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To understand better the real benefits of the revolutionary inline-four engine that powers the 2009 R1, the manufacturer has created a video explaining the technology behind it. No, not this one!

The combustion torque is produced when the air-fuel mixture explodes, rotating the crankshaft. But when a piston isn’t pushed by the force of the blast, the crankshaft is still rotating due to inertia of the crankshaft. This generates inertial torque which is bad for linear power out of the corners. It also affects composite torque, which is a combination between the previous two so that is why Yamaha needed the crossplane crankshaft engine.

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Having spotted the amazing opportunities that the electric powered motorcycles offer, Honda and Yamaha announce that they will introduce such two-wheeled machines for 2010, most lately 2011.

Yamaha’s electric motorcycle lineup is intended to be launched until the end of the year 2010. Expected to have a 60 miles range, to be easily rechargeable and very smooth and quiet operating, the environmentally friendly motorcycles will show other big manufacturers the way into the future.

Honda plans to introduce in 2011 motorcycle models which will base on lithium-ion batteries. Apparently, they plan on renewing Japan’s Post Service motorcycle fleet with their new bikes. With an order of 90.000 motorcycles (the number of motorcycles needed to be replaced), Honda will surely outmatch Yamaha, after getting a head start.

Prices of future electric Japanese motorcycles will start at $1900 and go as “high” as $3700.

It seems that lithium-ion batteries can make the difference in what concerns the performance of rechargeable cars and motorcycles, not only cell phones and laptops.

Companies such as Matsushita Electric Industrial, NEC Corp and GS Yuasa Corp have already established strategic partnerships with car manufacturers Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi, so the future has no color, but green…at least in the auto and moto industries.

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With each revamp that Yamaha performs on its machines you go through the specs sheet and at one moment you end up saying that there isn’t any way to make the product any better. But, usually after two years you’ll be surprised to find out that they’ve pulled it through very nicely again. So you start wondering which key opens the front door of the liter class each and every year for this manufacturer. An appropriate answer would be innovation as new systems are continuously being developed and implemented by Yamaha on its machines. The new R1 is probably the best example.

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Yamaha has just introduced its 2009 YZF-R1 top supersport model with the intention of becoming a class leader. That means a lot of engineering refinement, something that would normally make the difference, but the 2009 Honda CBR 1000RR ABS is also in for new business so we would have to analyze this aspect closer and try not to call it a par.

Stay tuned for a review on the 2009 YZF-R1 and enjoy the latest Yamaha ad which showcases the new model.

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When hearing the words motorcycle parade, we usually tend to thing at two-wheeled police patrols, but after seeing this, we’ll have to fill another drawer with information in our motor heads.

As you can see, gendarmes are as good at motorcycle ballet (if not better) as the policeman that filled our computer screens maybe a bit too often lately.

Motorcycle Ballet - Watch more free videos

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Most riders show themselves retained in what concerns approaching the electric alternatives that have been created so far, but maybe this last will make a difference as it is built to meet the best of both worlds. Still able of challenging you to skid your knees at every turn, but not polluting a bit, the AC inductance Yamaha R1 could make a career in this business.

Definitely not comparable with a Yamaha engine, the 550amp 84v electric engine provided by AC inductance manages to develop a decent 54HP and 81ftlbs of torque. Planned to be produced and expected to sell in decent numbers, the bike will rely on its 8.1 kW lithium iron phosphate battery pack which can keep it going for a range of100 miles.

With these numbers on the table, the electrically-powered R1 can do 100mph and comes as a green solution for riders who are willing to lose the emissions, but not a bike’s sporty feel. I do not see how that is possible as a bike’s sporty attitude is being generally given by its engine, but I have to admit and congratulate this significant step further.

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The famous and notorious Paris-Dakar is known for its very long and tough rally, with motorcycle riders taking the brunt of its toughness. Accidents, even many fatalities, exhaustion and bandits/terrorists have been plaguing the race since its inception. Gilles Martineau, later assisted by René Metge, planned for two years to produce a real adventure race: a rally from St. Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China. A race covering 10,000 kilometers in 17 days. Bad roads, deserts, mountains and (...)
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This new Yamaha Scooter Ad features the Maxam in the urban jungle doing what it knows best: helping people commute in comfort and reach their destinations with large smiles on their faces. A maxi scooter, the Maxam is designed to carry two riders and still not lose its agility and proper handling abilities. So it is good to see it is now properly advertised.

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In this article we’re going to have a closer look at what the motorcycle manufacturers are planning for us next year. Since model years are different in parts of the world,we’re not going to call them 2009 or 2010 model, but just “next year”. You’ll understand. In four months, world’s biggest motorcycle exhibition (Intermot in Germany) opens its doors, and we’ll be seeing many new models. Here’s our stab at what we think (hope) to see. Aprilia The prototype RSV 1000 V4 was already presented (...)
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Yamaha has just launched the new YZ, WR and TT-R lineups so all of you motocross and off-road enthusiasts ca already start digging for information on the model you’re interested most.

As you can expect, refinements brought the improvement of performance, steering, and the dirt spreaders became even lighter compared with 2008 so you will be seeing more and more previews of these models on our website. Stay tuned!

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