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This Sunday at the Estroil MotoGP round, Yamaha will be presenting their new FIAT Punto Evo graphics created by Aldo Drudi, FIAT’s reference designer, both for the Yamaha M1 bikes and the rider leathers. FIAT, Yamaha’s main MotoGP sponsor has recently launched the brand new Punto Evo model and the new liveries are made clean and pure by the predominant white color, in perfect accordance with the car’s Euro 5 engines. The initial layout wasn’t significantly modified, but the machines now stand aesthetically better and riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo are also enthusiastic about their new racing looks. Read the press release and check out more photos after the break.

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MotoGP star Valentino Rossi gives fans the opportunity to see him in intimate postures on his new website www.valentinorossi.com. Whether he is sleeping, relaxing with the cows or even wearing boxer shorts on his head after doing the laundry, Valentino shows how MotoGP riders have to enjoy every second of their free time so that they can give even the impossible out on the racing track.

The site was also created to offer news, videos and photos (including behind-the-scenes) of Valentino Rossi from every GP round, so it should keep fans pretty hooked up.

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This old Yamaha SR 500 saw an unexpected revival after getting in the hands of the guys at WrenchMonkees in Denmark. Although we’ve seen this motorcycle model being transformed into a café racer, a chopper and even a scrambler not just once, the custom motorcycle builder decided that there’s nothing wrong with the class and only gave it a meaner custom look using a few tricks that they had in their sleeves. For instance, the WM rearframe, seat and fender as well as the rear light all indicate the attempt to make this thing one-of-a-kind and this is just the rear end that we’re talking about. Up front, there’s a stylish and very small WM fender as well as a headlight that stays in tone with the clean look of the bike.

Although apart from the K&N filter, the approximately 40 hp entirely rebuilt engine is the same as on the original bike only that on the WrenchMonkees Yamaha SR 500 it breaths out through a megatron muffler with heat wrap. Also, the battery was eliminated, so the single-cylinder is started by kick only. Riding a unique motorcycle nowadays means plenty of benefits that the old timers didn’t had: the Brembo front disc and caliper, not to mention the ABM steelbraided brakehose.

The WM heat resistant custom paint and all the hidden wiring is what riders who order these things look for and this bike sure can brag about that. In the end, you don’t need to look at it twice to understand that this SR 500 can be ridden on a variety of surfaces such as asphalt, dirt, gravel, but we’d rather take it to the beach and call it The Motorcycle Beach Buggy.

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UK dealer creates Ben Spies Replica World Superbike Yamaha R1

Ben Spies has had a great season with Yamaha and after setting one lap record after another, he is currently the leader of the SBK Championship. To honor that, CMC – a Yamaha dealer in UK – has created a Ben Spies replica R1 painted in the racing bike’s colours. The engine now breaths out through an Akrapovic exhaust system, which should also add a few horses although they don’t mention a precise number. Speaking of numbers, the bike costs £12,499 ($20,225).

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The words that we used for the title belong to Jorge Lorenzo and are probably the most touching from this entirely excellent video, which is actually made by combining two different interviews taken to Jorge Lorenzo and his father during two different periods of the MotoGP rider’s life. In the first, the skilled youngster talks about his ambition to become a World MotoGP Champion, while the second presents him as a successful MotoGP rider, but still with the ultimate goal on his mind, the same one as nine years ago.

Life is all about following your dreams and Jorge Lorenzo has clearly learned that from a very young age, but it’s always nice to return in Mallorca, Spain and get back on the old big wheel off-road kid’s bike and have some pictures taken with the kids training there. See the video after the break.

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If my guess is right, the motorcycle crying behind all that fur is a Yamaha FZR. What I cannot guess is why anyone would ever want to do something like this to a fully-faired motorcycle. Most likely a female motorcycle rider is trying to bring “the fluff factor” in the attention of the motorcycle press or this is simply some strange form of urban camouflage. Still, this is like wearing your overcoat during the summer.

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Yamaha Motor USA has released a video revealing the Ben Spies method of winning Superbike races on his Yamaha R1 motorcycle and the famous racer is the actual one explaining all about his well kept secrets. Ok, so not even I believe what I just wrote, but at least it’s an attempt not to blow Yamaha’s cover and allow you the joy of watching such a funny video, which features all Yamaha racing riders.

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Given the fact that the motorcycle press has long shown the reverse-cylinder 2010 Yamaha YZ450F and, implicit, destroyed the maker’s element of surprise regarding this model, Yamaha has come up with a video showing James Steward as the inside man answering to ridiculous rumors heard by Yamaha employees, including Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi and James Toseland.

The video is supposed to create some buzz about this new model and to announce the launch date – September 8th.

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