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The SZ/RAm III combines Arai’s groundbreaking Diffuser ventilation system - from the top - of-the-line RX-7 Series full face racing helmets - the exclusive light-but-strong clc (Complex laminate Construction) shell, and a fully removable liner, along with a host of other top-shell Arai components and systems found on the SZ/m model. Prices White, Black - 447.95$ Al Silever, Al Grey, Frosts, Touring (...)
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Especially developed for cruisers and older traditional machines Damping layer in front tyre prevents handlebar wobble Better wear resistance due to orientation of tread pattern in the direction of force Sizes 110/90 - 18 M/C 61H TL TK 16 90/90 - 19 M/C 52S TL TK 16 3.25 - 19 M/C 54H TL TK 16 100/90 - 19 M/C 57H TL TK 16 110/90 - 19 M/C 62H TL TK 17 140/90 - 15 M/C 70S TT TK 17 140/90 - 15 M/C 70H TL TK 17 150/90 - 15 M/C (...)
Features Lightweight composite fiberglass shell Force-flow forehead vents Removable and washable comfort liner Integregated roost guard and goggle grabbers Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper Adjustable visor with aluminum thumbscrews Five-year warranty Price: 119.95$
Off-road tyre for usage on medium terrain or for training in all conditions. Features Tread pattern optimised for USAGE UNDER ALL WEATHER AND TERRAIN CONDITION. SPECIAL OFF-ROAD COMPOUND for off-road lasting performances and knobs tearing resistance. Off-road tyres with DOT approval for fast desert racing on Enduro bikes. Size Rear 140/80-18M/C70MM+SHEAVY DUTYMT18 100/90-19NHS MT18 110/90-19NHS MT18 100/100-18NHS MT18 (...)
For the first time in more years than many of us can remember, there will be no Signet model in the Arai helmet line-up. In its place is the brand new Profile. Arai admits there was a lot of talk about simply making the new helmet yet another update of the legendary Signet. “In the end, though, we realized it has so many new features and such a completly new and unique look that it needed its own name and identity,” said Brian M. Weston, Arai America’s Director of Operations. The Profile’s (...)
Conventional tyres tailored to optimise performance of chopper/cruiser bikes. Features OPTIMISED CARCASS MATERIALS for light weight and high riding comfort. HIGH TREAD DEPTH (7-8 mm depending from size) for attractive price/performance ratio, excellent mileage and good wet performance. ATTRACTIVE TREAD DESIGN with directional front grooves and big central blocks for good straight stability. Size Front 150/80-16 71H TL MT66 FRONT 100/90-18 M/C 56H (...)
Features 0° steel-belted radial structure associated with a tough, lightweight carcass to promote ease of handling and road holding at medium and high speeds. Contact patch is optimised at any lean angle and any kind of surface, from perfect asphalt to rough road. The compound has a high percentage of silica to ensure good wet grip and rapid temperature gain, which promotes traction on cold and damp road surfaces. The tread design is derived from an innovative and aesthetically (...)
For muddy tracks Tall blocks for excellent grip in deep mud. Front tyre blocks turned 45 degrees to help evacuate mud and resist slippage in hard cornering. Sizes FRONT 80/100-21 (90/90-21) TT S12 REAR 100/100-18 (120/90-18) TT S12 110/100-18 (130/80-18) TT S12 120/90-18 (140/80-18) TT S12 (highly recommended for cross-country use) 100/90-19 (120/80-19) TT S12 110/90-19 (130/70-19) TT (...)

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