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Imagine blasting off along the highway with the wind slamming against your helmet and feeling all the gushing sensation of air creeping into your skin.

Sounds exciting, right?

Well, that image could turn into reality if you so choose. All you need to do is bring home a Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe and you can bring that daydream into reality.

The Stratoliner Deluxe offers the best in style, comfort, and convenience for the casual tourer. The bike’s unique neo-streamlined designed and powerful 1.8-liter engine is the perfect road companion for anybody that has visions of clear highways and open roads.

In addition to the outstanding design characteristics and robust powertrain, the Stratoliner Deluxe handles like a puppet, too. Everything you want it to do, it can do without so much as any resistance.

Quite simply, it’s one of those tourer bikes that comes with a retail price - $17,490 - that may look steep at first glance, but it’s an investment well worth making.

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In the world of motorcycles, luxury touring bikes are considered top-of-the-line, both for their sophisticated vintage looks and all of their modern technology.

Yamaha ’s new Royal Star Venture S offers all these things and more, providing the kind of classic tourer that turns more than just heads wherever it goes.

Everything about the Royal Star Venture S speaks to luxury, including the eye-popping style and the smooth performance capabilities. Combine that with a surprisingly affordable price tag and a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty, and you’re looking at a bike that can push people to make a purchase without any hitches.

A lot has been said about Yamaha’s long and storied history of building some of the most mouth-watering bikes in the market. Whether it’s an entry-level bike or a luxury tourer, the Japanese motorcycle builder never fails to bring out the goods. And they’ve got a pretty good one in the Royal Star Venture S.

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Any seasoned rider will tell you that diving into a hardcore bike isn’t the proper way to get acclimated to motorcycles. You need to get your feet wet first. You need a bike that will show you the ropes while also provide the kind of excitement and thrills that only a true sports bike can provide.

The innovative Yamaha FZ6R is one of those bikes and it offers features that make it easy for beginning riders to get started. There are no boastful expectations with the FZ6R; it’s simply a bike that will give you everything you need to get started.

While other bikes will promise torque-twisting performance, the FZ6R doesn’t make such claims. It’s a ride that does complete justice to the term ’sports bike’, inspiring the kind of rider confidence that has made it one of the most popular sports bikes on the market today.

No frills. No flair. No flash. Just the way the Yamaha FZ6R likes it.

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An award-winning bike that offers no compromises; that’s what the Yamaha YZ450F offers - and a whole lot more.

Fresh off of improvements across the board, the new YZ450F will come with a host of beefy upgrades, including new design elements, improved powertrain, and overall better handling.

These changes fit right in with the lofty standards set by the models predecessor, the 2010 YZ450F , which won a plethora of awards including Dirt Rider Magazine’s “Bike of the Year”, Cycle World’s “Best Motocrosser”, and Motorcycle Magazine’s “Best Dirtbike of 2010.”

Yet despite all of its accolades, Yamaha still saw fit to give the YZ450F improvements, further proving that a great bike should not be satisfied with itself. Whenever there’s a time that awards come, they should not be looked as validation for greatness, but motivation to maintain their status as the best.

For their part, Yamaha has the right frame of mind with the YZ450F. It’s a good enough bike to merit some distinctions, but at the end of the day, ’good enough’ should never be associated with status quo.

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Sometimes, you can never have enough of a good thing, and in Yamaha’s case, that good thing comes in the form of the YZ motocross bike. The model range has produced some quality pieces over the years, but none more so than the much-lauded YZ250F.

Among the many endearing traits of the YZ250F , the bike is also significant for being the 1st four-stroke 250 motocross bike on the market, the 1st to win an international race, the 1st to win an AMA Supercross, and the 1st to take an AMA U.S. Supercross Championship® title, as well as the first to win an AMA National race.

That’s a lot of firsts.

The 2011 Yamaha YZ250F builds on all of its past accomplishments and takes every nook and cranny to a whole new level, ensuring that it remains a favorite among motocross riders the world over.

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Super light weight, instantaneous power, less expensive to maintain, and reduced noise. We can run off more things to describe the new Yamaha YZ125, but we get the feeling that you already get the point.

