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Even though he is only four years old, Gabriel has had a great motorcycling evolution so far. He started racing when he was two and found its way to motorcycle tracks a year later. From there on, a single step was needed for him to start racing and that happened when turning four. Now he’s a star in Miami, Florida where he is currently racing and winning first places.

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From the country of the biggest motorcycle producers in the world comes a video that is as surprising as they get. A rollerman races a motorcycle in Japan and actually manages to win by using the drifting technique of Japan car racers.

What is even more interesting is that by taking a look at the human bobsled and the motorcycle rider you understand that both are equally exposed, but only one is allowed to use the public roads.

Still, I believe that things would have stood a whole lot different if they would have used a super sport motorcycle instead of a naked. And, frankly, who wouldn’t feel intimidated by the possibility of practically running the guy you race against over. Or maybe I’m just holding on to any plea. What do you think?

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Apparently in an effort to reduce the effects of increased gas prices on customer pockets and that of global worming on Mother Nature, but actually a great way of staying strong on the market, Honda plans to introduce its first hybrid motorcycles until the beginning of 2011.

The system will be borrowed from the Honda Insight hybrid car and it will be implemented on motorcycles featuring 200cc and up to 1000cc traditional internal combustion engines. Engineers hope to squeeze car components on the future bikes and see the short way for this big evolutionary step.

Also, Honda will start production of smaller electric motorcycles in 2010, among which can also be found the successor of the Cub series. In this case, engines will be sized from 50 to 125cc and the bikes powered in such way are most likely to put the world of two wheels, like the first Honda Cub did.

Still, history won’t literally repeat itself as the new electric motorcycles will have a 30 kilometers range. Hopefully that’s enough to take you to and from work every day.

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Protection is primordial when riding so there can never be enough training videos related to this subject. This one is pretty good as it comes as a refresh of information that we gathered from many different sources or from our own experience.

Their advice, “Get your head into it”, and the list of benefits following afterwards may not determine a rebel to turn over a half face helmet, but new riders have a lot to learn from it.

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Back to the grind of searching in the massive archives of the Google Patent Search, we stumbled upon this little item: a postal envelope in the shape of a motorcycle.

Scott Master filed the claim last year, and was awarded the patent last June.

The idea is interesting to say the least, but several problems spring to mind. First of all, there’s not much space to put something in the envelope. Something like a letter, unless the envelope is enormous.

Secondly, when the envelope hits the sorting stations of the Postal system, it’s going to loose parts of the bike, all the edges will probably get torn off.

And last, but not least, will the Postal system accept it?

But, it’s interesting. Would I use it? Maybe... would you?

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Seeing some guys doing what they do to their motorcycles in the video attached below makes me not only doubtful about their good relationships with their life partners, but even willing to give them the advice in the title.

This is actually an ad for natural bike wax by infusionworks. The thing is that “The Ultimate Paint Moisturizer” is being applied by hand, which is why it raises some question marks and it even contains Vitamin E. Can you believe that?

I can imagine a guy saying: “It’s just paint honey! Oh (seeing her reaction), I can do it to you also after I finish here…it contains Vitamin E, you know?”

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West is a matter of where you stand in the world, but in this case, the wild wild west is in South Korea. Apparently the motorcycle scene there is a gang-ho, all out, motorcycle rodeo.

It has become so dangerous, that the Korean government is planning a major crackdown on the motorcycle world. Their target? The couriers and delivery motorcycles. Some 400,000 are registered, representing probably half of what is really out there.

These motorcycle delivery boys & girls hop onto sidewalks and speed over them in order to make their delivery on time. Pedestrians are just obstacles in their daring race against time. Seoul city is gridlocked with cars, so they do not have any options. Enforcement is very difficult anyway, so the couriers get away with it. The traffic fine they are presented with, if they are ever caught, is the equivalent of US$25.

According to the head of an express delivery service company: “Quickness is what we are for. We know it’s illegal but when the road is jammed with cars, we don’t have any choice but to hit sidewalks to go fast.”

Not only will the Seoul Metropolitan Government hit motorcycles who are riding on sidewalks, but they also plan to go after the ones that ride in the bus-only lanes and park on sidewalks, hindering pedestrians.

The service owners do not think that the Government efforts will pan out to anything. They plan to continue their operations as normal.

Source: koreatimes
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While we were plying through the 1000’s of motorcycle patents filed recently (that’s right, it’s part of our job description), we stumbled upon this patent. It’s a patent for a board trivia game, based on the successful motorcycle poker runs.

The game is a bit of a combination of trivial pursuit, Poker and roll-and-move games. You start your game at the START location and travel to the hosting cities (like Sturgis, Laughlin, Daytona, etc), ending at the FINISH location (eventually).

Like in other roll-and-move games, you can end up on a trivia question; Trivia questions are all motorcycle related. There are also visual recognition cards, which again are motorcycle related photos or illustrations (called ’WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?’). Apart from the trivia and recognition cards, there’s also a normal set of playing cards (used for the Poker game).

The objective is twofold; 1) finish first going through the USA, and 2) have the winning Poker hand.

There’s also real money and drinking involved, so a real biker game.

Looks like an interesting game to play when the snow has blocked us from riding our roads. Round up a couple of riding buddies, and play the game.

The patent has only recently been registered, so I do not know when the board game will be available, but I don’t think you’ll find it in this year’s Christmas stocking.

Click here to see the patent

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Looks like Disney Paris is going through their stunt men and women like little croissants. The Disney park in Paris is looking for a motorcycle stunt man or woman to play in the Action show "Moteurs... Action ! Stunt Show Spectacular" in their Movies Theme park.

Having seen the show a couple of times, it’s impressive, and you’re going to have to really be able to really control your motorcycle if you plan to play with The Mouse. It’s not a couple of wheelies and stoppies. Have a look at the video below, and you can see why.

They’re looking for someone who has real experience with motorcycles, but also with cars. The role is very physical, so you need to be in shape, and need to be able to respect the strict security rules. They are also looking for that someone to have an artist sole and team spirit. Remember, it’s entertainment!

If you’re interested, and you’re between 18 and 35 years old, you can apply on-line. Disney can provide you with accommodation. It will help if you speak French, but it’s not a must.

Follow the link, and click on the "POSTULER" button.

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If there was a top of the most aerodynamic motorcycles in the world, this would definitely be among the firsts. I like to call it the closest thing to a space shuttle, but the most appropriate place for it to be properly exploited on is probably the Bonneville Salt Flats, not the space.

Notice how the bike is built around the rider and even though it seems packed with fiber, the helmet is the one connecting the windscreen with the fairing, leaving us with two suspicions on our hands: either that guy is claustrophobic or they wanted to minimize weight and did a pretty bad job.

Source: masmoto

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