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The thing with scooters is that people don’t buy them if they’re looking for a powerful road warrior. The appeal with these bikes is that they can get you where you need to go, and do it with utmost efficiency. To that point, the Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS is all that - and more.

Its sporty attitude is clearly identifiable, thanks to sleek bodywork and a rigid, lightweight frame. The aerodynamic and compact design is not only a real spellbinder, but it also enhances handling and quickness. In addition, the X-Max 250 ABS also comes with extensive weather protection that allows riders to go wherever they want to go in whatever road conditions.

At the heart of the X-Max 150 ABS is a fuel-injected, 4-stroke, 250cc engine that offers the responsive power that can impress you. The large wheels, optionally with ABS, stability and control will also surprise you. And to complete the ‘weekend-away’ credentials of the X-MAX 250, Yamaha dressed up the scooter with a quality finish and generous storage space.

Enjoy every ride with the stylish X-MAX 250, a scooter that blends the absolute practicality of a city commuter with an additional level of comfort and sports attitude.

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Don’t be fooled by its rather spindly looks; the Yamaha EC-03 is, for all intents and purposes, a really powerful bike that coms with plenty of superb features. Just enjoy your riding experience with this bike, and you won’t feel disappointed.

For times when an extra boost is needed from the EC-03’s AC synchronous motor, riders can switch from Standard to Power mode, all with the press of a button. Despite its impressive - relative to its build, of course - performance capabilities, the EC-03 is also as economical as they come. The bike brings silent operation and due to its dependence on electricity rather than petrol, it also makes for an efficient running machine.

Designed for users of all experience levels, including those who’ve not previously ridden a scooter or motorcycle, the EC-03 also features silent operation and amazingly low running costs.

It’s fun and emissions-free, the kind of bike that you wouldn’t worry about getting Mother Nature mad at you. The pure electric EC-03 gives city-dwellers an absolutely new way to commute in and around town.

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The Yamaha TDM900/A is a universal performer, a bike that was created to allow riders to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether its the long distance touring trips with a passenger or just your everyday commute through city streets, the TDM900/A is as versatile a bike as anything in Yamaha’s line-up.

In terms of style, the bike’s aggressive styling is typical of Yamaha street bikes: sporty, aggressive, and oozing with attitude. On top of that, comfort was also taken into consideration, particularly the weather-beating upper fairing and the built-in luggage rack.

At the heart of the TDM900/A is a powerful 897cc forward-inclined parallel 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC engine. The flexible, big-twin engine is a testament to the kind of power it boasts. Add in superb traction due to the 270-degree crankshaft, a wonderfully responsive and forgiving suspension, and a high-tech braking system, and you have a bike that’s ready for whatever you throw at it.

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The Yamaha XT660X has a history very few bikes in its range can boast. Inspired by the legendary XT bikes that ran the Paris-Dakar desert rally, the street version XT660X offers the kind of performance that lets you conquer the urban jungle like no other bike.

The XT660 has been fitted with Supermotard technology, complete with a 660cc single cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC engine that offers throaty performance. With the performance theme, the new bike benefits from a changed cylinder head. The strengthening measures include a new anodized forged aluminum piston which dropped in a ceramic composite plated cylinder.

Furthermore, the fuel injection system derives its supply from a 15 liter tank while a pair of stainless steel mufflers expels the gases.

More than just being a road warrior, the Yamaha XT660X was built with a new diamond style frame that offers reduced trail. Moreover, a stiffer swingarm helps cope with the side loadings and can be achieved with the fitment of the sticky Pirelli 160/60-17 rear hoop.

All told, the Yamaha XT660X is a true Yamaha street fighter, one that boasts enough power and performance capabilities to make it worth buying.

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Trust this statement: whether you’re new to the high-revving world of big cruisers, or you’re a bonafide veteran in riding them, it’s hard not to get caught up by what the Yamaha XVS950A Midnight Star brings to the table.

The XVS950A Midnight Star is a twisted piece of two-wheeled bad-assery that comes with a low, comfortable riding position and a powerful 942 cc V-twin engine that bellows out a pure and throaty roar. The look and the unbridled power of the XVS950 Midnight Star exemplify the kind of bike this monster is.

With a list of impressive features and a powerful engine, there’s no surprise that a lot of people consider the XVS950A Midnight Star a bike that will not only bring you to the greatest riding experience imaginable, but does so while making you look alot cooler than the other side of the bellow.

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The SRX 120 was born from the collaboration between Yamaha and Arctic Cat. The two companies decided to leave rivalries behind and developed an all new kid sled which combines the proven Arctic Cat frame and technologies with Yamaha’s capable 4 stroke 123 cc single cylinder engine.