With the advent of all those four-stroke bikes proliferating the market these days, it would seem like an easy thing to do to just let the two-stroke models wash away into the ocean, but not Yamaha . Always known for putting customer preferences to heart, the Japanese bikemaker has brought new life to the two-stroke YZ line-up with the introduction of the new YZ125.

The YZ125 features class-leading power flowing from a liquid-cooled, 124cc crankcase-reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine that feeds through a close-ratio six-speed transmission for outstanding acceleration. Corner-exiting power and state-of-the-art handling capabilities comes courtesy of an advanced aluminum frame and swingarm, making he YZ125 about as good a two-stroke bike as you’ll find in the market these days.

The fact that it’s stamped with a Yamaha logo only adds more appeal and comfort.

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Every kid or young adult gets started with motorcycles at some point in their lives. As part of their award-winning tradition of producing bikes of all shapes and sizes, Yamaha has the ideal bike for the teens looking for their first two-wheeled taste of off-road freedom.

The bike is the Yamaha TT-R125LE , an award-winning playbike that’s perfect for discovering the fun and freedom of off-road riding. Easily ridden with a simple yet edgy design, the TT-R125LE is the kind of bike that can introduce any novice into the world of off-road biking, building interest along the way for the rider to graduate to the more off-road-centric bikes in the Yamaha family.

It’s a bike that offers a good mix of subdued styling with good enough performance capabilities that makes off-road biking that much more enjoyable, especially for the young ones that find joy and excitement in trail rides.

Maximizing fun while also serving as an entry bike, the Yamaha TT-R125LE is the kind of bike that makes you fall in love with off-road biking.

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The Yamaha YZ250 is a legend in the world of two-stroke bikes and for all of its years in the sun, the model still doesn’t fail to impress.

In a nutshell, it’s still considered as one of the best bikes in its class and for good reason. It comes as a more palatable 2-stroke with plenty of features derived from its more powerful 4-stroke counterparts. It’s got one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any bike in its class, thanks in large part to a light aluminum frame housing a patented YPVS Power valve-equipped engine. Plus, its a lot cheaper to maintain than most bikes in Yamaha’s fold.

On top of that end, it features the same Yamaha -inspired design that has long been a trademark of the YZ family. Carrying a distinct style to go with top-of-the-heap performance isn’t an easy thing to do in the motorcycle industry.

Very few models have achieved such acclaim and to Yamaha’s credit, one of those models regarded as such is the YZ250, one of the truest two-stroke bike the market has to offer.

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Famous for building some of the world’s most powerful sportsbikes, Yamaha has never been one to sit on their laurels. That’s why they’ve built the new Yamaha FZ1 , a cutting edge sportsbike that features state-of-the-art engine and chassis design combined with an all-world design profile.

A lot has been mentioned about the FZ1, not the least of which is that it combines an aggressive and powerful design with impressive real-world performance capabilities, making everyday rides a treat.

There’s a reason why the FZ1 is considered as one of the best sportsbikes in the world and it’s got the makings of a hot-seller in the market, something that Yamaha has come to be known for. The FZ1 isn’t for the weak-of-heart, either. It’s a man’s bike in every sense of the word and quite frankly, is still one of the best values, not just among Yamaha’s current line-up, but in the entire market altogether.

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Competitions are always meant to be won; that’s been the onus for everybody who has ever laced up a pair of racing shoes to compete in off-road motorcycle racing.

So when you’ve decided that you’re 100% serious about winning off-road bike races, there’s only one company that you look for to satisfy your lust for competition: Yamaha .

Built on a history that includes championships in motocross and enduro races, Yamaha offers the most competitive engine and chassis packages, plus class-leading technologies and legendary build quality.

Part of Yamaha’s championship DNA is building bikes for all types of people, even for the young 9 to 14-year old kids that want to start breaking into the scene. For this particular instance, that bike is the YZ85, born from the company’s award-winning YZ competition bikes.

The YZ85 is the ideal bike for the up-and-comers of the scene. It’s got tremendous performance capabilities mixed in with superior handling to allow even the greenest of drivers to warm up to the bike in no time.

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