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Pirelli proudly announces its all-new Race Rail MX ATV tire, developed by professional MX racers in USA, to win in every championship from amateur to pro. The Race Rail MX complements Pirelli’s Race Rail XC, now giving riders the highest performing tires for both motocross and cross-country courses. The Race Rail MX was designed for outstanding performance on mid-hard to intermediate terrains, which are the most common of today’s motocross tracks. The all-new Race Rail MX is defined by its (...)
Off-road tyre for usage on medium terrain or for training in all conditions. Features Tread pattern optimised for USAGE UNDER ALL WEATHER AND TERRAIN CONDITION. SPECIAL OFF-ROAD COMPOUND for off-road lasting performances and knobs tearing resistance. Off-road tyres with DOT approval for fast desert racing on Enduro bikes. Size Rear 140/80-18M/C70MM+SHEAVY DUTYMT18 100/90-19NHS MT18 110/90-19NHS MT18 100/100-18NHS MT18 (...)
Conventional tyres tailored to optimise performance of chopper/cruiser bikes. Features OPTIMISED CARCASS MATERIALS for light weight and high riding comfort. HIGH TREAD DEPTH (7-8 mm depending from size) for attractive price/performance ratio, excellent mileage and good wet performance. ATTRACTIVE TREAD DESIGN with directional front grooves and big central blocks for good straight stability. Size Front 150/80-16 71H TL MT66 FRONT 100/90-18 M/C 56H (...)
Features 0° steel-belted radial structure associated with a tough, lightweight carcass to promote ease of handling and road holding at medium and high speeds. Contact patch is optimised at any lean angle and any kind of surface, from perfect asphalt to rough road. The compound has a high percentage of silica to ensure good wet grip and rapid temperature gain, which promotes traction on cold and damp road surfaces. The tread design is derived from an innovative and aesthetically (...)
The universal tyre mainly for medium to hard grounds. Features The tread design provides excellent self-cleaning. A special compound providing high wear resistance. Can be fitted also on Enduro bikes ( no street usage ). Size Front 80/100-21M/C 51RMST MT16F 3.00-21 51RMST MT16F Rear 120/90-19NHS (66) MT16 110/100-18NHS MT16 120/100-18NHS MT16 4.50-18NHS 70M MT16 4.00-18NHS 64M MT16 (...)
New off-road tyre for usage on muddy and sandy terrain. Features SPECIAL HP (=HIGH MODULUS) POLYESTER CARCASS for constant performances in long lasting GP usage conditions. IMPROVED COMPOUND RESISTANCE to offer more temperature stability and less knob erosion. NEW PADDLE DESIGN with more ground contact to avoid "dig-in"-problems giving the best power transmission in deep mud. SPECIAL U-SHAPED FRONT CENTRAL BLOCKS with different spacing for improved front wheel (...)
Off-road tread pattern with STREET HOMOLOGATION (DOT approved). Features Tread pattern OPTIMISED FOR USAGE IN DIRT AND GRAVEL ROADS, cross-country racing and desert tours. SPECIAL OFF-ROAD COMPOUND for off-road lasting performances and knobs tearing resistance. Size Front 80/90-21M/C 48P MT21F 90/90-21M/C 54R MT21F 80/100-21M/C 51P MT21F Rear 110/80-18M/C 58P MT21 120/80-18M/C 62R MT21 120/80-19M/C (...)
World Championship OFF-ROAD TYRE with superb performance on a wide range of terrain. Features SPECIAL POLYESTER CARCASS to increase heating resistance in race conditions and to reduce weight without compromising on stability and cornering behaviour. Tyre contour and knob design for MAXIMUM TRACTION on soft to intermediate terrain. ALIGNED SIDE KNOBS ON FRONT WHEEL for optimised braking control and steering precision. Size Front 70/100-19NHS 42M(A) MT32A (...)
Dual-purpose conventional tyres for Enduro bikes, BEST FOR MORE OFF-ROAD ORIENTED RIDERS. Features Excellent high-speed stability even when fully loaded thanks to SIZE OPTIMISED CARCASS. Superb wet/dry grip due to NEW SILICA-THREAD COMPOUND, that offers also mileage and regular tread wear performances. Some 0°- STEEL BELT RADIAL SIZES specially developed for heavy usage (desert and sand) on new generation big Enduro bikes. Size Front 80/90-21M/C 48SFRONT MT90AF (...)
Features Front tyre pointed contour for better handling and 0- STEEL BELT for high-speed stability and less stand-up tendency while braking. Tread pattern with MINIMISED GROOVES for full racing performances especially at full lean angle. Special SOFT COMPOUND for grip like hell while still suitable for daily use. PEN CARCASS with reduced weight for perfect handling and excellent response and control. Size Front 110/70ZR17 - 124$ 110/70ZR17 - (...)

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