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It would seem that the multiple world champion Formula One can’t get enough of racing motorcycles. Michael Schumacher has decided to step up his racing efforts by competing in the 8 hours endurance race at Oschersleben, Germany (link: on the 9th of August.

Schumacher has been riding different motorcycles in different races, trying to get a feel of which type of race suits him the best. He has even gone down once or twice, so he is riding his bikes at the limit. He’s been seen riding on a Ducati, KTM KTM , Triumph Triumph and in this 8 hour endurance race, he’ll be on a Honda. Too bad for him that Ferrari Ferrari still don’t manufacturer motorcycles. The Ducati would be the closest thing to a Ferrari motorcycle, and he’s even had a go at Casey Stoner’s MotoGP bike.

It’s not the first time Schumacher is riding motorcycles; he’s a very passionate rider, and has owned many different brands. But it is the first time that he’s riding in races, since his F1 contract forbade him to ride in any other race that was not endorsed by the Lords of F1. So now he’s enjoying himself. It’s a hobby, a way to keep the adrenaline flowing.

There have been many rumors that he would compete in the MotoGP arena, but apart from the fact that it’s not feasible, he’s already stated categorically that he’ll never race professionally. The same applies to the follow-up rumor that he was going to race in the SuperBike category. Again false, denied by the man himself.

In the mean time, Schumi has been hired by German helmet manufacturer Schuberth to develop a new motorcycle helmet. So not only is he living up his passion, he’s also going to ensure that we remain safe in ours.

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Funniest motorcycle crash by two arabs. These two should have never been on a motorcycle in the first place and if they are smart (something that doesn’t emerge from this video) they’ll be staying away from motorcycles as long as they live. And if not, you’ll be seeing them on our site…hopefully!

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This couple has done a video in which they present the three methods of starting a bike. Gas down, choke up, ignition key on and put it on “run”. Then use the clutch and make sure the bike is in neutral and bang. That’s the first method.

If you don’t have enough strength, use the kickstand, get on the footpegs and use your body weight to start it. That is supposed to come naturally. But the next one if for the ones with a little bit of experience. Do the same things as before only that put the bike in second gear, hold the clutch and run next to it. Suddenly jump on the seat, release the clutch and accelerate.

But even though you’ve understood the procedure, it is recommended that you see it happening on your bike and do it yourself next. For those most experienced of you out there, this video can be inspiring and determine you to do similar thinks. Remember that you’ve also been thought one day and if not, start doing it anyway.

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After reading about how an Iranian student invented the tricycle that transforms into a motorcycle, here’s a video in which students from the St. Thomas Academy Experimental Vehicle Team built an electric commuter motorcycle from scratch.

Their hard work has paid off as they took the bike to MIT this summer and won a $10,000 grand from the Leleson-Mit InvenTeams to help fund the project.

Nice way to start earning money, don’t you think? We’ll surely be seeing more and more such projects in the future, which is even greater.

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Seyyed Javad Ghaffarian lives in Iran and its wonderful ideas could one day bring you the safety of driving a tricycle on the highway and the versatility of riding a motorcycle in future city congestions.

A student, Javad has created the “Magic Tricycle”, a machine designed to role down the highway on all its three wheels and then face the urban jungle as a motorcycle. How is that possible, you will wonder? Its left wheel can rotate around a longitudinal axis and be sustained on top of the cabin. This brings all the benefits of a motorcycle after keeping the thing steady as a car at high speeds.

After being lifted up, the third wheel opens up its helicopter tail propeller style blades which increase stability. Another unique feature consists in the seats which rotate in order to keep occupants in an upright riding position.

What is both unique and attractive at this bike and tricycle is how easy and simple it can take one form or the other and still look great no matter what. This was the main goal of the Iranian designer and it has successfully achieved it.

I don’t know what to say about the name though…Magic Tricycle? Couldn’t it come up with something better? What do you think?

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The fact that motorcycles and scooters are getting more popular thanks to enormous hikes in fuel prices is no surprise to anyone, least to gasoline companies. French oil company, Total, has taken note and has started looking towards these motorcycles as a real “market”.

Total have recently opened a gas pump designed for motorcycles in the Paris suburbs (L’Isle Adam) . Cars aren’t welcome (and will not fit), and the pump has all sorts of stuff designed for bikers.

First of all, the pump itself has all the controls at mid height, meaning you can remain seated on your motorcycle while controlling the pump: selecting the fuel, paying by credit card, getting your receipt, etc. There’s even place for your helmet in case you want to take it off. The pump instructions are in French, English and German.