Naturally, Arctic Cat is commercializing its own version of the kid sled, under the name Kitty Cat and except for some minor design differences the Kitty Cat is completely identical with the SRX 120 featuring the same technologies, body and engine.

Both sleds were designed especially for kids and their 123 single cylinder engine cranks out enough power to offer a respectable top speed of 8 miles per hour. The sled is offered with a few key safety features like tether ignition shut-off switch and top speed control. The ride quality is assured by the double A-arm front suspension and slide rail rear suspension.

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The Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star has been described as a laid-back cruiser, but make no mistake about it, there’s nothing ’laid back’ about its performance.

That’s because the XVS1300A Midnight Star is powered by a 1,304cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 40valves, V-type 2-cylinder OHC engine, one that’s capable of unleashing a world of power and performance that riders ultimately crave. At the heart of this bike, you’ll find the engine features forged pistons, 4-valve heads and shortstroke con-rods, so that every time you hit the throttle you feel a knockout, low-down punch, that turns into great power.

The bike’s engine make-up has also been added with twin balancers that tune out the unwanted vibrations. It also has an intelligent Unified Braking System that provides an independent or combined wheel braking for total control.

As far as its design characteristics are concerned, the XVS1300A Midnight Star takes the classic 1930s-inspired styling, with a tight body and low silhouette that’s old-school and adds a radical new twist.

Combine the engine, the chromed-up style, the throbbing torque, and the very best of 21st century bike technology, and you have a bike that you can proudly say is far more aggressive than it’s laid back looks suggest.

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Yamaha motorcycles never compromise on quality, and that quality is reflected on the design and performance of the Japanese bike maker’s XJ Series. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a new or experienced rider, the XJ6 Diversion has found its way in the must-have lists of a lot of riders.

The appeal of this sports bike can be attributed to its 600cc liquid-cooled 4-cylinder engine, producing effortless fun and unrivaled performance, especially at low revs. Add in an ABS system as an extra option and you get the kind of responsive brakes that makes the bike safe to ride too.

Other design features of the XJ6 Diversion ABS is its lightweight cast wheels that keep unsprung weight low to the 41 mm front forks and a monocross rear suspension that delivers impressive roadholding.

On top of all that, the bike also comes with plenty of other features, including adjustable handlebars that guarantee a comfortable riding position and a half-fairing that will protect you from wind and other elements. When you’re comfortable on a motorcycle, it’s mean that you’ll have fun with your experience.

That, in a nutshell, is what the XJ6 Diversion ABS is all about.

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At the crux of Yamaha’s mission is the desire to build some of the best street bikes on the planet and as far as the XJ6 ABS is concerned, that’s exactly what you have.

The naked version of the XJ6 Diversion is pure Yamaha spirit with serious street attitude. With Yamaha’s Art of Engineering philosophy, you’ll feel at one with the machine, and the XJ Series’ 600cc liquid-cooled engine is vital to this, contributing smooth power delivery whenever you open up the throttle. Moreover, this combination of cutting-edge technology and concentration on detail is supreme to the XJ Series and creates the confidence in riding experience

The bike’s low-seat height and low weight creates a road-hugging, streamlined machine, while compact chassis provides easy handling, and the XJ6/ABS’s four-into-one exhaust with midship muffler centralizes mass for a better agility.

When you’re comfortable on a motorcycle, it’s mean that you can have fun with it without having to worry about messing up your ride. The XJ6 ABS is that kind of street bike, one that can give you a real riding pleasure very few in its class can match up with.

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India Yamaha seems to be in a good spot these days, at least since the new Yamaha Crux became a hot seller in the Indian market. Combining a low price tag and impressive mechanical characteristics, the Yamaha Crux is definitely well suited for a mass market like India.

The Crux isn’t a bike that you’d consider when you’re looking for a world-beater, but if it’s astonishing looks or eye-catching graphics that you’re after, it’s a great choice, even with its simple and sober color schemes. More to that, the Crux also carries some pretty useful features, including an analogue instrument panel, a standard braking system and suspension system, and an engine that packs an impressive punch, at least relative to its stature.

Speaking of its powertrain, the engine of the Yamaha Crux produces top power of 7.6 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and a peak torque of 7.85 Nm at 6,000 rpm. In order to use its engine output in a better way, the company has fitted it with four-speed manual gearbox with the multiplate clutch.

That’s more than enough for us to call this bike worthy of the price consumers will have to shell out for it.

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