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Did you ever happen to buy something and have no inner piece until you put that product to the test? That is exactly what these guys are doing with the MotoAir Motorcycle Airbag Jacket and they actually prove a point.

Notice that the tests were highly benefic as at first there was no deployment and the problem could only be solved with support from the manufacturer. But once up and going, this jacket showed its life-saving potential.

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This year at Laguna Seca there was a stunt session planned and it all went smooth until the safety car made a bumpy entry for stuntman Chris Pfeiffer performing on its tricked out BMW motorcycle.

If “safety” car drivers don’t pay attention when being surrounded by motorcycles, what are we suppose to expect from normal car drivers with lots of problems on their heads? Now really!

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This is in my opinion a very nice video about a V8 motorcycle built in Australia as well as other items built by the same designers. As you can see, they did a lot of training until the big projects, but it apparently turned out very well.

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It turned everybody’s heads when it first rolled out with its 8.2 liter V10 engine and four-wheel configuration and it won’t make a shame of yourself now (at least if you go for the original). Yes, it is the Dodge Tomahawk, a 500 horsepower piece of machinery that was clearly destined for the rich and famous as it came with a $550,000 price tag.

But the Chinese thought it was not covering all those strategic points of the motorcycle market so they’ve created an unusually cheap replica, also called the Tomahawk. Only that this last is powered by a single-cylinder 150cc four-stroke engine which could only be best valued by a scooter transmission. This being given, the Chinese Tomahawk can hit 60 mph if you are lucky and it doesn’t disintegrate in the process Compared to the original Tomahawk’s 300 mph top speed, we would have to say that the little guys in China made a pretty lame move…again.

Thank God it isn’t street legal, but at $1,398 you will find enough people that will buy it just for fun and call the project profitable for the Chinese. Oh, and encourage them to do similar things in the future.

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Motorcycles, like no other form of transportation, lend themselves to long distance adventure traveling. Discovering remote countries on your motorcycle is easier than using car (or bicycle). They’re maybe not as comfortable, but you can go places cars can’t go, or at least with difficulties.

That’s why you see so many people taking their motorcycle and riding Round The World (RTW). Just have a look at the two actors, Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman (TV series Long Way Round and Long Way Down). Everyday, 100’s of riders are criss-crossing the globe on their motorcycles. Many are traveling around the world, or just going to some remote country to have a look. There’s so much to see, and so little time.

Long distance motorcycle adventure rides are not easy, and often a personal challenge. The issues of safety, visa, regulations, logistics, etc can be a nightmare to the most seasoned traveler, but it’s the unknown that makes it interesting. Any motorcycle will do, though the majority use BMW. But people have used Harleys, Yamaha R1 and even 50 cc mopeds.

For most international travelers there is only one source of information: Horizons Unlimited! Horizons Unlimited is a club and website offering the ultimate source of information to anyone wanting to travel abroad on their motorcycle.

If you’re looking for a company to ship your bike from the USA to Tonga, or need to know if it’s safe to ride through Sudan, what visa and paperwork you need to comply with when visiting Outer Mongolia, there really is only one place you can go to. Want to meet up with other travelers on the road while crossing a “dangerous” country? Head over to Horizons Unlimited.

The Horizons Unlimited website is called “The Hubb”, and there you’ll find many other travelers, some budding, some seasoned, but all with one common objective, discover the world on their motorcycles.

Horizons Unlimited also organize regular meetings, usually with guest speakers who have done the deed. Going to these meetings is not only fun, but you can really learn a lot if you want to go discovering other countries. You’ll be surrounded by people who don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to travel to Columbia, or ride through Africa to Cape Town. In fact, they’ll be helping you to achieve your dream.

Many travelers post their stories on The Hubb, so you can follow their rides in detail. There’s also a list of riders on the road at this moment.

If you want to see what it’s like to go RTW, have a look at Allan Karl site ( He set out in 2005 for a RTW trip. Look at his story and great photos. Warning: you’ll be spending hours reading his story!

Click here to go and have a read at Horizons Unlimited:

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While riders in Eastern Europe complain about traffic participants not having the culture of motorcycles, China considers them illegal and, most important, has bulldozers destroy 14,277 bikes. The event happened late last month in Yungang district, Shenzhen and it is the biggest motorcycle “genocide”, not the first. Part of the city’s “motorcycle ban” campaign, 9532 motorcycles were also vanished this April.

This radical solution is being applied after many breaches involved robbers on motorcycles snatching jewelry and handbags and then making their escapes successfully. Instead of setting up motorcycle police patrols, Shenzhen authorities decided in 2003 to ban motorcycles from riding in downtown areas. Ever since, 580.000 two-wheeled machines were confiscated.

Police claims this as being the only solution for reducing infractions and as a result it lets the numbers talk: robberies have declined by 58.32% compared with last year. So they’ll apparently continue doing this. What, didn’t they thought at exporting the motorcycles?

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The solution for you transporting the bike and not vice-versa comes with the latest in motorcycle trailers, the Rally Times RT813. Claimed as being the widest, lightest and most fuel efficient motorcycle trailer available, it is capable of holding two bikes. Storage space = 3500 LB. Now that’s a lot of space even for two giant Harleys.

Helping you transport your bikes to races and presentations, the RT813 helps you save gas, but comes with some one-off features: non-skid wheel well steps, LED lights and three interior courtesy lights. A front hatch is perfect for carrying luggage or motorcycle accessories so it’s a good thing that this trailer has it.

Get more information at

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The Massachusetts Senate are proposing a bill that will forbid anyone under the age of 14 to ride a dirtbike (or ATV or snowmobile). If you say “so what, why should a kid be allowed to ride a motorcycle”, think about those families that have kids riding small 50cc dirt motorcycles on the weekends in the forest or dirt tracks. We’re not talking about kids riding motorcycles in the “wild”, but under supervision or their parents.

Most top motorcycle riders learned riding their motorcycle at a very early age. Valentino Rossi (5 years), Nicky Hayden (3 years), Troy Bayliss (6 years), James "Bubba" Stewart (4 years), Mike Metzger (4 years) and Travis Pastrana (4 years) to name a few champions, all showed that you need to start young, really young, to be good at your sport.

At 14 you are already quite old to not have the fear of crashing. Having young kids ride, under supervision, as early as 5, can only drive up the overall standard. If parents think their kid can ride a motorcycle at a young age, why should the government stop them? Small displacement motorcycles don’t go fast, and when wearing proper protection, your kids will not be more at risk than riding a bicycle, possibly even less.

This law could possibly forbid you from letting your kids ride a small motorcycle in the forest, or even a dirt track. Instead, the politicians should concentrate on education.

If you disagree with this proposed bill, there’s something you can do about it. Click on the link below and send a message to your state representatives. It’s important that you do, since they are depriving you from your freedom.

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The public’s applause can be obtained not only with lands speed records, longest or highest motorcycle jumps, but also by having a few motorcycle acrobats ride into a sphere and look like lottery balls. It isn’t as spectacular, but it does the trick and, most importantly, it doesn’t break bones.

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Due to the increased risks that British Troops take whilst on operations, they find it difficult adjusting to the risk thresholds of normal civilian life, particularly when on the road where they drive faster and more recklessly. In fact they are twice as likely to die on the road as civilians. Consequently, the British Army commissioned Golley Slater to create a campaign in an effort to alter the behaviour of British troops when they return home from active service.

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