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Here it is. A “neckset” suitable for all the motorcyclists with beard unlike any other Bluetooth headset. Already used by special ops teams all over the world, larynx microphones are ideal for transmitting voice electronically and now they’re available for a mobile phone so you can make calls while riding your bike. Specifications Fit the RoadRunner around your neck, with the microphone next to your voice box. This way your voice is directly transmitted from the larynx, with noise (...)
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With the handy Bluetooth pocket repeater BlueCom 102 from AKE you can get a wireless connection from helmet to helmet. An installation on the motorbike is not necessary. The new multi-channel master technology from AKE makes it possible to interconnect any Bluetooth helmet set or even simple Bluetooth headset with standard protocol without any restrictions (full duplex communication). By using an audio input and a combined two-way radio/mobile phone input it is possible to optionally (...)
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The days of riders stopping on the hard shoulder to turn the page of the map are numbered, following the arrival of the latest Satellite Navigation system from BMW Motorrad. The Navigator III Plus, a revised version of the popular Navigator II, is a powerful and intelligent satellite electronic system that is not only fast-working, but robust enough to survive even the worst of the British weather. It is the perfect navigation and communication aid to help the rider reach his destination (...)
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Imagine a single pair of glasses with lenses that can be transparent or dark, and in shades of yellow, green or purple, all on command. A new lens with chameleon powers promises to dramatically improve sunglasses’ function. Shades that can be controlled at the touch of a button would interest athletes, construction workers and anyone with sensitive eyes. The glasses are made possible by a new material uniquely suited to the task: a low-cost sheet that changes color and shade using almost no (...)
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Motorcyclists can now enjoy the freedom of handsfree mobile communication following the release of the BlueAnt Wireless Interphone Handsfree and Intercom. To be launched as part of BlueAnt’s latest product line up at this week’s CTIA Wireless 2007 Event in Orlando, the Interphone will be on display within BlueAnt’s booth (#1173). Easily attached to either full faced or open faced helmets, the fully weatherproof, water resistant Interphone incorporates a world class Digital Signal (...)
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The all new SR-i500 is an ultra-compact 2 way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry. By utilizing High Frequency FM technology, the SR-i500 transceiver is capable of sending and receiving commands from up to 1/2 Mile away from the motorcycle. For its sensing mechanism, the SR-i500 utilizes a built in accelerometer that detects both impact and changes of angles with a high degree of accuracy. It allows the module to be placed in any position or (...)
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Rear suspension on a motorcycle is a subjective experience. That is, the "best" shocks for a 300-pound buddy aren’t likely to meet the demands of your 105-pound girlfriend. Or what about the difference in feel between riding solo around town and packed to the hilt for a weeklong trip? Other than swapping out your shocks to meet your changing riding demands, another way to go is with an adjustable air-ride suspension system that allows the air pressure to be varied to suit specific (...)
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