Clear bodywork. How cool is that?

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We are all confused about the photos on the internet. They’re all true or just photoshop? A good example would be the translucent look of a motorcycle bodywork. How cool is to see how everything sits behind that plastic swoopy goodness?

Hotbodies makes us sure that these photos are 100% true. Thats right! Hotbodies has taken this idea one step further with a complete set of clear bodywork!

According to the information we’ve been able to find, the body panels are made from the same material as windscreens, available in clear or smoke.

Clear bodywork. How cool is that?


  • Manufactured from high impact acrylic plastic (The same material as used to make sportbike windscreens)
  • Available in a primer finish as well as never seen before, clear and smoke
  • The clear and smoke finishes can be painted from the inside providing extra protection for the paint as well as a glossy finish from the outside so there is no need for a clearcoat layer or you can leave unpainted to see the internals of your bike.
  • Available for select late-model sportbikes.

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