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The Yamaha RS Viking Professional is equipped with one of the best engines you’ll find among today’s snowmobiles. It is a 4 Stroke, 3-Cylinder, liquid cooled, 973 cc unit which delivers enough punch to help you deal without any problems even with the toughest tracks.

For 2013 the new RS Viking Professional receives a plethora of new features, including new and wider skis for improved floatation, steering and handling, a new torsion spring rear suspension, extrovert axle sprockets and a higher Camoplast wide track.

The 2013 Yamaha RS Viking Professional is also fitted with a roomy seat which can comfortably accommodate two persons, a redesigned cargo rack which carries all the kit you need, new footrests and a tall, protective windshield. It’s also worthy of being mentioned that the seat flips up to reveal a large storage area.

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The Yamaha YFM700 SE is ready to follow you into the wildest adventures. Thanks to its lively engine and the versatile character, this compact ATV is able to climb gradients, tackle muddy tracks or deal effortless with any other mission you throw at it.

The Yamaha YFM700R SE is not your average, run-of-the-mill ATV. It’s an energetic ride that features sporty handling and performance that will give you plenty of thrills. The ATV is built on a hybrid frame which absorbs every hit and bump, without affecting maneuverability.

The Yamaha YFM700R SE is powered by a strong 686cc engine that rewards you with a boost of adrenaline from the moment you turn the key.

Taking everything into account, the most important thing about the YFM700R SE is that it will give you worry-free fun and unbelievable memories, every time you journey into the outdoors with your friends.

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The Yamaha VK540IV features a pretty classic design language, but this doesn’t mean that it’s less comfortable than its rivals. Both the seat and handle bar reward you with a comfortable riding position, while the tall windshield offers a pretty good protection from wind and snow.

The 2013 VK540IV comes with plenty of new features, including wider skis, improved steering and handling, a new torsion spring rear suspension, extrovert axle sprockets and higher Camoplast wide track, all of which were added to give the Yamaha VK540IV a more positive drive on the deepest snow.

The snowmobile is packed with a 535cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke engine mated on a precise and smooth dual-range transmission. Switching between ranges, or selecting reverse, is smooth and easy using the transmission lever on the console.

The snowmobile’s svelte frame, economical efficiency, and ultra-reliable engine makes for a riding experience unlike any other.

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Thanks to its unstoppable character, the Yamaha Grizzly 300 is one of the most appreciated ATVs in its class. The ATV is able to deal with a wide range of applications and whether you want to carry some load or to move as fast as possible through the wood, the Grizzly 300 is ready to serve your needs.

Its strong single cylinder, SOHC, 4 stroke, 4 valves engine brings imposing levels of torque and traction and has a displacement of 287cc. The engine is paired with a similarly capable automatic gearbox which provides exceptional performance. You also get simplified High and Low ratio settings, which help you can get rid of the need for clutch and gear operation.

The ATV was built with ergonomy in mind. Thereby the seat, handlebar and footrests are all carefully shaped to maximize comfort.

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The Yamaha Apex SE is a comfortable and luxury snowmobile built to deal effortless with snowy tracks.

In its freezing adventures , the 2013 Yamaha Apex SE is helped by a strong Genesis 4 stroke Top Performance engine which features fuel injection and Yamaha’s unique EXUP (Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve) technology that improves the torque characteristics in the low and mid RPM ranges.

Apart from its strong engine, the 2013 Yamaha Apex SE is also fitted with a full air suspension and EPS (Electric Power Steering) which help it deal effortless with any type of track and snow.

The 2013 Yamaha Apex SE is built on a lightweight frame constructed from varying types of aluminum. The bulkhead is made using Yamaha’s unique CF aluminum die-casting technology, while the steering gate section is pressure die-cast as a single unit.

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The Yamaha Cygnus may be considered a pretty good solution if you are looking for a compact and stylish scooter.

