2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

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Helped by a strong and reliable Genesis 4 stroke, 1,049cc, liquid cooled engine, the 2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX is ready to tackle any trails or tracks.

The new 2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX features a double wishbone front suspension which works in tandem with the Fox FLOAT X air shocks to soak the bumps and offer a relaxed steering. The rear is kept in check by Ø 46mm, three-way clicker shocks adjustable for compression damping and rebound rate. The stopping power is assured by the Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S) which coasts the snowmobile when the throttle is released.

The 2013 Yamaha FXNytro R-TX model is equipped with an improved Camoplast Ripsaw II track designed to improve the engine’s power transfer to the snow. The 2013 model is also fitted with a new set of dual keel, dual runner skis which further improve performance.

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About Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

Driven by the Genesis® 4-stroke High Output engine, this sporty, versatile machine is equally satisfying to ride on track or trail - offering that all-important extra bite for when things get rough.

Double wishbone front suspension geometry works with the Fox® FLOAT™ X air shocks to eliminate stutter, effortlessly soaking up the big bumps for more relaxed steering and significantly reduced darting. You’ll experience easier handling through flat corners and on rough trail too – keeping going longer in even the most demanding conditions.

When you eventually want to slow down, the Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S) coasts the snowmobile when the throttle is released.

Being out on the trails or powder is one of life’s great feelings – creating emotional moments to last long in the memory. So enjoy our snowmobiles. Each one is designed and equipped to deliver supreme handling, performance, comfort, economy and reliability.

It’s a winning combination you can depend on from your Yamaha – along with our innovative engineering and electronic control technologies that bring you and your machine closer together as a unit – to create a more satisfying riding experience than ever before.

So wherever you ride – on smooth or rough trails, soft powder or up at high altitudes – choose the perfect partner. Your Yamaha.

Genesis® 3-cyl High Output 4-stroke engine

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

Bred for Snocross competition, the High Output engine delivers massive bottom-end power, its lightweight crank and fuel injection delivering instant throttle response across the RPM band. Also featured are an oil pressure sensing system, side heat exchanger cooling and the remarkable Engine Braking Reduction System (E.B.R.S.).

Fox® FLOAT™ X air shocks

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

To run high air pressures in the main shock chamber, we use a high negative spring rate for superior roll control, without compromising ride height, bump compliance – or traction. A remote reservoir keeps operating temperatures low for great fade resistance on very rough trails. Dual compression and rebound damping clickers are also featured.

Dual Shock® Pro 46 rear suspension

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

The culmination of years of intensive development, the race-proven Dual Shock® Pro 46 is simply the best big bump rear suspension. Built with reinforced arms and rails to competition spec, it easily handles the roughest trails. The three-way clicker shock on the rear and two-way clicker shock on the front arm offer ultimate adjustability.

Camoplast® Ripsaw™ II track

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

The Camoplast® Ripsaw™ II track has an improved lug design that transfers the engine power to the snow far more efficiently, giving consistent acceleration and higher top speeds, no matter what the conditions. The development of the Ripsaw™ track was the result of intensive collaboration between Yamaha and Camoplast®.

Convenient new dual-switch control for hand warmers

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

With a glove-friendly switch now provided on each handgrip, you can control the heat of the grip warmers with the left switch and the thumb warmer with the right switch. A quick push up for hotter – down for cooler.

Three-way clicker rear shock

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

The FXNytro R-TX features an industry-leading Ø 46mm, three-way clicker shock on the rear arm of its skid. While tuners adjust high speed and low speed compression damping, the rebound rate is also fully adjustable. This trick lightweight shock can be re-built, allowing for additional tuning and years of dependable service.

New dual keel, dual runner skis

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

The latest design dual keel, dual runner skis mean the FXNytro R-TX not only runs straighter, but it simply shrugs off bumps on the trail and excels on climbs. The steering is razor-sharp, so you get pinpoint accuracy without any ’darting’.

Over-the-engine steering

Yamaha FXNytro R-TX

The Snocross-proven over-the-engine steering configuration positions the rider in an excellent posture on the snowmobile. It also allows the engine to be tucked deep into the chassis, for optimum balance and centralisation of mass.


Yamaha FXNytro R-TX
Type / Displacement4 Stroke / 1,049cc
Bore x stroke82.0 mm x 66.2 mm
Carburation41 mm Mikuni x 3, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
Ignition systemDigital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Intake design2-valves
Exhaust2-valves, Rear Exhaust
Clutch / transmissionYVXC, Variable Ratio, Magnesium Chaincase & Cover, Reverse
Disc brake systemHydraulic, 4 Piston Aluminium Caliper, Light Weight Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
Front suspension systemIndependent, Double Wishbone
Front shocksFox® Float™ X Air Shock, Piggyback Clicker, Compression & Rebound Damping Adjuster, Aluminium
Front travel216 mm
Rear suspension systemDual Shock® Pro 46
Rear shocksØ 40mm Piston Ø 16mm rod, H.P.G. Reserve Tank, Clicker, Compression & Rebound Damping Adjuster, Aluminium / Ø 46mm, Ø 16mm rod, H.P.G. Piggyback Clicker, Compression Hi and Low speed & Rebound Damping Adjuster, Aluminium
Rear Travel368 mm
Overall height1,140 mm
Overall length2,820 mm
Overall width1,205 mm
Track W x L x H15 inch x 120 inch x 1.25 inch
Track W x L x H381 mm x 3,051 mm x 32 mm
Track TypeCamoplast® Ripsaw™ II
Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)1,050 mm
Fuel tank capacity27.7 litres
Electric startStandard
Hand & thumb warmersStandard, 9 Position, Adjustable, Independent Control
Headlight watts, type60/55W Halogen x 2
DC outputOptional

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