Metzeler Lasertec

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The newest materials and compound technology applied to a classic tread pattern design for enhanced performance out of your bike

  • New compound with high Silica developed for outstanding grip both in dry and in wet enhancing riding performance even on the most sporty bikes
  • State of the art "Sport Touring" carcass design with lighter, more resistant Polyester fibre giving higher comfort and improving handling characteristics
  • "Classic" tread pattern design ensuring effective water dispersal for safe wet riding and wear regularity with long-lasting mileage
  • 110/70-17M/CTL 54H LASERF 
  • 120/70-17M/CTL 58V LASERF 
  • 100/80-17M/CTL 52S LASERF 
  • 110/80-17M/CTL 57H LASERF 
  • 110/80-18M/CTL 58H(T) LASERF 
  • 110/80-18M/CTL 58H LASERF 
  • 110/80-18M/CTL 58V LASERF 
  • 110/80V17M/CTL(57V) LASERF 
  • 110/80V18M/CTL(58V) LASERF 
  • 120/80V16M/CTL(60V) LASERF 
  • 120/80VB16M/CTL(60V) LASERF 
  • 100/90-16M/CTL 54H LASERF 
  • 100/90-18M/CTL 56H LASERF 
  • 100/90-18M/CTL 56V LASERF 
  • 100/90-19M/CTL 57H LASERF 
  • 100/90-19M/CTL 57V LASERF 
  • 100/90V18M/CTL(56V) LASERF 
  • 110/90-16M/CTL 59V LASERF 
  • 110/90-18M/CTL 61H LASERF 
  • 110/90-19M/CTL 62H LASERF 
  • 110/90-19M/CTL 62V LASERF 
  • 110/90V16M/CTL(59V) LASERF 
  • 110/90V18M/CTL(61V) LASERF 
  • 90/90-18M/CTL 51H LASERF 
  • 90/90-21M/CTL 54H LASERF 
  • 3.25-19M/CTL 54V LASERF 
  • 3.25-19M/CTL 54H LASERF 
  • 3.50-19M/CTL 57H LASERF 
  • 3.50-19M/CTL 57V LASERF 
  • 130/70-17M/CTL 62H LASER 
  • 130/70-17M/CTL 62S LASER 
  • 130/70-18M/CTL 63H LASER 
  • 150/70-17M/CTL 69H LASER 
  • 150/70B17M/CTL 69V LASER 
  • 150/70VB17M/CTL(69V) LASER 
  • 160/70B17M/CTL 73V LASER 
  • 120/80-18M/CTL 62H LASER 
  • 130/80-17M/CTL 65H LASER 
  • 130/80V18M/CTL(66V) LASER 
  • 140/80B17M/CTL 69V LASER 
  • 140/80VB17M/CTL(69V) LASER 
  • 150/80VB16M/CTL(71V) LASER 
  • 110/90-18M/CTL 61H LASER 
  • 120/90-18M/CTL 65H LASER 
  • 120/90-18M/CTL 65V LASER 
  • 130/90-16M/CTL 67H LASER 
  • 130/90-16M/CTL 67V LASER 
  • 130/90-17M/CTL 68H LASER 
  • 130/90-17M/CTL 68V LASER 
  • 4.00-18M/CTL 64V LASER


  • Front: $91.04 - $117.19
  • Rear: $113.16 - $129.59

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