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Concept products usually have two purposes: they’re either used by manufacturers to test the public’s reaction regarding their future developments or help skilful designers make a name for themselves. But very rarely, manufacturers turn to innovative designers with the proposal of transforming a great idea into reality.

This is precisely what we’re wishing Yamaha will do in this case as Japanese designer Yuji Fujimura is definitely up to something with his Wheel Rider concept. Virtually a fully-faired monocycle with a cockpit for a roof, this thing can become the ideal supersport ride for every speed enthusiast as long as it can go fast and somehow prove efficiency.

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Custom Yamaha motorcycle gets WW2 plane sidecar

We just came across the recent creation of Hungarian bike Builder Henrik Toth and simply had to share it with you. There’s not much to say about it apart from the fact that the actual bike is a Yamaha Wild Star, while the sidecar is inspired by the German Messerschmitt fighter plane from WW2. Everything has been put together by hand and, looking at the American logo on the rear stabilizer, we’re guessing this is also a reconciliation symbol. Great work!

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World Supercross Champion James ‘Bubba’ Stewart has recently presented his house and several garages at MTV’s Cribs. Yamaha’s rider may be a lot of time away for the races, but when he’s home, he sure doesn’t lack comfort and bikes to ride. James even has his own track to practice on and a Segway to help him cover the immense yard. Hmm, I wonder what he expects Santa to bring him…

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We’re all aware of the fact that Yamaha will launch a brand new naked motorcycle in 2010, but apart from the fact that it will be called FZ8 and comes to fill in the “gap” between the notorious FZ6 and FZ1 , there’s little known about the bike. No doubt, the engine will be a 16-valve inline four so starting from there and Yamaha’s teaser French magazine Motorevue have let their pencils run wild on the drawing board and came up with this very plausible assumption for the 2010 Yamaha FZ8. Looking at it, we’re just sorry the new “middleweight naked” won’t come to the United States any time soon, at least not without a half fairing.

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The Yamaha YZ450 is one of the best motocross bikes now around and little did we knew it can be adapted to a whole lot of riding conditions and even be turned into a 60’s style café racer if someone’s got the energy to undergo the demanding process of making a fact out of an innovative idea such as the oil-in-frame, just to give an example. The bike also features drilled engine plates and underseat pipe, but you’ll only notice that if you’re interested enough to look beyond the sleek fairing.

It is too bad we don’t have more information about this unique combination of style called YZ450 café racer as it was surely a bright idea and an exciting project.

Source: MCN
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Yamaha Christmas card with Rossi, Spies and Stewart

Yamaha North America is wishing you Happy Holidays by using the Rossi-Spies-Stewart trio in a Christmas card that is both rewarding (for fans) and funny (just look at them).

Personally, I have the impression that one of the Yamaha stars will suddenly jump on a snowmobile or anything similar and tear the roof of that cabin apart, but they all look pretty happy in the short time away from races, especially Valentino Rossi, who is holding his “Phillip Island kitten”.

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We came across this on a design blog and simply had to bring it to your attention because we don’t often happen to see something as original as this. While some will call it a civilized chopper and others an ugly looking thing, one thing is for sure: they all find it interesting.

The steering system looks rudimentary, but it actually brings a major contribution to this bike being so low and we kind of like that. We feel the same about the solo seat and straight bars underneath which appears to be a V-twin engine. Is this a realistic concept or what?

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Ever since we’ve seen the Yamaha Super Ténéré concept wrapped up in clothing we kept wondering about how the future BMW R1200GS competitor will look like and a first response comes with these spy pictures right here. They were given to motorsite.gr by a Yamaha insider and then MCN took over. The pictures show a plastic scale model of the bike in pre-production form.

The Yamaha Super Ténéré is supposed to make its official debut in 2010 and this Japanese alternative to the consecrated European bike should tip the scale in its favor with a 1200cc engine, traction control and three-stage ABS. It will also feature a shaft drive, comfortable seat and everything you need to go around the world on it.

Source: MCN
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Yamaha’s 2010 European range will feature a FZ8 model instead of the FZ6, which was having troubles competing with other middleweight models such as the Kawasaki Z750 or the Aprilia Shiver 750 as a result of its R6 engine being designed for horsepower rather than torque. Although we have no official information about the all-new 2010 Yamaha FZ8, it seems that the new model will come to fix that, hopefully, by making use of a V-twin engine.

All that Yamaha has revealed so far is the future FZ8’s pretty face, but we can’t help wondering if it’s ever gonna make it to the United States. More information as we have it.

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