Yamaha Star Vmax Concept

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Star Motorcycles is pleased to introduce to the American enthusiast a concept Vmax model that traces its roots back to the original Hot Rod Cruiser motorcycle unleashed in 1985.

This concept model is being shown under the Star Motorcycles brand as it exemplifies the true spirit of individualism and performance that is engineered into each and every Star Motorcycle. This concept is also bigger, meaner, nastier and more technically advanced that its predecessor.

The Star Motorcycles philosophy of “We Build It, You Make It Your Own” is exemplified with this concept Vmax and as such this motorcycle is being shown to the public to further gauge the American market’s response and inspire consumers and the industry to rethink and redefine what a cruiser can be.

Yamaha Star Vmax Concept
Yamaha Star Vmax Concept


I would like info on the 09 vmax that is coming out’’

SEXY BIKE THEN R15 ,can any 1 msg me the rate of it my id is arshad_youth

Any information on the 2008 VMax concept bike I would like to be notified about it.

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