Secondly, the nozzle is shorter than the car variant. This means that you can place the nozzle and actually see if the tank is filling up, not find out when the precious fuel runs over.

The floor has been treated with a special anti-slip paint, meaning that you do not need to be afraid that your foot is going to slip on the floor when you put them down.

The only downside is that currently this station only has 95 unleaded fuel not 98 which some motorcycle use. A second station is about to open, and that one will have 98.

Another nice motorcycle-friendly part of this gas station is the motorcycle specific cleaning area. The pressure cleaning station uses wax and not-that-high-pressure water. They also have rotating narrow brushes that can be used to clean in between the spokes of your tires. The final cleaning phase includes blow drying your bike.

There’s a waterproof compartment for your helmets and other stuff you carry. The same place also has an air compressor for your tires.

Nice touch, and it would be great to see more of the motorcycle friendly gas stations opening around the world.

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After crashing its skull for six times, French designer Jérôme Coste took matters in its own hands. He submitted himself at creating the most interesting motorcycle helmets. Why interesting? The safety factor was a must (you wouldn’t want our designer to crash and have yet another cranial fracture) and the shape propel them back in the 1970s, when these kind of helmets used to be made.

Kind of funny as Jérôme Coste claims to have inspired by sci-fi movies, Japanese anime and a dash of Steve McQueen. So…they also seem to indicate future tendencies. One particular model lets displays the carbon fiber (clearly futuristic) while the other is worthy of the “Captain America” series back in the 1970s. Now everybody’s happy!

See how high-speed crashes can influence your creative work in a positive way? Even so, I suggest trying the helmets, not this method of creating them!

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Take a look at what policeman on motorcycles were capable of doing almost 60 years ago. At that time, bikes weren’t that powerful or maneuverable so a one-man show was pretty hard to sustain. No problem, the Italians said and they trained entire motorcycle police divisions with incredible result.

What is so great about this video is the perfect timing and the void of hesitation and if you’re more of a “hit the throttle kind of guy” you’ll be touched a lesson about patience.

Great Italian Motorbike Display - These bloopers are hilarious

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In my opinion, there were kinds of motorcyclists: the ones that consciously swing the leg over the seat and think twice before opening the throttle (these being the ones that usually live happily ever after in the seats of their bikes) and the ones that can only think about hundreds of miles per hour and picking up chicks using their bikes (the young and inexperienced fellows).

Now, I must say that my opinion has been changed by this guy named Sherman who, although very young, it has the knowledge, passion and will to change something in this dramatic situation. Just listen to him.

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You know off the Tour de France, we’ve already written about this legendary bicycle race, from a motorcycle’s point of view. But did you know there’s a Tour de France for motorcycles? It’s a motorcycle race through France, all very legal.

The Tour de France – Motorcycle Edition – Dark Dog Tour

Called Dark Dog Tour (formerly known as the Moto Tour), the race starts on Saturday the 27th of September at Reims and finishes on Sunday 5th of October at Toulon (South of France).

The Tour de France – Motorcycle Edition – Dark Dog Tour

The race is 3100 kilometers long, and has 17 special stages, usually on racing circuits or long stretches of country roads. There are two night portions, one of them in a city, the other on normal country roads. The Dark Dog Tour this year evens goes to the island of Corsica. The Tour covers forests, mountains and open roads.

At most of the race circuits, it’s possible to join the fun with your own motorcycle. The race at the Formula One circuit, Magny-Cours, is a night race.

The race is escorted by the motorcycle Police, the Gendarmerie CRS1 unit. This Police unit is specialized in motorcycle escorts (it even escorts VIPs like the President of France). After every 30 or so motorcycle race participants, one motorcycle cop follows, making sure that everything is safe.

The Gendarmes are seen as the “Guardian Angels” of the Tour, especially when you consider that the race was originally started by the Police.

Different categories exist in this race; from the professionals/experts to the Sunday riders, including a category for scooters, classic motorcycles and sidecars. The race is limited to 220 riders, so if you’re interested in participating better hurry, since there aren’t that many places left (you’ll need a pretty good grasp of French, since not much is translated in English).

You need a valid FIM license (can be obtained on the spot for €90), and your motorcycle can not have more than 100 hp on the rear tire (French law). You are not allowed to race with a backpack, top case or side cases. You also need to part with €1390 to participate (includes the ferry to and from Corsica). You can also elect to participate only in one of the circuit specials

The Dark Dog Tour also is held in Belgium and Portugal.

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