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Yamaha’s 2010 European range will feature a FZ8 model instead of the FZ6, which was having troubles competing with other middleweight models such as the Kawasaki Z750 or the Aprilia Shiver 750 as a result of its R6 engine being designed for horsepower rather than torque. Although we have no official information about the all-new 2010 Yamaha FZ8, it seems that the new model will come to fix that, hopefully, by making use of a V-twin engine.

All that Yamaha has revealed so far is the future FZ8’s pretty face, but we can’t help wondering if it’s ever gonna make it to the United States. More information as we have it.

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Yamaha’s 2010 YZ85 stands out as one of the best means to power you from mini bikes to the real think. Even though it still is an evolutionary step in an ambitious rider’s career, this is the bike on which the first racing skills are being developed and that’s all that matters sometimes.

A smaller replica of the YZ250 and YZ125, the revised two-stroke model is sure to be a great success because no matter what you’ll do, it doesn’t manage to stay behind even if you play around with palls on bigger, but not smokier rides.

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Designing a dirt bike is never easy, but it seems that Yamaha has got the perfect recipe as it pulls it through, managing to release better performing competition bikes with each year that passes. For 2010, the YZ125 carries on further perfecting its already great features such as the engine and chassis. Even though not the most important model year because the bike was great from the very beginning, it does catch our attention once again and that is never a bad thing.

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Looking for a quarter-liter two-stroke dirt bike? Well, find out that the YZ250 is one of the most appreciated models in Yamaha’s 2010 motocross lineup not only for being designed to win with its YPVS Power valve-equipped two-stroke engine claimed to perform better than any previous generation, but because two-stroke motors are a very rare breed nowadays. Still present, this one is housed in a light aluminum frame, which allows it to turn the machine into an even greater blast out on the track, especially now that it is being fitted with ProTaper aluminum handlebars and Excel rims.

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Having signed with Tech 3 Yamaha for 2010, Ben Spies will run his very first Yamaha MotoGP bike at Valencia during the final round of the MotoGP World Championship and his new team has just come up with this absolutely superb Sterilgarda paintjob for the occasion.

Spies won the 2009 World Superbike Championship for Yamaha, while his best result in MotoGP is a 6th place at Indianapolis in 2008, when he was racing for Suzuki.

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Impossible to miss in Yamaha’s 2010 dual-sport lineup is the TW200, an easy to spot and recognize motorcycle due to its beefy tires. This bike carries on without change, showing that Yamaha can be as constant as it is fun. Being around for decades, the Yamaha TW200 has surely got the recipe right from the very beginnings, and this is just a happy career that we’re looking at.

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Yamaha keeps on writing history with the XT250 as the bike carries on to 2010 with no significant changes. Even tough situated in the dual sport arena, the XT250 stands as many people’s idea of a trail bike and that says much about its off-road capabilities. A headlight and the mirrors make it street legal. Let’s see what more.

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Now that the racing year is over with Valentino Rossi and Ben Spies as winners of the World MotoGP Championship, respectively the World Superbike Championship we can concentrate on the other very attractive side of the motorcycle racing championships dominated by Yamaha – Miss Yamaha Racing 2009. And what better way to do that than putting together a nice picture gallery and let you decide on which Miss Yamaha Racing from all the rounds you like the most.

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The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show saw Yamaha unveiling no less than five world premieres among which the HV-X Hybrid motorcycle has drawn the most attention for being the modern interpretation of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM). This means it offers an upright riding position and relies on a versatile character in order to turn out being everything from a commuter to a canyon carver.

Tokyo 2009: Yamaha HV-X Hybrid [w/video]

Disposing of a hybrid powerplant working closely together with a scooter-like automatic transmission, the Yamaha HV-X knows a thing or two about fuel efficiency, eco and user-friendliness, while its TMax 500 chassis is the best thing in between a motorcycle and a scooter that Yamaha could pull off. The thing is built like a veritable all-rounder and can work in full-electric and combined gas/electric modes, as shown by the video attached after the jump.

If Yamaha gets positive feedback regarding this model, they might just have it mass produced. So, what do you think about the new Yamaha HV-X Hybrid?

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The past weekend’s race at Sepang in Malaysia was entirely dominated by Casey Stoner, who obtained his second consecutive win since returning in the championship. Second place was adjudicated by Dani Pedrosa, but the most important place in this equation is the third, obtained by Valentino Rossi and which brings the Italian MotoGP star the seventh world title in the premier class and the ninth world championship overall. Congratulations!

Race results are attached after the jump.

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