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motorcycle videos

Yesterday, MV Agusta announced the Brutale 990R Italy 150 Special Edition , and today the company has launched the first teaser video for the 2012 F4 RR Corsacorta super bike. The new bike will make its world debut at the EICMA show in Milan in November 2011.

Compared to the standard F4 model, the new RR version will add an extra 18 HP and will be equipped with Brembo brakes, an Ohlins TTX, and carbon fiber components. The video also reveals a new paint scheme and various sport components making the RR model even more sportier than its previous version. The bike in the video features a new matte white exterior paint, but we expect more options to be offered when the bike goes on sale at the beginning of 2012. Expect prices to be in the $30K area.

UPDATE 05/11/2011: MV Agusta has revealed the official details on the 2012 F4 RR - "the most advanced and powerful superbike in the world." The new bike will be put on sale at a starting price of 22,900 euro, or about $32,900 at the current exchange rates. The F4 RR is powered by a short-stroke radial valve engine that delivers 201 HP at 13,400 rpm and will be offered with even more exotic materials and reduced weight. For 2012, the model will also get two new color schemes: pastel red/white and matte pearl white.

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The Honda CB450 Cafe Racer "Bonita Applebum" started its life as a 1971 Honda CB450 bought from eBay, and believe it or not, the bike was built in a small apartment. After buying all the items needed from eBay, Pepe Luque - the guy who now owns the bike - started to clean, paint, and spit polish every piece before installing them on the frame.

Besides some minor fine-tuning, Luque worked on this project all by himself, including upsizing the main jets to compensate for the airflow in and out of the motor and replacing the Pirelli tires for some Firestones. As for the exterior paint, it was inspired by a CB450 Armadillo, while the handgrips and seat color was suggested by his flatmate. Why is the fact that he built the whole thing by himself so noteworthy? Well, Pepe Luque is colorblind.

When explaining how he came about picking the colors and getting everything just right for the bike to work, he said: "The main section I really struggled with was the wiring of the bike. As you could imagine, being color blind did not help with the colors of the wires. I was very fortunate that my girl and my brother’s wife helped with labelling the wires. For instance, yellow with a white trace, I labelled FLB (front left blinker) and so on. It took me by surprise that I nailed the wiring on first go."

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Here’s a video that shows all you Jackass wannabes things you should never do at home. Yes, they look cool, but they are being performed by a professional - stunt riding world champion Chris Pfeiffer to be exact - and should not be attempted unless you share the same title.

This video titled "Wheelie" is part one of a short series on motorbike stunt tricks. In it, Pfeiffer explains that a tremendous amount of practice goes into successfully performing these tricks, and watching a one and a half minute video doesn’t cover that kind of practice time.

Enjoy yourselves, but remember, this series is for informational purposes only and the tricks should not be attempted by amateurs. Yes, this means you.

Stay tuned! We’ll bring you part two of this series as soon as it is released.

Chanel’s new marketing campaign for the Coco Mademoiselle perfume just got that much hotter with the addition of a suited up Keira Knightley mounted atop a Ducati 750 Sport. This video is just a ’teaser’ of the new Coco Mademoiselle film ’Gabrielle’ directed by Joe Wright. The full length version will debut on March 21st, 2011 on the Chanel website.

TheDucati 750 Sport is powered by a V2, four-stroke engine that delivers a total of 72 HP and sprints the bike all the way to 128.6 mph. Typically, we like our Ducati bikes in red, but the model used in this commercial is covered in a drab beige, no doubt to promote Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume. Keira Knightley is even wearing a smoking hot beige leather catsuit to match. All we can say is that we can’t wait for the full video to be released!

When you put together two professional racing superstars, something cool is bound to happen. Let’s take Gee Atherton and David "Knighter" Knight for example. Atherton is a professional racing cyclist who specializes in downhill and four cross mountain bike racing. He is also a multiple national champion, multiple World Cup winner, and 2010 downhill World Cup Champion. David "Knighter" Knight is a three-time world champion enduro rider from the Isle of Man.

Now, give them two bikes to toil around with, put them together, and what do you get? This ultimate challenge of man versus machine took place at the home of UK mountain biking, Fort William.

Atherton is a little bit more familiar with this track, after all he has been practicing here for around three years, but will this be enough to take on Knight? To be honest, we don’t really care. What we do care about is that we got the chance to watch these two guys battle it out while proving that they absolutely know what they are doing.

For the sake of our sanity; please don’t try this at home.

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Using a little girl as an eerie voiceover for a scary flick is not something new, however, using the same eerie little girl as voiceover for the new Kawasaki Z1000 ad, now that’s new!

You’ve got to give props to the guys behind this ad campaign for thinking out of the box. Who would’ve thought a 1000cc Jap bike, and a child, and some neat sound effects would create such a captivating advert? One thing is for sure – it makes, even us, want to get on one of these and wreak havoc during after dark escapades involving “bending” the law and disturbing the peace. Just looking at it after watching the video awakens the sinister side inside you – and it should. Priced at a reasonable $13 199, you get all the evil you can handle in the form of a 4-cylinder that summons 128BHP from the bowels of hell, belching it through a 4 –into-2 lightweight exhaust. Not-so-dark features include fully adjustable front forks and instrument binnacle and an equally dexterous windscreen. Making sure the nightmare comes to a halt when absolutely necessary are 300mm ventilated discs with 4-pot calipers. Long live the darkness!

Kawasaki has unveiled the first official video for the new Z750R superbike. The new motorcycle is powered by a 748cc engine that delivers 106 HP. It comes with new brakes and exhaust system, an improved chassis with fully adjustable front forks, revised rear shock on a new aluminum swing arm, radial front brakes with braded lines and ABS as an option.

It will be offered in two limited edition colors: Candy Lime Green and Flat Ebony. If you want to see it in all its glory, you will have a chance at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan.

In September 1980 BMW unveiled the new GS model. Now, at the tenth edition of BMW Motorrad Days, the company unveiled a tribute video for the model.

The BMW GS is a motorcycle with racing genes, and the fact that it turned out to be so successful was a surprise even for BMW.

"Thanks to the efforts of our development engineer at the time, Laszlo Peres, we were able to bring out the G/S in just 18 months - and it was a motorcycle concept which was absolutely crazy for that time. I would never have thought that this machine, based on a motor racing prototype, would be so successful. But I’m still proud of it to this day!" said Laszlo Peres, former technician in the BMW testing department.

We featured this beast of a tricycle about a month ago and now it’s back for some more publicity. The only difference between then and now is that Tim Cotterill’s Rocket II Tricycle just may have found a new fan in no less than Jay Leno himself.

Cotterill’s one-of-a-kind work of art made its way to Jay Leno’s Garage and was given a thorough run-down by the celebrity car enthusiast. Needless to say, Jay Leno - just like the rest of us - came away impressed with Cotterill’s gargantuan creation, especially the supercharged dual-plug unit Hemi V8 that runs off of pump gas at a gas-guzzling rate of 3 mpg. Not exactly the type of vehicle environmentalists will be going gaga over.

In any case, we were a little bummed out when Jay Leno opted against taking the Rocket II out for a ride - who knows what he would have done with it - but Cotterill certainly made up for it by reminding us once more just how insane his creation is.

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After a day riding the jet sky on the local lake, there’s nothing like a good buddy coming to help you load up the thing and get going home. But for everything to go well, make sure the guy in cause isn’t an absolute idiot that will have you drowned. Obviously, this is the case here. The driver of this Ford Econoline gets the rear end in the water and the wheels lose traction right when the jet sky rider is in the back struggling for a breath of air in the water-filled van. Thanks to God, he made it out alive.

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