controller for lively, smooth performance. A stylish meter panel with digital LCD display keeps you alert to speed and battery levels, and electronic sound functions alert you to low battery or indicator use.

Slim and light

Yamaha EC-03

With a specially-designed aluminum alloy pipe frame, the EC-03 weighs just 56kg - making it easy to handle on the road, to wheel indoors for charging or storage, or to load into a caravan or car if you’re heading away for the weekend.

Feel good

Yamaha EC-03

The seating on the EC-03 is designed to make every ride a pleasure. Seat height, seat hip position, footrest and handlebar position are calibrated for an upright riding position that looks and feels good, with easy leg reach to the ground.

Suspension for added comfort

Yamaha EC-03

The EC-03 features a rear suspension system with large-diameter spring coils, which lets riders take bumps and potholes in their stride.

See and be seen

Yamaha EC-03

A stylish mutli-reflector headlight ensures excellent illumination during dark conditions.

Handy extras

Yamaha EC-03

The EC-03 includes three handy features for riders: a grab handle for easy parking, a luggage hook at the front of the seat for fastening baggage during motion, and a wire helmet holder underneath the seat - ideal for securing your headgear when the scooter is parked.


Yamaha EC-03
Engine typeAC synchronous motor
Rated output0.58kW
Maximum Power1.4 kW @ 2,550 rpm
Maximum Torque9.6 Nm @ 280 rpm
Battery voltage/capacity50 V / 15 Ah
Battery typeLithium-ion battery
Charging time7hours
Final DriveSun & planet gear
Front tyre60/100-12
Rear tyre60/100-12
Front brakeMechanical leading trailing shoe brake (Drum brake)
Rear brakeMechanical leading trailing shoe brake (Drum brake)
Front inside diameter of drum95mm
Rear inside diameter of drum150mm
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionUnit Swing
Front shock absorberCoil spring
Rear shock absorberCoil spring, oil damper
Front travel50mm
Rear Travel55mm
Inner tube diameter of front fork22.2mm
Overall length1,565mm
Overall width600mm
Overall height990mm
Seat height745mm
Minimum ground clearance110mm
Wet Weight56kg(with battery)


Yamaha EC-03

Bikez ---- "The EC-03 is 100% electric powered commuter vehicle developed with a concept of “Light, Smart, Clean and Silent.”"

Ultimatemotorcycling ---- "Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced the release of the new electric commuter scooter the "EC-03," a model designed and engineered with the product concept of a "Smart Minimal Commuter.""

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