Motorcycle Tires

Conventional tyres tailored to optimise performance of chopper/cruiser bikes. Features OPTIMISED CARCASS MATERIALS for light weight and high riding comfort. HIGH TREAD DEPTH (7-8 mm depending from size) for attractive price/performance ratio, excellent mileage and good wet performance. ATTRACTIVE TREAD DESIGN with directional front grooves and big central blocks for good straight stability. Size Front 150/80-16 71H TL MT66 FRONT 100/90-18 M/C 56H (...)
Features 0° steel-belted radial structure associated with a tough, lightweight carcass to promote ease of handling and road holding at medium and high speeds. Contact patch is optimised at any lean angle and any kind of surface, from perfect asphalt to rough road. The compound has a high percentage of silica to ensure good wet grip and rapid temperature gain, which promotes traction on cold and damp road surfaces. The tread design is derived from an innovative and aesthetically (...)
For muddy tracks Tall blocks for excellent grip in deep mud. Front tyre blocks turned 45 degrees to help evacuate mud and resist slippage in hard cornering. Sizes FRONT 80/100-21 (90/90-21) TT S12 REAR 100/100-18 (120/90-18) TT S12 110/100-18 (130/80-18) TT S12 120/90-18 (140/80-18) TT S12 (highly recommended for cross-country use) 100/90-19 (120/80-19) TT S12 110/90-19 (130/70-19) TT (...)
The universal tyre mainly for medium to hard grounds. Features The tread design provides excellent self-cleaning. A special compound providing high wear resistance. Can be fitted also on Enduro bikes ( no street usage ). Size Front 80/100-21M/C 51RMST MT16F 3.00-21 51RMST MT16F Rear 120/90-19NHS (66) MT16 110/100-18NHS MT16 120/100-18NHS MT16 4.50-18NHS 70M MT16 4.00-18NHS 64M MT16 (...)
Features The D739 A/T is the ultimate desert/enduro off-road, non-DOT tire. Incorporates a heavy-duty casing and a highly durable tread compound for rugged off-road performance. For riders using standard-size wheels, the D739 A/T is available in a 19-inch size that also delivers rugged desert/enduro performance. The D739 A/T is designed to complement the D606 front tire for off-road riding. Size Rear 110/100-18 120/100-18 (...)
Features Dunlop designed the D606 tire to be street-legal with an emphasis on aggressive off-road riding. A full-depth tread pattern designed for rigorous off-road use yields excellent traction on everything from hard-packed fire roads to soft single-track trails. At the same time, the D606’s tread compound is engineered for good highway durability and grip. Size Front 90/90-21 Rear 130/90-17 120/90-18 (...)
Features Designed for ultimate traction in the sand and mud. The D773’s proven racing pattern was developed with top national motocross riders at the most demanding soft-terrain tracks, such as Southwick. Aggressive pattern and specially formulated compound improve cornering grip and straight-line traction in sand and mud. Available in a full range of sizes for motocross, off-road, mini and pee-wee bikes. Size Front 2.50-10 60/100-14 70/100-17 (...)
Features The cutting-edge D739FA front tire delivers outstanding performance in hard-pack conditions, and improved cornering grip in all terrain. Rear tire provides maximum center tread traction for the ultimate in start/acceleration grip, plus improved braking and lean-angle traction. D739FA-J and D739G feature unique compounds and construction designed for four-stroke motocrossers. D739/AT rear tire matches with a D606F front tire for desert riders Size Front (...)

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