The Classic/m differs from the SZ/m only in the flip-up faceshield feature. Which means the Classic/m also features the same distinctive shell shape and four-vent airflow system. But the Classic/m is styled more like a traditional openface helmet with snaps, yet still has the Brow Vent ducts to provide additional cooling to the forehead area (when not using a shield). Also like the SZ/m, the Classic features Arai’s removable/replaceable ear cups that are available in optional thicknesses (...)
The SZ/RAm III combines Arai’s groundbreaking Diffuser ventilation system - from the top - of-the-line RX-7 Series full face racing helmets - the exclusive light-but-strong clc (Complex laminate Construction) shell, and a fully removable liner, along with a host of other top-shell Arai components and systems found on the SZ/m model. Prices White, Black - 447.95$ Al Silever, Al Grey, Frosts, Touring (...)
For the first time in more years than many of us can remember, there will be no Signet model in the Arai helmet line-up. In its place is the brand new Profile. Arai admits there was a lot of talk about simply making the new helmet yet another update of the legendary Signet. “In the end, though, we realized it has so many new features and such a completly new and unique look that it needed its own name and identity,” said Brian M. Weston, Arai America’s Director of Operations. The Profile’s (...)
This is not your father’s open-face.Arai’s SZ/m Series continues to push the envelope in open-face helmet advancements with things like a distinctive shell shape, and a four-vent airflow system (two front, two rear). This system not only pushes more cooling air into the interior but pulls more hot air out, because Arai has learned that the best way to cool a helmet is to do both. The SZ/m’s advanced, detachable flip-up faceshield has Arai’s Brow-Vent ventilation plus our exclusive Super AdSis® (...)
Some of Arai’s helmet designs over the years have been so innovative that they’ve actually been exhibited in art museums. One look at the hybrid XD and it’s easy to understand why. XD means "Crossover Design" because it covers a number of uses: Adventure street/dirt touring on bikes like the 1150GS, V-Strom, Tiger, Capo Nord, and Multistrada; dual sporting; naked bikes; Super Moto; you name it. Visually, the Arai XD looks like a dirt helmet, with its peak, protruding chin bar, and the (...)
The Astral-X is a helmet you really have to try on - especially if you’re also considering an Arai Quantum-2. The Astral-X has a slightly more “relaxed” fit than its round oval cousin - a bit more room in the forehead area - mainly because of its non-removable liner, which many riders prefer for overall comfort compared to a removable liner. Its most striking visual features are the unique model lines running front to back along the lower shell, making the Astral look different than other (...)
Evolution meets revolution: PATENTED SNC CONSTRUCTION: SNC "Structural Net Composite" is Arai’s newest and most advanced shell construction. It incorporates a structural net reinforcing material embedded between Arai’s exclusive Super Complex Laminate Construction layers. The specially-developed strands bond the layers more rigidly to further improve shell integrity and impact-force management. SNC also allows for more weight to be removed from the top of the shell, reducing overall helmet (...)

Arai’s Quantum-2 is the best-selling helmet in the Arai line - for at least nine major reasons, not even counting its superb comfort and fit. The Q-2 features nine major upgrades and changes over the previous Quantum model.

In a world dominated by clone helmets and price-conscious buyers, you gotta admire a company that builds a great product and charges what it’s worth ... It’s the Rolls-Royce of helmets. The VX-PRO (DC) represents the addition last year of ARAI’S innovative “dry-cool” fully-removable, washable liner material to the VX-PRO series. Introduced a few years again on our top-of-the-line RX-7 Corsair full-face street model, the Dry-Cool® liner - differentiated from others by its rich color and (...)

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