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Racing defines the ultimate heights in motorcycle tire performance. So consider the fact that entire generations of modern-day championship-level racers in the USA have known only one name: Dunlop. Using cutting-edge technology developed in racing slicks used this past season by 2004 AMA Superbike champion Mat Mladin and many other top-level racers, the D208GP-JLB combines one nylon ply, one nylon cut-breaker, plus a Jointless Band-a continuously wound belt of aramid fiber, which is the (...)
The GL1500 radial The radial specifcally for The Honda Gold Wing GL1500 High mileage with exceptional handling Designed exclusively for the Gold Wing GL1500, the Michelin Hi-Tour 79X delivers outstanding durability and performance. Able to cope with the demands of a fully loaded six-cylinder bike with two aboard, the Hi-Tour 79X can make a tremendous improvement in Gold Wing handling and maneuverability. Wingers who’ve tried it won’t settle for anything less. Sizes FRONT (...)
For medium-size adventure tourers Excellent price/quality ratio Longevity and versatility If you enjoy the adventure of discovery, check out the Michelin Sirac. While it easily handles the demands of everyday riding, it’s always ready to explore dirt roads or trails. Best of all, this versatility comes at a surprisingly reasonable price. Sizes FRONT 100/90-18 56T 130/80-18 66P 80/90-21 48R 90/90-21 54T 90/90-21 54S (...)
The ultimate adventure touring tyre Superb traction on dry and wet surfaces Great handling at low and high speeds The Michelin Anakee is the ideal companion for big-bore adventure touring bikes. With its large tread blocks, the Anakee exhibits extraordinary road manners thanks to its silica-charged tread compound and reinforced carcass construction. Its stability and control on dirt roads is just as impressive. With the Anakee, Michelin has pushed back the horizon for (...)
Performance that lasts SUCCESSOR TO THE POPULAR MACADAM 90X with enhancements in tread design for even better durability and handling. NEW FRONT TREAD PATTERN for increased resistance to uneven wear and cupping, without sacrificing adhesion on wet or dry roads. NEW REAR TREAD PATTERN similar to the Macadam 90X, already renowned for its outstanding mileage. Transverse grooves have been eliminated, increasing the tire’s contact patch in hard cornering. SPECIALLY FORMULATED (...)
The pratical sport tire The ideal balance of sport performance, durability and handling Excellent grip in the wet The Pilot Sport HPX is designed specifically for high-speed, highpowered bikes like the CBR1100XX, ZX12R and Hayabusa, where it excels in stability and mileage. Sizes FRONT 130/70 ZR 16 120/60 ZR 17 120/70 ZR 17 120/70 ZR 17 (HPX) REAR 160/60 ZR 17 180/55 ZR 17 180/55 ZR 17 (...)
Michelin Enduro Competition III builds on the success of the Competition II series. Endorsed by top world-class riders, this tire conforms to FIM rules that allow a 13mm maximum tread depth on the rear. Rubber compound used in these tires is exceptionally resistant to chunking. Open tread design with lateral blocks provides consistent grip. For all types of terrain An excellent all-around rear tyre, the Enduro Competition III is a favorite of World Champions. The unique block (...)
Features D607 tread pattern features wide, stable central blocks with large grooves for superb drainage, and small grooves for optimal wear. Single radius design maintains a consistent footprint at different lean angles for improved feel and progressive steering response. The rear tire combines Jointless Band (JLB) construction with Dunlop CTCS (Carcass Tension Control System) for enhanced cornering and wear performance, excellent high-speed stability and exceptional tire (...)
Features The dual-sport D908RR is designed to handle severe racing and cross-country conditions and provides exceptional durability and grip over rocks, hard ground and pavement. Designed specifically to cope with the speed, horsepower and weight of large-displacement rally-type dual-sport machines. Reinforced tread blocks yield exceptional traction and stability. The generous open-space around the shoulder area provides ultimate traction in sand and mud. Heavy-duty (...)
Dunlop front designed to compliment the performance of Dunlop’s D756 rear tire. Mixed concept tread pattern is effective on medium soft to medium hard terrain. New rubber compound gives excellent grip in hard, medium and loamy soil conditions, and is extremely durable. Features The D742F tread pattern is designed to handle an amazingly wide range of riding conditions, encompassing medium-hard to medium-soft terrain. New 2.50-12 front mini tire for 2006. Also available in wider (...)

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