As most scooters of its type, the Yamaha Cygnus X puts practicality on the first place and we especially like the spacious under seat helmet storage, the clean digital and analogue instrumentation, and the ergonomically designed dual seat.

At the heart of the scooter you’ll find a fuel-injected 4-stroke 125cc engine that has enough grunt to help you deal effortless with city traffic. Furthermore, the agile handling and simple steering are offered as standard equipment.

The scooter rides on 12 inch lightweight alloy wheels which are combined with a front front disc brake and rear drum brake.

In terms of design, the Cygnus X’s sleek bodywork incorporates a large 65W headlight which underlines the dynamic look of the scooter.

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The Yamaha YFM90R may not impress you with its stature but this doesn’t mean that it’s not strong. Power comes from a lively 88 cc, single cylinder, air cooled, 4 stroke engine which is married with a automatic CVT transmission.

The ATV is also fitted with a simple CDI plug-in which regulates the engine power output to fit different riding abilities. Meanwhile, a parking brake on the handlebar makes sure that the YFM90R stays precisely where you last left it.

The ride is kept in check by a double A-arm independent front suspension while the breaking is assuared by a rear disc brake.

The compact engine design and the long travel suspension keep Yamaha ATVs riding high over rough ground. The ATV is also fitted with strong skid plates which help to protect its engine and chassis.

All in all, the YFM90R’s all-around versatility makes it an attractive entry-level ATV option for start-up riders everywhere.

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The Yamaha YZ125 rewards its rider with a tasty mix of power and agility which help you deal effortless with a wide range of terrains.

In terms of comfort, the Yamaha YZ125 features an ergonomically designed seat, a well made handlebar and an nonintrusive fuel tank. You won’t have any complains about the wide folding titanium foot pegs which are lightweight and offer a proper grip.

The bike is boosts a compact 124cc reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine that is capable of producing a high power-to-weight ratio. Moreover, the reed-valve spacer on the bike enhances acceleration across the entire powerband. The bike is also fitted with the YPVS power-valve along with the six-speed, close-ratio transmission and Digital CDI ignition system.

The stopping power is assuared by YZ250F-style front-brake caliper and wave-style front and rear discs.

All components are mounted on a superior aluminum frame which is paired with a modern swingarm and a speed-sensitive 48mm KYB fork.

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When it comes to dirt bikes, Yamaha is one of the most appreciated manufacturers. Its models are packed with the latest technologies, boost capable engines and also offer first class performances and agility.

The Yamaha YZ85 makes no exception and its sporty nature is highly appreciated by the motocross lovers. The motorcycle rides on a lightweight 36mm KYB inverted cartridge fork featuring 10.8 inches of travel along with the rear suspension that features fully adjustable Kayaba link-type shock with 11.1 inches of travel.

The 2013 Yamaha YZ85 has been fitted with an 85cc liquid-cooled, crankcase reed-valve-inducted, two-stroke engine that inhales through a 28mm Keihin flat-slide carburetor, providing flawless throttle response across the powerband.

The engine is combined with the Digital CDI ignition system which releases more exact spark and monitors engine speed to make sure optimal timing for faster, stronger response during hard acceleration.

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With its agile character and the powerful engine, the 2013 Yamaha WR250F is ready to tackle even the harshest terrains with poise.

The bikes’ 250cc liquid-cooled, DOHC four-stroke engine features five titanium valves and is complemented with the special WR camshafts, carburetion, exhaust and ignition systems. All these facts are translated into first class power delivery and performance.

But power without control is useless, thereby the motorcycle is packed with a set of sporty suspensions which are perfectly suited for off road use. The motorcycle’s backbone is the YZ-inspired aluminum frame which retains Yamaha’s legendary handling and response. In addition, the KYB shock brings 12.2 inches of travel while the wave-style disc brake rotors front and rear reduce unsprung weight and bring excellent performance.

As far as style goes, the WR250F is offered with a YZ-derived bodywork and a thick seat with a tapered aluminum handlebar.

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