2013 Yamaha RS Venture GT

One of the most interesting features of the Yamaha RS Venture GT is its EPS system. With help from the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system combined with superb suspension characteristics, the RS Venture GT offers some of the smoothest and effortless handling in the market today.

In its wild adventures the Yamaha RS Venture GT is also helped by a tough 4 Stroke, 1,049cc, 3 Cylinder, liquid cooled engine which develops enough power to help you deal effortless with any tracks.

The Yamaha RS Venture GT also offers generous luggage space on board and a comfortable reclining setback that is adaptable for solo riding. Not to mention about the stylish, large windshield which protects both driver and passenger, deflecting cold air and snow spray. Other comfort features include the heated hand grips and the ergonomically designed seat.

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Yamaha RS Venture GT

Yamaha RS Venture GT

And Yamaha’s remarkable EPS system makes a BIG difference – anyone who tries it, loves it. To join in their fun, just choose the RSVenture GT, one of the most capable and luxurious touring snowmobiles in the world.

The Electric Power Steering (EPS) system combines with outstanding suspension design for smooth, effortless handling. It’s your long-distance touring dream come true. There’s generous luggage space on board and the comfy reclining seatback is adjustable for solo riding.

Keep yourself updated too. With the multifunction panel providing all essential operating data, you can relax, take in the scenery and enjoy your journey. That, after all, is what it’s all about.

Being out on the trails or powder is one of life’s great feelings – creating emotional moments to last long in the memory. So enjoy our snowmobiles. Each one is designed and equipped to deliver supreme handling, performance, comfort, economy and reliability.

It’s a winning combination you can depend on from your Yamaha – along with our innovative engineering and electronic control technologies that bring you and your machine closer together as a unit – to create a more satisfying riding experience than ever before.

So wherever you ride – on smooth or rough trails, soft powder or up at high altitudes – choose the perfect partner. Your Yamaha.

Powerful Genesis® 4-stroke engine – legendary reliability

Yamaha RS Venture GT

This 1049cc DOHC, 3-Cylinder, 4-stroke unit combines impressively quiet, economical performance and durability with strong acceleration across the RPM range. Calibrated for the demands of long distance touring, it features a special clutch setting for smooth linear power delivery - and a more comfortable ride.

ProComfort® CK 144 rear suspension

Yamaha RS Venture GT

Thanks to the ProComfort® CK rear suspension, a plush ride and great anti-bottoming performance are assured. There’s a high-tech 40mm high pressure gas clicker shock on the rear arm, which is easily adjusted to suit one or two-up riding. The suspension also features special wheels with replaceable bearings and a trick-style spoke design.

Revolutionary EPS (Electric Power Steering)

Yamaha RS Venture GT

EPS means easier, more relaxed riding. A small electric actuator produces the optimum level of assistance for the speed and snow conditions, so the machine feels lighter and more stable during turns, with less ski lift. It also insulates the rider from kickback, making it easier to move the handlebars for more precise steering.

Supreme rider comfort

Yamaha RS Venture GT

The whole backrest can be moved forward or backward for solo or 2-up riding. The heated passenger grips have two height positions, while the handlebars are positioned for optimal ergonomics. The addition of special skis and runner materials offer an even smoother ride.

Preload adjustable HPG front shocks

Yamaha RS Venture GT

The 40mm High Pressure Gas (HPG) shocks on the RSVenture GT’s revised third generation front suspension geometry deliver consistent performance with excellent fade resistance.

Multi-function digital instrument panel

Yamaha RS Venture GT

All essential ride data is displayed on a fully-featured digital gauge, displaying speed, RPM, grip heater level, dual trip meters and a clock. In addition, an oil trip readout tells you when it’s time for an oil change, while a fuel trip readout displays kilometres covered since the fuel warning light came on.

Integrated storage with hardtop lid

Yamaha RS Venture GT

A spacious storage compartment with a hardtop lid is perfectly integrated into the sleek, stylish bodywork of the RSVenture GT. Its weather-resistant seal helps keep out snow dust and moisture - guarding your possessions against damage.

Exceptional wind protection

Yamaha RS Venture GT

Functional, stylish and strong, the large windshield protects both driver and passenger, deflecting cold air and snow spray. With the heated hand grips provided for both driver and passenger, the RSVenture GT promises you a comfortable, warm adventure, however far you travel.


Yamaha RS Venture GT
Type / Displacement4 Stroke / 1,049cc
Bore x stroke82.0 mm x 66.2 mm
Carburation41 mm Mikuni x 3, with BRG, Fuel Injection, Liquid Heated
Ignition systemDigital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
Intake design2-valves
Exhaust2-valves, Rear Exhaust
Clutch / transmissionYVXC, Variable Ratio, Magnesium Chaincase & Cover, Reverse
Disc brake systemHydraulic, 2 Piston Aluminium Caliper, Ventilated Disc, Mechanical Parking Brake
Front suspension systemIndependent, Double Wishbone
Front shocksØ 40mm Piston, H.P.G, Aluminium
Front travel219 mm
Rear suspension systemProComfort® CK 144
Rear shocksØ 40mm Piston, H.P.G. Aluminium / Ø 40mm Piston, H.P.G, Piggyback Compression Clicker, Aluminium
Rear Travel315 mm
Overall height1,380 mm
Overall length3,215 mm
Overall width1,245 mm
Track W x L x H15 inch x 144 inch x 1.25 inch
Track W x L x H381 mm x 3,658 mm x 32 mm
Track TypeCamoplast® Ripsaw™
Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)1,086 mm
Fuel tank capacity34.6 litres
Electric startStandard
Hand & thumb warmersStandard, 9 Position, Adjustable, Separate / Adjustable Passenger Grip Heating Standard
Headlight watts, type60/55W Halogen x 2
DC outputStandard

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