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Many consider that electricity holds the key for the future of cars and motorcycles. And there is no wonder why, since the electric technologies offer a lot of advantages, the biggest one being that they are more efficient than any type of combustion engine.

The Frog eBike is one of the newest electric concepts and besides its efficiency is also fully recyclable. The concept was penned by Jin Soek Hwang and features a futuristic design language. Unfortunately we don’t have any engine specifications so we don’t know if the bike is as capable as its sporty design suggests.

Though, we know that the Frog eBike is equipped with monoshock suspension for the rear wheel and comes with a unique digital cluster. We also know that the electric motor is placed in the back tire while, the battery pack is placed beneath the chassis.

The Frog eBike Concept draws inspiration from the Yamaha FZ750 and has been displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Anybody that has ever questioned the importance of racing helmets should take a step back and watch this video.

The scene is the British Superstock 600, where riders Josh Wainwright and Johnny Bradshaw were involved in a ridiculous crash that could’ve been far worse than the injuries they sustained - if it weren’t for their helmets.

In the 11th lap of the race, Wainwright lost control of his bike and as he stumbled into the track, Bradshaw’s bike literally clips him on the head, forcing the former to catapult out of his ride and into the track.

Read that again: Bradshaw’s bike literally clips him on the head.

If it weren’t for the helmet Wainwright was wearing, Bradshaw’s bike would have done far worse when it clipped him on his head. We all know where this story would then go.

Miraculously for the two riders, both of them escaped the harrowing accident with nothing more than a cracked rib and a broken collarbone for Wainwright and some minor injuries for Bradshaw.

If you’ve ever ridden a bike, or anything that involves needing one, heed caution and just put those helmets on. You never know when it’s going to save your life.

Source: You Tube

Few photographers are capable of creating as vivid and artistic an image as Elizabeth Raab. Never afraid to draw inspiration from the artwork that is the human body, Raab has crafted an impressive portfolio of photographs shot with meticulous detail and artistic vision.

While the appreciation of artistic photographs like Raab’s lends itself to a certain demographic, the same can also be said for motorcycles. It’s not for everybody’s taste and palette, but those that hold a deep affection for motorcycles will attest that just like the human body, the various forms of interpretation on what a bike is going to look like is an art form in itself. Nowhere is that any more evident that with the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati – and it only seems fitting that Ducati and Elizabeth Raab joined forces to dive deeper into the relationship of infused art forged by the inspiration drawn from the human body.

Together, Ducati and Raab have released limited edition, individually numbered prints featuring some of the most beautiful bodies in the world riding some of the most stunningly designed bikes to come out of Ducati.
It takes a real fan of both subjects – the female human body in this case and Ducati bikes – as well as a deep understanding of the art that surrounds each photograph to appreciate these photos. Fortunately, we’re huge fans of both so it wasn’t difficult to be mesmerized by the stunning work done by Elizabeth Raab.

If you’re interested in any one of these prints, you might need to start high-steppin’ and head over to the Ducati website to get yours while they’re still available. Chances are, these prints will run dry faster than you can say “babes on bikes”.

Source: Ducati

If Batman ever needed a newly redesigned Batcycle, we’re all for telling him to give the guys of Whitehouse of Japan a call. Taking a stock Honda Valkyrie, Whitehouse of Japan mustered and used all their creative juices to turn the once popular bike into the Dragon King.

Weighing in at 652 lbs, the Dragon King Valkyrie comes with a completely redesigned look that combines styling tweaks on the front fairing with a new custom paint that makes it look even more formidable than it already is. Whitehous of Japan readjusted the bike’s seat to 28.75 inches and retooled the bike’s performance specs by inputing a single camshaft flat six-cylinder engine that’s capable of producing a 100 horsepower and 132 Nm of torque. It’s not going to be setting any speed records considering is bulky weight, but bikes like this are as enjoyed more for their power and imposing looks as they are for their breakneck speeds.

Looking at it from a completely objective standpoint, the Dragon King Valkyrie looks like it’s going to burn down just about anything that stands in its way, which, if you think about it, is aptly suited for somebody like Batman. And even if you’re not the Caped Crusader, you can still have the same cache out on the road while riding this fire-breathing beast of a bike.

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Here’s the trailer for Ducati’s history movie called “The Story”. The DVD was premiered at the World Ducati Week 2010 and it is now available at the Misano World Circuit, the Ducati Museum bookshop and Factory Store. Also, it will soon be available in Ducati Stores around the world and online.

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Oil is slippery; that much we know. And while its pretty dangerous to be riding motorcycles on a patch of road that’s been spilled with oil, the danger becomes much more magnified when you’re in a pretty intense motorcycle race, as was the case during a recent Moto2 race at Jerez.

The incident started when two racers - Shoya Tomizawa and Simone Corsi - got tangled up with both riders losing control of their motorcycles, which spilled a pretty significant amount of crankcase oil onto the track. The resulting spill caused a number of riders behind the two to ride straight into the patch of oil where, naturally, they all ended up sliding helplessly as well.

If there was any good that came out of this domino-like slip and slide, it’s that everybody came out of it relatively unscathed with the Moto2 marshalls also doing the prudent thing by red-flagging the entire race, which, incidentally, still had 25 laps to go.

Check out the video of the incident courtesy of the Daily Motion.

Source: Daily Motion
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This funny video made in the Animal Planet style analyzes bikers as a species which hibernates during winter time. Of course, there are exceptions and these make the game of riding even more interesting. Watch it and see what happens when spring arrives. Makes you want to be able to ride year-round.

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Fevzi lives in Gaziantep, Turkey and to most people he was just a regular guy until a motorcycle dealer got on tape his unusual talent. Definitely our favorite Turk, Fevzi can imitate motorcycle/car sounds like we’ve never heard before. Any sound starting from that of Suzuki and Yamaha literbikes, continuing with the unmistakable sound of a two-stroke Yamaha Yamaha 115cc bike and even with that of a massive tractor engine, simply comes natural to now Turkish television’s favorite showman. Tune up your speakers and prepare yourself for a healthy laugh session.

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This is Steve Jobs in his late twenties pictured riding a 1966 BMW R60/2 motorcycle for a National Geographic Magazine feature on Silicon Valley. The picture was recently brought back in the attention of public by Jalopnik titling "Decades Before The iPad, Steve Jobs Rode A BMW".

So the obvious question just pops: what does Steve Jobs ride now? The answer comes from the same source now saying "No, Steve Jobs Does Not Ride An iPad," but still they’ve come up with a photoshopped picture indicating the contrary. See Jobs riding the iPad after the jump.

Source: jalopnik
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Here is the US version of one of the most famous UK motorcycle safety commercials. Looking twice at an intersection does save a lot of lives and it was about time that a left side steering wheel version was created. The original is even more dramatic.

Here is the US version of one of the most famous UK motorcycle safety commercials. Looking twice at an intersection does save a lot of lives and it was about time that a left side steering wheel version was created.

The original is even more dramatic.

Source: youtube

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