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The D616 is an ultra-aggressive sportbike tire with a solid mission: This hybrid brings together three of Dunlop’s already proven designs and technologies into a set of tires aimed straight at the sportbike riders who do it on the street. The D616 isn’t some soft-compound track-day tire suitable only for the manicured surface of a racetrack. It puts a premium on nimble handling; great steering response, all-over stability, a tenacious gripÐand fantastic wear characteristics on the kinds of (...)
Excellent grip in any conditions Remarkable wet grip Unsurpassed high-speed stability Heat, rain, cold – in virtually any conditions, the Michelin Pilot Road and its 100% silica-charged tread compound won’t let weather get in the way of your ride. The front tire’s rounded profile offers progressive steering response, and the advanced casing design tackles rough roads easily. The Michelin Pilot Road strikes the ideal balance between tread life and performance, while affording an (...)
T he Pilot power is now available in a new multi-compound version, using Michelin’s latest championship winning MotoGP technology. With even softer rubber on the sides, Pilot Power 2CT brings you even closer to that ultimate ride. Dual-compound MotoGP racing technology for the road 51.2º lean angle in the dry and 43º in the wet: a new benchmark for a hypersport tire** The responsive handling of a race tire Progressive feel and feedback at full lean Still not convinced that (...)
For mixed and soft terrain M-Block block pattern with scoop-like blocks that easily penetrate soft dirt. Reinforced blocks resist wear on harder tracks. Widely spaced blocks facilitate mud evacuation. Based on the Starcross MS3, the Starcross Junior MS2 delivers the performance of its big brother to bikes from 50cc to 85cc. Sizes FRONT 2.50-12 TT 36J STARCROSS MS2 Junior 60/100-14 TT 30M STARCROSS MS2 Junior 70/100-17 TT 40M STARCROSS MS2 (...)
For mixed and hard terrain Massive blocks resist chunking on hard tracks. Reshaped side blocks provide excellent grip at extreme lean angles. Used by Suzuki and KTM KTM factory teams Sizes FRONT 80/100-21 TT 51M STARCROSS MH3 MSRP $25.99 - $88.99 REAR 100/90-19 TT 57M STARCROSS MH3 110/90-19 TT 62M STARCROSS MH3 MSRP $34.99 - (...)
Features Enduro/dual-sport. Street legal. Approved for competition by the FIM. Heavy-duty construction designed to withstand the punishing demands of off-road riding. Size 140/80-18
The Dunlop D755 front tires are specifically designed for ultimate traction in the sand and mud. Features These mini versions of our popular soft terrain tires feature an aggressive tread pattern with wide spacing in the center area for excellent self-cleaning and light steering. The front tire’s intermediate and shoulder knobs are designed to clean the tread and provide optimum traction. The rear pattern is engineered to provide maximum traction on starts and when accelerating (...)
The new E3 tread pattern provides class-leading wet-pavement performance, even while riding through large puddles of standing water. New tread pattern is not affected by rain grooves, steel bridge decks, or tar stripes, resulting in less front-end hunting and more consistent feel. The E3’s sport-derived profile provides a livelier response in turn transitions and a solid feel through turns for confident cornering. Includes extra-wide 250/40R18, with good looks and great handling and (...)
The Dunlop D220, the successor to the D205, provides enhanced performance for the discriminating rider. Developed with intensive engineering and testing, the new tread pattern yields even greater grip in wet weather conditions than the D205. Improvements in construction and rubber compound offer excellent wear resistance. Available in a broad size range to fit the majority of today’s radial-equipped sport and sport touring bikes. Features Full size range to fit most radial-equipped (...)

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