Pirelli Race Rail MX

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Pirelli proudly announces its all-new Race Rail MX ATV tire, developed by professional MX racers in USA, to win in every championship from amateur to pro.

The Race Rail MX complements Pirelli’s Race Rail XC, now giving riders the highest performing tires for both motocross and cross-country courses. The Race Rail MX was designed for outstanding performance on mid-hard to intermediate terrains, which are the most common of today’s motocross tracks. The all-new Race Rail MX is defined by its new carcass construction, compound, and radical tread design, resulting in increased braking, feedback, optimum handling, and improved traction, regardless of conditions.

The profile of the new Race Rail MX rear tire maximize the contact patch for aggressive steering and high traction, while its special carcass improves cornering. The unique tread design of the Race Rail MX rear utilizes a staggered center-knob design for holeshots, and angled mid-shoulder knobs for cornering, providing the best combination for all conditions.

The front Race Rail MX was developed with special shoulder knob spacing, the pitch or spacing of the shoulder knobs is slightly different of the center knobs, to provide ultimate steering precision.

Pirelli Race Rail MX

Pirelli’s newest addition to the ATV tire line-up:

  • Special front and rear profiles for precise handling.
  • Special knob pattern provide side bite/straight line traction.
  • Reinforced sidewalls for bump absorbtion and forward bite.
  • Balanced weight for neutral handling and mid-air maneuverability.

Pirelli Race Rail MX

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