How to go play golf with your motorcycle

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How many times have you loaded up your golfing, fishing or hunting gear in your vehicle while thinking to yourself "Man its so nice out I wish I could take the bike". Well this is the way to "have your cake and eat it too".

The rack can be installed or removed in seconds by slipping the male pins on the rack into the receiver brackets and securing with the supplied locking pins. It is made from strong, lightweight aircraft aluminium and powder coated in bright silver. While it has been tested to 250 pounds, it is rated at a 35 pound maxium load capacity to maintain good handling characteristics. It will easily accommodate small to medium sized coolers and luggage.

The Sports Caddy attachment bolts on quickly to either of RIVCO’s small quick detach rack. It measure 10" wide at the cradle, is 30" tall and will accommodate most golf bags even with a wheeled caddy as well as most sporting gear. Included upper and lower web straps with positive locking quick release buckles. It weighs less than 2lbs. and is finished in the same durable bright silver powder coating as the rack.

Add this Sports Caddy Attachment to one of our quick detach racks and you’ll discover a whole new dimension in motorcycling.

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