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Because of the ingenious design implemented on bikes these days and of the fact that brake and indicator lights are often perfectly blended into the bike’s rear end, car drivers have difficulties noticing when the rider either brakes or expresses its intention of changing direction or lane (note that in this last case, most motorcycle accidents happen).

It has been found that, usually, car drivers look at the back of the rider (or even worse, in front of him) so in order to counteract this bad habit, companies positioned an extra brake light on the helmet.

Considering that as not being enough, Israeli Rahamim Levi introduces “My Backup”, a harness featuring motorcycle brake and indicator lights. Designed to be worn over the motorcycle jacket, it receives the signal through a wireless signal so it doesn’t create any discomfort by needing to be connected or disconnected each time you get off the bike to pay for gas, let’s say.

It has the great advantage of being able to be worn while riding any kind of two-wheeled machine, from scooter to super sport motorcycles. On a scooter, tourer or cruiser, the upright riding position allows the lights to be spotted by traffic participants, while on a sports bike the rider will also straighten up while braking so that the air flow will contribute at the slowing down process. Because there are many chances that the braking will take place before a corner, the signal light will also be easily spotted.

Expected to be marketed for approximately $100, the device will surely be a success as it doesn’t require anything else but to be worn and it gives back so much.

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Have you ever tried to find an answer to why people line up to that?

For starters, by the looks on their faces, I believe they were forced from various reasons or they are only by the time of the jump realizing that the ramp is too small for that kind stunt. In this last case, they’re simply stupid.

Imagine what happens next because I don’t want to. Ouch!

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Shot in 1989, this motorcycle chase that I found on Youtube catches my attention for being more complex and realistic than most modern-day scenes despite the “ingenious” defense methods. Which brings us to question I’ve long wanted to ask: Are stunts as attractive and impressive now as they were in the good old days?

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This picture represents the very essence of motorcycle beginnings as it illustrates the first motorcycle that featured an engine functioning on gas.

Built by Daimler in 1885, the machine is as rudimentary you could ever imagine, but well ahead of its time thanks to its motor. Rolling on two massive wagon wheels and being supported by other two lateral ones, this wooden horse must have been a rough ride from just above 0 mph.

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By the way this video starts (parking lot, motorcycle trick attempt…you know what I mean), I wouldn’t give this guy too many chances of successfully performing what he has in mind and anticipate it won’t get hurt, especially because of the very slow speed. But I am happy to say that amaze struck as soon as I’ve seen the rest. How was your reaction?

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Keeping the news section in the Knievel register, we are happy to announce that Christian Audigier made today public its intention of launching a new clothing line that is closely inspired by the costumes worn by Evel Knievel through its long and famous daredevil career. And which better place to launch the new clothing line than at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel, in Las Vegas? The event will be part of the “When I Move You Move” show on August 25, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. Composed from T-shirts and (...)
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Lemon Law Advocate Craig Kimmel explains the protections that motorcycle owners currently have under federal and some state Lemon Laws.

With an increase in motorcycle sales, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your motorcycle is safe and that you are not left out of pocket if you do discover your motorbike is a lemon.

For more information, head to or call 1800-LEMON-LAW.

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Winter months are the happiest for bikers, but this is also the time when due to the high temperatures outside, some of us simply quit wearing protective gear, something that could show the way to the first destination in the title. So what would you prefer, being hospitalized or sweated?

It is also a fact that when losing their skin and toes (in a happy case) there are no chances for those riders to get back in the saddle (something that we don’t wish). On the other hand, a conscious person that cares about its corporal integrity will keep on riding after making a trip at the local riding gear shop.

So which is your destination this summer in case you crash?

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Pretty much like this! And if you can’t see much of it, the effects are pretty revealing, don’t you think? But that didn’t attract my attention in such a striking way as the fact that this guy isn’t much into motorcycle gear. I guess that when riding such things, riding gear becomes negligible quantity. I’d still wear it anyway.

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