New SPORTY AND FASHIONABLE TREAD PATTERN with speed index from H to V (130 MPH up to 149 MPH). This tyre has been developed to best perform in terms of comfort, mileage and water drainage, without compromising the fun of leaning with your bike, as it can be clearly seen from its multiple curvature profile. Features Top conventional bias play tire with modern performance and mileage for late ’70s to early ’90s bikes. Special front tire design and contour for improved handling and good (...)
Diablo allows an easy and fully safe achievement of the highest performances, thanks to its compound/tread design combination, and it offers a balanced and precise behaviour, always maximising the contact patch to ground at every lean angle. Performance and feelings of riding are not compromised by wet road conditions, thanks to Diablo tread pattern design, which assures perfect water drainage and excellent wet grip till tyre shoulder. On wet roads, Diablo warms up quickly and keeps (...)
Pirelli DIABLO is a tyre aimed at the everyday performance rider. The Pirelli Diablo is the eagerly awaited replacement for the Pirelli Dragon EVO. It is a brand new design in terms of both carcass and the latest Computer Aided Design tread pattern, the compound incorporates the very latest SILICA mix, for rapid warm up and superior wet weather performance. The tread pattern is most heavily grooved at the mid-lean section of the tyre, since this is where you need the most water clearance (...)
Off-road tyre for usage on medium to hard terrain. The MT450 rear tire gets great traction on intermediate terrain. It has been designed with a lower profile, which allows it to be fatter, giving it a larger footprint. The rear is constructed of lighter, more pliable materials, making for less unsprung weight. Also, the center knobs are lower profile and stiffer to stand up to heavy acceleration. Features SPECIAL CARCASS MADE OF HP (=HIGH MODULUS) POLYESTER, for heating resistance (...)

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