motorcycle trailer

motorcycle trailer

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You really have to be a special kind of person in order to be attracted by the look of rust over that of shiny paint and chrome on a chopper. By taking a look at this motorcycle babe, it isn’t hard to notice that she’s, without a doubt, very special. You see, getting your hands dirty (or the whole body, in this case) is part of being a motorcyclist and I believe that she got the right idea.

Source: masmoto
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Owners of URAL, DNEPR and BMW motorcycles produced during WWII are offered the possibility to complete the authentic look of one lucky motorcycle by acquiring a cargo trailer which would have been a must during WWII. The trailer weighs only 156 lbs when empty, but due to the permissive dimensions (52 in. long, 28 in. wide and 12 in. deep), carrying capacity is an impressive 800 lbs. No wonder the war was that destructive as bikes were clearly used for more than “recognition purposes”. Wheels measure 19 in. in diameter and ground clearance…well, that’s more than obvious.

The seller mentions that the trailer features tonneau cover, mounting for the bike, and parking brake and it is in very good condition, especially now that it was repainted. They can even add lights to it and make it street legal if the buyer asks so. Now that’s great news if planning to take this at motorcycle parades.

Asking price is $1,599, but I’m sure that the lights will add on to that.

Source: eBay

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