One of the most technologically advanced helmets for street riders and clearly one of the best-looking helmets on the market. Shoei’s innovation and cutting-edge design makes the RF-1000 a premium sports helmet. Aerodynamically superior, the RF-1000 full-face sport helmet delivers wind tunnel proven high speed performance and ventilation. A perfect fit is achieved through removable and adjustable cheek pads and 3D comfort liner system which doesn’t shift during high speed riding. Another (...)
The SZ/RAm III combines Arai’s groundbreaking Diffuser ventilation system - from the top - of-the-line RX-7 Series full face racing helmets - the exclusive light-but-strong clc (Complex laminate Construction) shell, and a fully removable liner, along with a host of other top-shell Arai components and systems found on the SZ/m model. Prices White, Black - 447.95$ Al Silever, Al Grey, Frosts, Touring (...)
Features Lightweight composite fiberglass shell Force-flow forehead vents Removable and washable comfort liner Integregated roost guard and goggle grabbers Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper Adjustable visor with aluminum thumbscrews Five-year warranty Price: 119.95$
For the first time in more years than many of us can remember, there will be no Signet model in the Arai helmet line-up. In its place is the brand new Profile. Arai admits there was a lot of talk about simply making the new helmet yet another update of the legendary Signet. “In the end, though, we realized it has so many new features and such a completly new and unique look that it needed its own name and identity,” said Brian M. Weston, Arai America’s Director of Operations. The Profile’s (...)
Updated version of the popular Moto -X, featuring new updated visor. Superb fitting helmet, used extensively by ATV riders and MX/ General Off Road riders throughout the world. Highly successful helmet with all round appeal. Features Overview Hi Impact Solvent Resistant Alloy PC Shell Rear exhaust vents New Visor design for Multi positional Sun and Debri control Meets or Exceeds All major worldwide safety standards and tests MSRP Zombie - $159.95 Heart - $159.95 (...)
Features Lightweight composite fiberglass shell Force-flowTM forehead vents Removable and washable comfort liner Integrated roost guard and goggle grabbers Adjustable visor with aluminum thumbscrews Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper Five-year warranty Certification: Snell M2000, DOT Weight: 5.00 pounds Price: 99.99$ - (...)
Features Tri-Weave Shell Construction - Bell uses a single cloth tri-weave of carbon fiber, Kevlar(r) and fiberglass to create the durable but light weight shell of the Moto-8. Air Intake Ports - Air enters the Bell Moto-8’s Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system through 11 intake ports. The location of these ports was determined using a combination of computer simulation, wind-tunnel testing, and rider trials. Their final locations represent optimal positioning for maximum (...)
When Shoei designed the RJ-AIR Platinum, it was all about "cruisin". There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration you feel when cruising down the open road with the wind in your face. It inspires a tremendous sense of freedom that takes you back to simpler times. Shoei designed the RJ-AIR Platinum so that you can revel in this freedom while enjoying the security, comfort and safety of a modern helmet. The RJ-AIR Platinum - cruisin’ on the mind. Specifications Lightweight, (...)
This is not your father’s open-face.Arai’s SZ/m Series continues to push the envelope in open-face helmet advancements with things like a distinctive shell shape, and a four-vent airflow system (two front, two rear). This system not only pushes more cooling air into the interior but pulls more hot air out, because Arai has learned that the best way to cool a helmet is to do both. The SZ/m’s advanced, detachable flip-up faceshield has Arai’s Brow-Vent ventilation plus our exclusive Super AdSis® (...)
Standard Features This model meets or exceeds both DOT FMVSS-218 & ECEsafety standards Features an advanced aerodynamic shell designconstructed using thermoplastic poly-alloy Includes a fully removable and washable, plush-brushed,hypo-allergenic nylon helmet liner and cheek pads Square type D-ring with chin strap holder Recessed forehead and aerodynamic chin vents provideincreased airflow and reduced wind noise Optically-correct, compound-curved, (...)

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