2013 Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

The Yamaha FXNystro MTX is the rebel member of the Yamaha snowmobile family. Its dynamic design language, the perfect ergonomics and the powerful engine are all working together to reward you with a boost of adrenaline every time you jump on the saddle.

Power comes from a capable 4 Stroke, 1,049cc, 3-Cylinder, liquid cooled engine which puts out enough torque and power to help you deal effortless with any type of snow.

In its wild adventures, the FXNytro MTX 162 is also helped by the ProMountain Air rear suspension, an 18° track approach angle and a pair of lightweight Fox FLOAT 2 shocks. You also get the Camoplast Ascent track design which delivers first class performance in hill climbs and on fresh or deep snow.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the snowmobile is packed with Yamaha’s innovative engineering and electronic control technologies that bring the rider and its machine closer together.

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Yamaha FXNytro M-TX 162

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

From now on, set no limits. For the exhilaration of extreme mountain climbing adventures, exploit the wide power band and supreme agility of the FXNytro M-TX 162 to take you up to – and over – the powder. Designed by mountain riders, for mountain riders, it sets you free to climb to new heights – and improve your overall snowmobile skills.

At the heart of this powerful machine is the ProMountain® Air rear suspension, an 18° track approach angle and a pair of lightweight Fox® FLOAT™ 2 shocks – in short, a brilliant suspension set-up that’s everything you need to conquer the steep and the deep.

For any serious mountain rider, there’s no substitute - and there are no limits.

Being out on the trails or powder is one of life’s great feelings – creating emotional moments to last long in the memory. So enjoy our snowmobiles. Each one is designed and equipped to deliver supreme handling, performance, comfort, economy and reliability.

It’s a winning combination you can depend on from your Yamaha – along with our innovative engineering and electronic control technologies that bring you and your machine closer together as a unit – to create a more satisfying riding experience than ever before.

So wherever you ride – on smooth or rough trails, soft powder or up at high altitudes – choose the perfect partner. Your Yamaha.

Genesis® 3-cyl High Output 4-stroke engine

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

Bred for Snocross competition, the High Output engine delivers massive bottom-end power, its lightweight crank and fuel injection delivering instant throttle response across the RPM band. Other features include an oil pressure sensing system, side heat exchanger cooling and Yamaha’s Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S.).

Double wishbone front suspension geometry

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

Double wishbone, wide-stance front suspension offers more trail and relaxed caster. This gives the FXNytro M-TX greater bump handling on the trail - heading in and out - as well as on beat up climbs. Dispensing with a sway bar saves weight, while the snowmobile maintains excellent sidehilling performance and deep snow handling.

ProMountain® 162 Air rear suspension w/tip up rails

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

Heavy suspension springs are a thing of the past with ProMountain® Air rear suspension - the FXNytro M-TX is the industry’s first springless snowmobile. The skid, built in collaboration with Fox®, combines powder performance with light weight. The result: a sensitive, tunable suspension with great anti-bottoming.

Camoplast® Ascent track

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

The Camoplast® Ascent track design delivers outstanding performance in hill climbs and on fresh or deep snow. New sprockets reduce running noise and vibration for more comfortable riding. An updated lug design and new construction ensure powerful acceleration in all kinds of riding conditions.

Fox® FLOAT™ 2 XV rear shock

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

The ProMountain® Air rear suspension uses a Fox® FLOAT™ 2 XV shock on its rear arm. This shock features an external air chamber that provides additional air spring capability, making it possible to eliminate the need for heavy steel torsion springs. This industry-leading air shock is a result of close collaboration with Fox®.

Fox® FLOAT™ 2 air front shocks

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

Fox® FLOAT™ 2 shocks use an air spring that forces the piston to rebound - eliminating the need for heavy steel coil springs. So compared to conventional springs, they are significantly lighter. A pocket-sized air pump is supplied, allowing you to tune each spring individually and set up the suspension according to your personal preferences.

18° track approach angle

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

With ProMountain® Air rear suspension, you reap the benefits of an 18° track approach angle - getting your snowmobile on top of the snow quickly, for exceptional deep snow action. The efficiency of the design also results in higher track speeds, on a par with the FXNytro M-TX’s hill climbing prowess.

Tall, wide, hooked handlebar

Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162

The chassis design puts the rider naturally into an aggressive, yet comfortable forward posture - and a single-piece, dual-hooked handlebar complements this position. For consistent control, the hooks and main bar section are of the same grip material. The new high quality grab strap is perfect for mountain riders – great for sidehilling too.


Yamaha FXNytro MTX 162
Type / Displacement4 Stroke / 1,049cc
Bore x stroke82.0 mm x 66.2 mm
Carburation41 mm Mikuni x 3, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
Ignition systemDigital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Intake design2-valves
Exhaust2-valves, Rear Exhaust
Clutch / transmissionYVXC, Variable Ratio, Magnesium Cover, Reverse
Disc brake systemHydraulic, 4 Piston Aluminium Caliper, Light Weight Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
Front suspension systemIndependent, Double Wishbone
Front shocksFox® Float™ 2, Air Shock, Aluminium
Front travel216 mm
Rear suspension systemProMountain® Air 162 with Tip Up Rails
Rear shocksFox® Float™ 2, Air Shock, Aluminium / Fox® Float™ 2 - Extra Volume , Air Shock, Aluminium
Rear Travel380 mm
Overall height1,195 mm
Overall length3,405 mm
Overall width1,250 mm
Track W x L x H15 inch x 162 inch x 2.25 inch
Track W x L x H381 mm x 4,115 mm x 57 mm
Track TypeCamoplast® Ascent
Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)1,009 mm
Fuel tank capacity27.7 litres
Electric startStandard
Hand & thumb warmersStandard, 9 Position, Adjustable, Independent Control
Headlight watts, type60/55W Halogen x 2
DC outputStandard

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