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As long as kids are still allowed to ride motorcycles (you’ve probably red the news in which the Massachusetts Senate are proposing a bill that will forbid anyone under the age of 14 to ride a dirtbike), you’ll be hearing about these bikes from us.

Being among the most important motorcycles in Yamaha’s off-road lineup, the 2009 TT-R50 deserves our complete attention.

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If you’re a beginner and look for the most appropriate Yamaha dirt bike, one that is properly sized and will still be fun and exciting after developing your skills, there are few chances you won’t find yourself wondering if should or should not buy the 2009 TT-R110E. Hopefully, this article will help.

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In 2009 Yamaha keeps both kids and adults riding hard on those trails with the two most notorious Yamaha 125cc dirt bikes ever, the TT-R125E and TT-R125LE. There is no wonder they’re beloved as fun, excitement and ease of use are there three most important features. How’s that for a new bike?

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Yamaha plans on keeping you thumping on the 2009 TT-R230. The bike is simply the greatest solution for riders who aren’t as experienced to go for the WR250F and search for something that is closer to a dual-sport bike rather than a motocross one. Still, they desire power and control, exactly what the TT-R will provide.

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Yamaha goes on producing the WR250F model with more talent and dedication as ever before. Featuring the popular DOHC, four-stroke; five titanium valves quarter-liter engine mounted on a light and nimble aluminum frame, it stands as an awesome off-road machinery, but as you’ll further see, it also features goodies that can’t be passed unnoticed.

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For 2009, the Yamaha YZR-M1 seems to have followed a relatively natural evolution based on the ‘why change it if it ain’t broken’ concept, Fiat Yamaha Yamaha Team being more worried of what the competition is going to come up with as the winter’s ending is always a tense time of the year.

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo will be working with a mind blowing power to weight ratio in 2009 and they seem pretty enthusiastic about their new bikes in the launch video that Yamaha-Motor-Europe has just released.

The funny thing in the Specs is that they don’t forget to mention ‘over’ and ‘in excess’ behind the horsepower and top speed figures.

Press release after the jump.

Source: MotoGP
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Yamaha has always been good on the trails, but never as good as the 09 model range. A benchmark both for the lineup and for this class is the WR450F which remains unchanged for 2009. Both reliable and awesome performing, the bike stands out immediately as the solution to your off and on road riding needs. So check up on it!

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Yamaha Motor Europe has made a tradition from promoting their R1 models with the words of Valentino Rossi and the 2009 one couldn’t have made an exception. Therefore in the promotional video, Fiat Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi refers to the revolutionary engine with the following: "this engine with the crossplane crankshaft gives an easy link between me and the bike, and at the same time provides a lot of power with great control".

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Yamaha wasn’t planning to wait for its AMA Supercross Lites opponents and then have the YZ250F launched as it knew exactly what the bike needed so that it would perform excellently in 2009. Refinements to the engine make it pull stronger across the rev range and the ones brought to the chassis result in a sharper steering and a better bump-absorbing bike.

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New year’s YZ450F intends on taking even further the levels of performance and sweetness that come together with the Yamaha name so it brings up a range of small, but decisive refinements concerning especially handing and style. This might be exactly the bike you’ve been craving for as Yamaha ruled the AMA Motocross Championship last year.

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