BMW Neck Brace System

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BMW has launched an innovative new Neck Brace System that greatly reduces the risk of serious neck injury for motorcycle riders.

The system, which is similar to the HANS Device already used in motor racing, sits between a rider’s shoulders and any helmet and is designed to restrain excessive movement of the head or hyper-extension caused in accidents.

Made from a mix of carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibre-glass for strength, the Neck Brace System uses an impact-absorbing and ‘skin-friendly’ foam layer to minimize damage to the spine caused by when a rider’s helmet slams downward during a crash.

It’s been designed to easily slip on around the neck, like a collar, courtesy of two rapid action fasteners at the side, which allow for simple handling and easy adjustment.

The Neck Brace System costs 325 pounds (approximately $647). It is currently available at any local BMW Motorrad dealer.

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